Pyramid Quest for Immortality Video slots

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Step back in time to Ancient Eqypt, where the gods ruled supreme and granted faithful followers riches, health, long life and sometimes, even immortality! Okay, so you won’t get immortality here, but the riches certainly abound with multipliers, changing wilds, cascading reels, a pumped up RTP of 96.4% and wins of up to 3,600,000 smackeroons!


This ancient Egyptian themed slot game has a lot to offer. The graphics are lovely and suit the theme, as does the slow Arabesque style music with the steady darbuka beat. The gold depictions of Horus with the key of life and Anubis holding the Sun disk loom over the 5, pyramid shaped reels.

The reels get their pyramid-like shape from being set out unevenly, with a 3-4-5-4-3 row pattern. As this game is set up so that all winning combinations start from the left, this can limit the wins a little, but considering all the bonuses, features and that there are 720 ways to win based on the Bet Ways structure (where any 3 matching symbols anywhere on consecutive reels wins), this simply means that you won’t be scoring big on every single spin. Plus, every time you make a winning combination and there’s an extra matching symbol on a winning reel, your win is multiplied x2. If there are 2 extra symbols, it’s multiplied by x4, and so on. This is great news, because at first glance the base symbols seem to be fairly low paying, with the high value symbol, the Pharaoh, only paying out up to 50 coins. Considering any win can be multiplied by up to x10, it evens out.

Special Features

The game also features the ever popular cascading reels, but with an extra couple of twists. Firstly, for every third cascade in a single spin, your wins get an extra +1 multiplier up to x10. Secondly, any symbols that are part of a winning combination and are located at the apex of the centre reels will turn into wilds when they explode and the reels are refilled. This means you get an extra chance to win on the cascading reels.


Although playing Pyramid Quest is definitely a pleasant experience, with a lovely soundtrack, elegant graphics and big wins, the lack of bonus games, including free spins, feels like its missing. But with an RTP of 96.48%, the money wins are definitely there!