Mobile casinos bonuses and online casino bonuses in general, are a great way to enlarge your gaming bankroll and have more fun playing online casino games and online gambling. New players receive a new player mobile casino bonuses whether they sign up and make their first deposit at either a desktop casino or at a mobile casino. The new mobile casino players bonus code deals are by far not the only deposit benefits to be gained with popular mobile casinos bonuses and desktop casinos bonuses that online gamers can enjoy.

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we used to say that the ideal situation was when a mobile casino was a fully developed adjunct of an established desktop casino. Nowadays, mobile gaming far outstrips desktop gaming so mobile casinos are not “adjuncts” any longer. Mobile gaming sites are the straw that stirs the online gaming drink and best mobile casino bonuses are the straw that stirs the mobile casino gaming drink!

It is, by now, an established fact that most online casino gaming is done at a mobile casino gambling site, playing mobile casino games. The technology behind mobile casinos has improved so much that most gamers simply play casino games with their gaming account on a mobile casino while comfortably ensconced on their living room sofa! What an advantage plus all those exclusive no deposit bonuses and other types of deposit mobile casino bonus codes to tempt a minimum deposit!

The desktop casino may still be the “parent casino” but most gamers usually play almost exclusively, as mobile users on their mobile devices and mobile casino games. Some gamers almost never even open the desktop casino, even to claim a maximum cashout casino bonus code, promo codes or deposit exclusive free spins!


Let’s divide the idea of mobile casino bonuses into these two categories of multiple accounts deposit casinos and let’s look at bonuses for new casino players from the best mobile online casinos first.

All newly registered gamers can receive a free bonus code for their gaming account on their favorite games. A mobile casino welcome bonus, whether they sign up and make their first deposit at a desktop casino or at a mobile casino. There are a number of different terms online casinos use to designate the new player, depositing players, Welcome bonus but we will stick with the term Welcome Bonus Package real money deposit bonus codes, since that is the most popular designation.

There are three main points, that makes sense, that every gamer should be sure the casino gambling site meets before joining a mobile casino and looking into claiming a mobile casino bonus code, promo code free cash, deposit bonus or any free spins bonus codes for gambling on a casino game:

  1. It is important to be sure that the mobile bonus casino is partnered with a good desktop gambling casino. This makes all of your accumulated data useful at either the desktop or the mobile casino.

  2. That all of the data that pertain to your gaming at the mobile casino is carried over to the data base at the desktop casino. These data include loyalty points, participation in mobile and website casino bonus promotions, deposit bonus offers, deposit free spins, promo code offers, tournament play, mobile casino games and website casino games in which a leaderboard determines winners and final placements. Data must include all deposits and withdrawals of winnings and the personal information pertaining to these financial matters, and ongoing gambling stats.

  3. Every wager a player makes playing favorite casino games go towards completing the wagering requirements (rollover requirements), for any deposit mobile casino bonuses should register in real time on both the desktop and on the mobile platform. This ensures that the player can begin withdrawing gambling real money winnings from casino bonuses and games, if they choose to do so, as soon as he or she has completed the wagering requirements.

This means that not only does your mobile casino bonus apply whether you choose to gamble on the desktop casino or on the mobile casino but also all your gaming data is fungible, meaning that it is collected in real time at both casinos!


There are two words that describe why:

  1. Convenience

  2. Comfort

Just as an aside, it might interest you to learn that in some languages these concepts are expressed by the same word. In the United States, for US players, these two terms have very different meanings than across the world and together explain the rapid rise of mobile casino gaming.

The convenience that mobile gaming affords can be stated succinctly in that gamers have to travel to play at a land based casino but the casino travels with them when they start playing on their mobiles and enjoying the bevy of mobile casino bonus play.


It can, but it usually has the opposite effect. When gamers can access the mobile casino for a few mobile casino bonuses on games or spins, they learn to enjoy gaming in short sessions instead of the marathon sessions so many people have when they travel to play at a land based casino.

