150 Mobile Casino Slots Providers Introduce New Slots Every Month

With over 150 game developers creating new mobile casino slots every month, players have hundreds, if not thousands, of slots on mobile to choose from. Mobile slots casinos are usually adjuncts of parent desktop casinos but the mobile casino will normally have a different interface.

That’s because online slots began as desktop casino slots. At first, providers had to reformat their slots to fit mobile platforms. Now, however, mobile is so pervasive, that mobile slots online are almost as popular as desktop slots. So, it is quite possible that any mobile casino slot game that you play will be a mobile original.

Why Mobile?

Mobile slots online have become so popular for a number of reasons.

  • Mobile software is so much better now than it was just a couple of years ago.
  • Mobile devices are lighter and easier to use.
  • Online casinos cater to mobile players.
  • Mobile slots casinos are compatible with almost all mobile devices.
  • Mobile and desktop casinos are connected synergistically.

Even in the recent past, mobile slots game graphics and animation simply were not as good as desktop graphics and animation. So players chose to play at their desktop or laptop computers and chose mobile only when the others were not available.

Now, many gamers choose to curl up on a soft, comfortable chair or sofa at home and play their favorite mobile casino slots game on their cell phone or tablet.

Casino Amount Game Name When
Fair Go $50,000.00 Panda's Gold winner iconRob M. 2023-03-26
Fair Go $50,000.00 Goblins: Gluttony of Gems winner iconJay F. 2023-03-24
Fair Go $48,800.00 Asgard winner iconGino P. 2023-03-22
Fair Go $48,500.00 Storm Lords winner iconChris B. 2023-03-31
Fair Go $35,950.10 Fortunate Buddha winner iconJoanne D. 2023-03-29
Jackpot Capital $35,460.00 Triple Twister winner iconSilvija K. 2023-03-26
Fair Go $32,548.34 Fortunate Buddha winner iconSamantha D. 2023-03-22
SlotoCash $32,000.00 Vegas XL winner iconMatthew T. 2023-03-20
Fair Go $28,755.00 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconCon G. 2023-03-21
PlayCroco $26,932.45 Fortunate Buddha winner iconRobin D. 2023-03-23
PlayCroco $25,590.00 Bubble Bubble 2 winner iconRachael J. 2023-03-24
Fair Go $25,536.00 Fortunes of Olympus winner iconDenise M. 2023-03-18
SlotoCash $25,012.50 Cleopatras Gold winner iconRyan H. 2023-03-20
Fair Go $25,000.00 Sweet 16 winner iconTiffany W. 2023-03-20
Fair Go $24,450.00 Storm Lords winner iconDonna S. 2023-03-31
SlotoCash $22,525.00 Samba Sunset winner iconNacide S. 2023-03-23
Jackpot Capital $20,000.00 Joker Poker winner iconElizabeth B. 2023-03-25
Jackpot Capital $19,899.81 Crystal Waters winner iconRichard F. 2023-03-17
Grande Vegas $19,742.50 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconEric S. 2023-03-23
Grande Vegas $16,720.00 Panda's Gold winner iconDennis K. 2023-03-17
Grande Vegas $16,500.00 Eternal Love winner iconEmerald G. 2023-03-22
PlayCroco $16,300.00 Cash Bandits 3 winner iconUuhuh Y. 2023-03-31
PlayCroco $16,050.00 Sweet 16 winner iconTroy C. 2023-03-20
SlotoCash $15,554.00 Lucky Tiger winner iconDevyn M. 2023-03-30
SlotoCash $15,386.56 Fortunate Buddha winner iconJeffrey R. 2023-03-21
Grande Vegas $15,050.00 Thai Emerald winner iconRick R. 2023-03-19
PlayCroco $14,494.16 Pay Dirt winner iconRebecca J. 2023-03-17
Grande Vegas $13,451.26 Fortunate Buddha winner iconLeticia M. 2023-03-19
PlayCroco $12,900.00 Twister Wilds winner iconTania Lee C. 2023-03-25
Slotastic $12,750.00 Diamond Fiesta winner iconTim S. 2023-03-31
Grande Vegas $12,515.00 Coyote Cash winner iconRobert N. 2023-03-17
Slotastic $12,500.00 Crystal Waters winner iconDaniel W. 2023-03-30
PlayCroco $12,500.00 Divas of Darkness winner iconPeter D. 2023-03-18
PlayCroco $12,157.57 Fortunate Buddha winner iconBlake H. 2023-03-30
Grande Vegas $12,037.50 Desert Raider winner iconKauhane V. 2023-03-21
PlayCroco $12,000.00 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconEric O. 2023-03-22
Grande Vegas $11,994.20 Khrysos Gold winner iconPam L. 2023-03-28
SlotoCash $11,611.94 Goldbeard winner iconReginald J. 2023-03-20
PlayCroco $11,100.00 Run Rabbit, Run! winner iconTroy H. 2023-03-18
SlotoCash $11,100.00 Cai Hong winner iconAlex V. 2023-03-24
Grande Vegas $11,000.00 Merlin's Riches winner iconAndré F. 2023-03-21
Grande Vegas $10,800.00 Cash Bandits 2 winner iconElzo S. 2023-03-22
SlotoCash $10,240.00 Doragon's Gems winner iconZachariah K. 2023-03-29
SlotoCash $10,000.00 Tri-Card Poker winner iconPaul G. 2023-03-21
SlotoCash $10,000.00 Miami Jackpots winner iconWilliam S. 2023-03-20
Slotastic $9,984.61 Plentiful Treasure winner iconKhammany L. 2023-03-28
Slotastic $7,560.00 Neon Wheel 7s winner iconTabitha V. 2023-03-31
Intertops Classic $7,500.00 Mystic Dragon winner iconRobert H. 2023-03-27
Intertops Classic $7,000.00 Diamond Fiesta winner iconEmma A. 2023-03-26
Slotastic $7,000.00 Diamond Fiesta winner iconLara P. 2023-03-24
Jackpot Capital $6,788.43 Ghost Ship winner iconValerie E. 2023-03-26
Jackpot Capital $6,525.00 Ritchie Valens™ La Bamba winner iconNedra C. 2023-03-25
Slotastic $5,160.00 Merlin's Riches winner iconHugo M. 2023-03-23
Intertops Classic $4,930.00 Live Blackjack winner iconLucaÿ D. 2023-03-19
Jackpot Capital $4,260.00 Lucky 8 winner iconMarilyn M. 2023-03-19
Slotastic $4,160.51 God of Wealth winner iconMark P. 2023-03-17
Slotastic $4,100.00 Merlin's Riches winner iconJustin G. 2023-03-30
Slotastic $4,005.00 Double Double Jackpot Poker winner iconAudrey D. 2023-03-25
Slotastic $3,960.00 Stardust winner iconInese W. 2023-03-30
Jackpot Capital $3,600.00 Cash Bandits Museum Heist winner iconLucille C. 2023-03-30
Jackpot Capital $3,573.28 Aladdin's Wishes winner iconJames S. 2023-03-19
Jackpot Capital $3,500.00 Nine Realms winner iconKevin B. 2023-03-30
Jackpot Capital $3,473.05 Count Cashtacular winner iconGeorge M. 2023-03-30
Intertops Classic $2,781.23 Fortunate Buddha winner iconRita S. 2023-03-18
Intertops Classic $2,500.00 Texan Tycoon winner iconSomdach H. 2023-03-24
Intertops Classic $2,025.00 Goblins: Gluttony of Gems winner iconChau P. 2023-03-31
Intertops Classic $2,000.00 BlackJack winner iconJamie L. 2023-03-22
Intertops Classic $2,000.00 Baccarat winner iconWilliam L. 2023-03-23
Intertops Classic $2,000.00 Live Blackjack winner iconMike S. 2023-03-26
Intertops Classic $2,000.00 BlackJack winner iconChristopher F. 2023-03-29

