Looking for a Quickie Boost to get You Going?

We often talk about playing online casino games here at Intertops Casino as a great way to unwind and relax after a long day at work, dealing with the kids, or just getting things done in the stressful modern world we live in.  In this article, we will go into some depth on this subject.  We hope to show you how playing our online casino games can give you that quickie boost you often need at the end of the day!

Let Your Imagination Soar

In the last few decades, researchers have found that letting go, by which we mean letting our imagination soar, is a great way to stay mentally healthy, alert, and excited about everyday things.  Casino games are both a great way to let your imagination soar and a great way to relax your mind so that you can then let your imagination soar!

The discoveries of the last few decades indicate that letting our imaginations soar is the type of quickie boost we all need often.

Relax Your Brain

Most people are aware of the many Eastern disciplines that help us relax.  The most famous is yoga but there are several others.  These disciplines force your mind to slow down.  In many cases, they get your mind to slow down by simply maintaining a physical position or posture.

There is a Tai Chi discipline called Zhan Zhuang which translates into “standing like a tree”.   It amounts to actually standing like a tree.  Your mind is forced to drop off all or most of your workaday concerns.  We urge everyone to try Zhan Zhuang.  Just standing like a tree is one of the most powerful ways to achieve a quickie boost at the end of the day.

It may surprise you that casino games can do the same thing.  When you use casino games to relax your brain, you need to use games that you can enjoy for fun without having to make any crucial decisions.  Slots are perfect for this exercise.

Some slots are better than others at this vitally important task.  The ones that work best at relaxing you are the more tongue in cheek slots.  We offer such slots as Naughty or Nice, Bubble Bubble, and Fruit Frenzy among many others that will simply bring a smile to your face.  Smiling is the first step you need to ultimately be prepared to let your imagination soar.

Passive and Active Experience

We are immersed relentlessly by active experiences throughout the day.  The slots mentioned above and all slots similar to them are passive experiences.  It is by allowing ourselves to accept being passive for a time that we prepare ourselves for soaring imagination.

In business and most other everyday activities, passivity is something we need to avoid.  However, when we want to help our brains soar high above our everyday world, we ne4ed some passivity to make way for the creative kind of active imagination we seek.

Slots that Activate Our Imagination

We have many slots that will activate your imagination.  Many of these slots have historical themes.  At Intertops Casino, you can go back in time to ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and to the Native Western societies of the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayas.

Our game provider, Real Time Gaming, knows how important it is for the games to get you truly imagining that you are in those cultures.  That’s why the creative teams at Real Time Gaming work so hard to make every symbol and character one that will accomplish the goal of drawing you into an ancient culture through your imagination.

One of the best ways to play slots as a pure method of releasing mental contusions and improving imagination is through no deposit bonuses.  All you need to do its use the correct no deposit bonus codes and you can play with Intertops Casino’s money so you have no worries whatsoever.  Instead, you have access to the world of pure imagination!

Think Inside the Box

We hear non-stop about the importance of thinking outside the box.  Most people actually lose self-confidence because it is so hard to think outside the box.  The fact is that most great innovations were found by people thinking inside the box.

We are so enamored of striving to think outside the box that we get stymied.  In other words, trying to think outside the box and not being especially successful at it is a sure-fire way to lose self-confidence and to cause your imagination to stall.

It is far better for most people to strive to be expert at thinking inside the box.  The box is right there in front of you.  Everything you need to be able to think creatively is actually right there.  It is your imagination that allows you to access those thoughts and ideas that are right in front of you.

Improve Yourself with Games of Skill

As we said earlier, slots are great games for relaxing and quieting you mind down. Then you can play some of the more mentally active slots such as those based on historical cultures and empires.  It is those first level slots that release your mind from all its worries and concerns and then it is those second kevel slots that release your imagination.

The games of skill, especially poker, blackjack, and video poker are the games that allow you to think inside the box.  The best strategy in each game is quite accessible.  In a very real sense, the best strategy is right there in front of you.  When you can quickly access the best strategy in every situation, including and especially those strategies that are somewhat counter-intuitive, you will be able to achieve the quickie boost of increased self-confidence to go along with furthering the relaxation process.


In the classic movie Harold and Maude, Maude encourages Harold to “explore”.  Every time you use a casino game to explore a world outside your everyday world, you achieve that much-needed and desired quickie boost of thought, purpose, and creative adrenalin.

A quickie boost is the result of allowing yourself to explore, imagine, and think inside the box.

The Unsung Heroes: Casino Games

You probably never saw online casino games in this light before!  We encourage everyone to play our online games here at Intertops Casino Red and experience that quickie boost we have talked about.  The boosts are quite real and you will be awed by how much they help you finish the day and prepare for the next day!