A lot of players also take the opportunity to play with mobile casino bonus free cash of 10, 20, even 100 free spins on their mobile device smartphone, since mobile casinos offer unlimited free gaming entertainment on demo versions games! This is true for both Android and iOS smartphones and devices.

Online casino games are just one of the many things that are available to us in large measure that many people have learned to enjoy in small measure.


The comfort that comes with mobile casino gaming derives from how we play. Instead of sitting in a computer chair—however comfortable that chair might be—it can’t compare with the comfort of gaming on the sofa or in bed. Mobile casinos are also the perfect venue for gaming with that special someone which makes the mobile casino a great platform for romantic couple gaming, a bit of a mobile bonus!


One important aspect of the comfort of playing at a mobile casino is the graphics. Many players, in the old days of ten years ago or so, simply would not play on any mobile device, iOS devices or Android, be it a tablet or a new generation smartphone. The graphics for telephone games were very poor, indeed.

Today, the graphics on all the popular pages and other games are so good, including feeds for live dealer games, that most players get used to gambling on a smaller, mobile casino screen and easily choose to play on their mobile devices instead of at the desktop.

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In a word, no.

Some casino site bonuses and promotional code casino bonuses are quite large and some are quite modest. Online gambling sites sign up Welcome Bonus Package may include several real cash deposit bonuses. Some also include a no deposit bonus and may also call for exclusive free spins on a variety of slots games.

The most common number of online slots free spins in any mobile casino bonus or web casino promotion is 50 free spins on a slot chosen by the casino and the free spins can range from as few as 25 free spins to as many as 75 mobile free spins, sometimes even more.

A VIP bonus will offer bigger gambling money for the bonus, a higher deposit match rate for the bonus, or more free spins on mobile games.

Aside from the number and size of the mobile bonuses, the biggest difference in bonuses from casino to casino are in the wagering requirements. The wagering requirements are the amount of money a gamer who accepts a deposit bonus, exclusive free spins or match bonus coupon code has to play before he or she can withdraw any own money won from the bonus.

The rollover requirements are usually expressed as a function of the bonus as in the common 40x wagering requirement. A 40x requirement means that a player has to bet or gamble 40 times the bonus before being able to withdraw money from the bonus.

Let’s look at a simple example. If you accept a $1000 new players bonus and the wagering requirement is 40x, then you have to bet $40,000 before you can withdraw casino account money winnings from the bonus.

The mobile bonus wagering requirement is the single biggest reason why land based casino sites offer so few real cash deposit bonuses. Simply put, while it is quite reasonable for a player on a smart device or desktop casino to fulfill a 40x wagering requirement over several gaming sessions, it is very difficult for the average player to do so in a long weekend at a brick and mortar casino, playing slots or, say, roulette.


Every casino has its own chart that details how many points toward the wagering requirement you get for each dollar bet on the various games at that casino. The details are all listed in the terms and conditions for the bonus which actually leads us to a very important aspect of online casino gaming for casino players.


These are the rules that regulate all aspects of gaming at that casino in the casino’s terms. In other words, each casino sets its own rules for every aspect of gaming and bonus gambling for new players and existing players at that casino.

There are two very important aspects of the terms and conditions for any online or mobile casino:

  1. The casino should write the terms and conditions in language that any average person can understand. We think that this aspect of online gambling is so important that we urge all gamers to go to the terms and conditions of the casino before signing up. If the “t and c” as they are often called are too hard to understand, we would encourage the gamer to find a different mobile or desktop casino to play games.

  2. The terms and conditions should be fair and reasonable in the gamer’s terms. Even if the t and c are easy to read and understand, they might not be as fair to the player as he or she would like. As in the first example, in this case we would encourage mobile players to find a different mobile casino and mobile games to play at. Read casino reviews (such as on Slots Play Casino) to gauge how reliable a casino is.




