Being a High Roller Means 1000s of Extra Money and Other Benefits

There is nothing quite like being a high roller at a top online casino.  We say top casino because there are many of the thousands of online casinos that simply can’t afford to do high rollers proud.

A top casino will be supported by enough money to pay out high jackpots and to pay for the winnings of a high roller on a winning streak.  Most casinos use the designation VIP to refer to high rollers.  Now, you’ll want to know what the high roller meaning is.

Collecting Points for Playing

As you may have guessed, the term high roller or VIP has different meanings for different casinos.  In order to fully explain the term, we have to backtrack to a standard promotion offered by most casinos: the Loyalty Program.

This program goes by different names but the idea is always the same: you get points for each bet.  Slots play generally affords the highest number of points per bet.  Eventually, you can redeem the points, usually for casino cash to use playing.  High rollers may receive more points per bet, a sort of high roller discount.

Most Loyalty Programs have several levels.  Everyone starts off in the lowest level and you go up as your number of points goes up.  In these casinos, the highest level is called the VIP Club.  In order to stay in the VIP Club, you have to accumulate a given number of points each month.  Of course, to do so requires a very substantial bankroll, suited to a high roller.

Independent VIP Club

There are some casinos that separate the VIP Club from the Loyalty Program.  In these casinos, membership in the VIP Club is connected to the size of deposits.  As such, such a casino might become known as a high roller casino.

This is a mistake since high rollers make up a relatively small percentage of players.  It is true, however, that so called high roller casinos have benefits for their biggest depositors that other casinos might not have.  This point may be important to some players but most high rollers are happy to play at the casino they like the most and to achieve high roller status in the more conventional manner.

Online Gaming and Big Bets

The characteristics of high rollers are similar to the characteristics of wealthy travelers, restaurant patrons, or shoppers.

However, only a high roller casino can give high rollers the fullest measure of benefits.  You might spend top dollar for a pair of shoes or for a barbeque but the store where you made your purchases doesn’t acknowledge your purchase in any unique way.

Amazing High Roller Benefits

No single casino can provide all of the benefits high rollers can enjoy but here are some of the ways VIPs get feted at online casinos:

  • High rollers get the highest percentage of deposits as bonuses.  They also receive more deposit bonus offers than the average player.
  • VIPS get faster withdrawals.  Even though the best casinos process withdrawals within three days, they serve VIPs faster.
  • High rollers get special dispensation to exceed the published top bet on some games.
  • Some casinos run special VIP tournaments with much higher prizes.
  • Most casinos assign every high roller with their own personal account manager.  The duties of the manager differ from casino to casino but…
  • A personal account manager will find out the names, birthdays, and other special family days of a high roller’s immediate family.  Then the manager will devise special gifts for each family member.
  • The account manager will get to know his or her assigned VIPs and will develop promotions especially for them.
  • Do you not like opera?  Your account manager will not send you to the opera! But if you love American football, you might find yourself in possession of Super Bowl tickets!
  • VIPs have been known to receive five-star vacations, luxury cruises, and more.
  • Some casinos have a store where VIPs can buy items of the quality that VIPs expect.
  • High rollers get extra benefits from a cashback program. Some casinos run cashback just for high rollers.  This amounts to a high roller discount on all deposits.

Whether your favorite casino activity is slots play, poker, or bingo, you can expect to receive the most benefits as a high roller.  So, choose the casino that will treat you the best and enjoy your exclusive VIP status.