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At Slots Play Casino we do our best to bring you the best - best games, best casinos, best offers.

Here are over 200 casino games for you to play absolutely FREE – just for the fun! Choose from free slots, free table games, free scratch cards or free video poker. Filter the games by type of game, game provider, game name and then sort them by popularity, date added to SPC or player ratings. Or just start playing the first game on the page and work your way through all 280+ games. HAVE FUN!

The Best from Slots Play Casinos Just Got Better

At Slots Play Casinos we do our best to bring you the best - the best games, the best casinos, and the best offers.

Now we are bringing you the best free games to play right here, on SPC. There's no need to register; just pick your online games and play. You can use our handy filter to find the types of games you like to play: slots, scratch cards, video poker, poker, table games, and more. You can also choose the games of your favorite game provider: Betsoft, NetEnt, Playtech and others.

With, literally, hundreds of games to choose from, we're sure you're in for lots of FUN!

Why Free Games?

We at Slots Play Casinos understand that there are so many games online that no casino can carry them all. So we've decided to carry a wide selection of games and to offer them to you to play for free for as long as you like

Offering free online games serves two major goals of SPC. The first is to demonstrate that our main goal is that you see casino games as a pleasant diversion from everyday life. In a word: fun. The second is to give you the chance to play a wide assortment of free online games from many providers so you can learn the games and the provider's products in order to make it easier for you to choose the casino or casinos you ultimately want to play at for real money.

How Many Providers are There?

Believe it or not, there are over 150 game providers of online casino games! It's also true that each provider has its personality, as it were. So, at the present time, we are offering you about 1000 games from 9 providers! Obviously, we likely will add more games from the same providers or from different providers!

What Types of Games Do We Offer?

We offer a big selection in the main online casino categories so let's start with slots.

Free Slots

Let's say that you haven't played a slot machine in many years. You're in for a big treat and a surprise: slots are a lot different than they were twenty or thirty years ago.

Today's slots have wild symbols which substitute for all the other symbols except the scatter symbol to help you win Now, you'll ask, "What's a scatter symbol?" Scatter symbols serve two main purposes. The first is that they win in all positions. This means that they don't have to be a pay line that you placed a bet on. The second purpose is that send you to the bonus rounds.

What's a Bonus Round?

Here you usually get free spins. While you're playing slots for free right here at SPC, it won't matter that the bonus rounds offer free spins but, when you play slots for real money, those free spins are very valuable.

In the bonus round, you might have a multiplier. That means that every win is multiplied The multipliers can be quite high so getting to those free spins is very important. There are a lot of other great additional ways you can win in the bonus rounds: stacked reels where a reel has three or more wild symbols "stacked" on top of each other; cascading reels where a winning pay line cascades off the screen and is replaced by other symbols; and many others.

So play slots for free at SPC and get to know your slots!

Modern slots concentrate your imagination. As you can imagine, competition between developers is very strong so they do everything they can to engage you, their players, in the stories unfolding on the reels. Playing for free gives you the pleasure of letting your imagination go, whether you're playing a game with a Norse theme, a holiday theme, a romantic theme or one of the tens of other themes developers have devised.

Free Video Poker

This game is one of the more intellectual casino games; you play against the pay table not the dealer or other opponent. The strategy is to play for the best winning hand after you receive the first five cards. Playing this great game for free gives you a huge amount of experience so that when you play video poker for real money, you can turn the house's 1% advantage around!

Free Table Games

There are a lot of table games to choose from and many variations within those categories. Blackjack and poker are the most popular table games. Since they also require deep thought and decisions on every hand, it pays to play for free before you play for real money.

Blackjack has several rules that vary from game to game so our free games give you the chance to get comfortable with the various rules for each game. Poker has even more diverse rule variations. You might like one poker game and not another; playing for free helps you choose while you're having fun at absolutely no risk.

We also offer craps, roulette, Red Dog, Sic Bo, and many other exotic table games for free.

Free Scratch Cards

These games have a truly light-hearted approach. They are possibly the purest source of fun at any online casino. We offer many excellent scratch cards. The idea is to "scratch" the icons until you either win or start a new game.

Scratch cards are the most fun to play with another important person; you can alternate choosing icons to scratch and whether you choose correctly or you need to go to a new game, you'll have a great time!

Play For Free Here at SPC

We do everything we can to help you get the most out of your online casino gaming experience. Offering free games right here is another of our initiatives to help you make gaming the fun activity it is.