It’s pretty straightforward, actually. If the real money deposit bonus or deposit mobile bonuses are 100% up to $1000, you can deposit less and still get the 100% bonus but you have an incentive to deposit no more than the $1000.

If the deposit bonus is for 50% up to $1000, you need to deposit $2000 to get the full benefit but if you deposit less, you will still get the 50% bonus. In this example, the mobile players have an incentive to deposit up to $2000 and no more. There will always be another match deposit bonus coming down very soon, possibly tomorrow!

Just as deposit cash bonuses are rare from brick and mortar casinos, they are very common coming from mobile or desktop casinos! The deposit bonus amount will vary from bonus to bonus. Still, every deposit casino bonus and free chip play has gaming value.


It is just as easy to join a mobile casino as to join the parent desktop gambling casino. Here are a few tips on how to sign up at a real money mobile casino.

  1. Make sure that your mobile device has enough storage space for a mobile casino app. Most people upgrade their cell phone or tablet in order to get more space in the memory. This tip applies to the desktop casino as well if you are going to download the casino to your hard drive.

  2. Look over a number of mobile casinos before choosing one. The interface should be easy to read. As we said above, the graphics have to be modern rather than the dreary old fashioned graphics that prevailed about ten years ago.

  3. Check to see what kinds of deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, or free spins bonus on slot games the mobile casino is already offering to established players. When you check the bonus culture of the casino in thus way, you will be able to gauge how many mobile casino bonuses you can expect to be offered on a regular basis going forward.

  4. Decide how much of the Welcome Bonus Package you want to accept. The New Player welcome bonus package may be a series of casino mobile deposit bonuses and coupon code bonus offer that total in the thousands of dollars in free bonuses alone. That amount does not include the deposits themselves. Accept only the size of casino welcome bonus that you can safely play with.

  5. Make sure that the wagering requirement for the real money Welcome Package bonus is fair. In the opinion of Slots Play Casinos, a wagering requirement rate of 30x to 40x is fair.

  6. Now you are ready to fill out the registration form. Some players don’t like to give all the personal information the mobile casino will ask for but it is actually for your own safety that the casino does so. The casino has to double and triple check you against your information to make sure that your money is safe. This will become apparent when we talk about real money withdrawals.

  7. Choose your login sign up name and password. Be very careful to use odd signup logins and passwords. We have heard from players who keep a book with all their sign up logins and passwords. Of course, this book should be kept in an out of the way place as well!

  8. Take some time to go from game to game to get used to the way the game provider for that casino uses the more limited space available for smart phone slot games, for example. This will help you get used to the casino and will direct you towards games you have not played before that you would like to bet and deposit your own money.

  9. To accept the Welcome Package and any other free deposit bonus offer the “on the go” casino will make, you have to remember to enter the correct bonus code.


An online casino has to be able to keep track of every player’s gaming history. Part of that history covers the ongoing fulfillment of the wagering requirement for the deposit cash bonus the player took.

The casino has to use very powerful computer software to be able to keep track of tens of thousands or more individual players’ activities. In order to keep track of a deposit bonus, the casino uses the username and password to connect the player to his or her account and the deposit bonus code for that specific bonus to connect the user with the bonus.

It sounds like a lot to keep track of. It is, in fact. That is the miracle of computers and the sophisticated casino software mobile casinos use to keep track of everything that goes on at the casino.

It is because of the need to keep track of every player’s gaming activity that players have to enter their login code to be able to play for real money. If you want free game play, you can just click on “play now” and you will get the free play game mode. To gamble for real money games you need your personal code.

In the same way, to be credited with a free deposit bonus, you need to enter the correct free bonus code. A mobile casino may have several different real money gambling bonuses on offer at the same time and on different game types; slot games bonus, roulette bonus, scratch cards bonus, baccarat bonus and so on. Many casinos offer a weekend bonus, another bonus on Monday, and so on. The only way the casino might be able to keep track of it all is through the bonus code.