One Plus One Equals One!

Any casino that runs a parallel mobile site will have absolute gaming flexibility between the two. When you accept a deposit bonus on one you can use it to play at the other platform. You can use or participate in any promotion or tournament from either platform. Your loyalty points grow in a single account so your gaming at both builds your loyalty points total.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Given such flexibility, it’s no surprise that you can play mobile slots for free as well as for real money. In fact, we recommend playing new mobile slots online for free for a short time to get a feel for the game. After a few free play minutes, you can easily switch to playing slots on mobile for real money.

From Mechanics to Finger Taps

For true online slots neophytes, here’s a short introduction to the wonderful world of online slots in general.

Slots began about 150 years ago as mechanical free-standing machines. They had three reels and one payline. Nowadays, we wonder why they became so popular so fast because today’s slots online are so much more complex and sophisticated. There were, of course, no online casinos much less mobile casinos.

Watering Those Reels

The number of reels grew from three to five and the number of paylines grew from one to 9 and more. It is not unusual to find 50 or more paylines on a slot game and, on many slots, there are so many various winning combinations that we call them “ways to win” rather than paylines. 243 ways to win is now standard on such slots but if you add a sixth reel, you get over 1000 ways to win!

Best Mobile Games

Achilles Deluxe Online Slot
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Frankenslots Monster Online Slots
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Trigger Happy Online Slot
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Legend of Helios Online Slot
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Paylines and More

In addition to many paylines, video slots employ several characters or game devices to increase your winning chances. The return to player rate in mobile slots online is about 97% so these extra winning characters or symbols really do work!

First, all video slots have a wild symbol which creates many wins by substituting for all the other symbols except the scatter. In addition to acting like a wild card in poker, the wild symbol may have a multiplier. When it does, your wins with the wild symbol get multiplied by the size of the multiplier.

The scatter wins in all positions. Sometimes two scatters bring you a nice win. Three scatters or more get you free spins. This is the best way to play mobile slots for free. They aren’t technically free since you had to place a bet. But free spins are free and all the money you win during the free spins bonus rounds, is yours to keep. This is not true when you play in free play mode.

In addition to these extra winning devices, mobile slots online have cascading reels, expanding wilds, stacked reels, nudges, and other ways to help you win.

Graphics are Key

Graphics provide the energy behind the entertainment value of online mobile slots. Developers have to employ large creative staffs just to produce one new slot for mobile each month.

Graphics in this sense include animation and sound as well. The games must all be different enough so that players feel that they are playing a freshly conceived game. Video slots all have a theme. It is impossible, of course, to create new themes for each game. So, there are a large number of games within each theme category. Each slot game has to show the thought that went into it.

When you’re playing slots on mobile, you might be in a waiting room or someplace else in public. You might not want to play the sound from the slot so that everyone around you can hear. So, you use earphones. Obviously, the sound quality in slots on mobile has to be superb for it to sound good directly in your ears!

Slots of All Types for Players of All Types

Some players like high adventure while others like to be entertained by great humor. Slots online have to exhibit these and many other qualities to become popular. The characters in each slot game have to further the tone of the story. In some slots, the characters come in 3D. This is a relatively new development in slots software. It is so good that every developer likely will use the same software in developing their own mobile slots soon.

Maturity and Beyond

Mobile casino slots have come of age! They have begun to dominate the online slots industry from the standpoint of players, casinos, developers, and industry onlookers such as us at SPC. We’ll review slots on mobile and desktop regularly and we’ll keep you informed about every new wrinkle in mobile casino slots as soon as they happen!