Not at all!

The computer sophistication of a mobile casino—in terms of bonuses and everything else—is the same for a mobile casino and a desktop casino. The computer graphics for any online casino that started out in the last decade are far better than the graphics that were obtained thirty years ago.

Online casinos are technologically more sophisticated than brick and mortar casinos. This is especially true in terms of both games and casino bonuses. An online casino has to have banks of powerful computers to keep track of every morsel of information at the casino from the games to each player’s gaming history.

At land-based casinos, there are a lot of games that are not digital. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps lead the way. They are quickly followed by keno and bingo and possibly the sports betting room, if there is one at the site All of these maximum amount real money games and slot games are digital at a mobile or desktop casino.

As far as the data for each individual’s gaming, that data is kept on the player card the site gives to every player. That system usually works pretty well but we often hear stories about a player who forgot to put his player card in the slot machine, or forgot to take it out when she left the terminal or forgot the card at home, or couldn’t find the card anywhere when they were packing for the trip to the brick and mortar casino!

In that sense, a mobile casino and of course mobile phone security is a lot more sophisticated than a brick and mortar casino Las Vegas style casino gaming.


We mentioned above in the section on signing up that the casino asks for personal information that some online players are reluctant to give. Most people who want to play casino game types online for real money eventually accept the idea that the information stays private and that the mobile casino has excellent encryption software that protects the player’s real money and personal information.

Then they want to make a withdrawal and the casino asks for yet more information. Why?

At a land based casino, a player might hand in their player card and get their money back or cash in actual chips. The process is simple. At a mobile casino, the casino has an obligation to protect all of the money players deposit to the casino. This includes all deposits and all cash deposit bonuses. A good deposit mobile casino will ask for more information from a player—such as a photo of a private bill the player has paid—in order to be sure that the person asking for the money is the person to whom the money should rightfully go.

A player who took a 100% bonus for $1000 deposited $1000 and played with $2000. If the wagering requirement was 40x, the player is asking to withdraw cash after making $40,000 in game bets. Now, let’s say that the player played blackjack or video poker on their mobile phone. They may have made only even money bets in roulette.

Would the player have money left in his or her account to withdraw?

If the return to player rate is 99.5% in blackjack or even a bit higher than that in video poker, the player would expect to lose, based on statistics alone, 0.05% of the total money wagered which comes to about $200. So, this player stands to withdraw as much as $1800. The casino wants to be sure that it is sending the money to the right person!

Actually, at most casinos, players get less credit toward their wagering requirement when they play the games with the highest return to player rate. That means that the player would have to bet more than 40x to complete the wagering requirement if they play blackjack or video poker. In any case, a blackjack or video poker player, with just a little luck will have some money to withdraw after they fulfill the wagering requirement.

All casinos count on the bulk of players playing games with higher variance which is how the casinos turn a profit. A blackjack or video poker player who plays with the correct strategy at all times can expect to win free money in about half of their gaming sessions and live dealer games.


Here is a short list of the bonuses and promotions online sites offer when you start playing:

  1. New players welcome bonus (deposit bonus)
  2. Free no deposit bonuses
  3. Daily, weekly, or monthly bonus and deposit bonus offers
  4. Anniversary or birthday best mobile casino bonuses
  5. Casino account VIP bonus
  6. Free spins on slots (could be up to 50 free spins or more)
  7. New slots bonus or deposit mobile casino bonuses
  8. Casino Game of the month bonus (usually mobile slots)
  9. Refer a friend bonus
  10. Cashback program
  11. Loyalty program and comp points
  12. Exclusive mobile bonuses

The loyalty program is similar to the wagering requirement in that players get loyalty points, also known as comp points, based on their gaming bet activity. Loyalty points get counted whether the player is using another bonus codes or not. When the player collects enough loyalty points, they can redeem them for free casino credits. In that way, loyalty points are a type of free bonus play.


We have certainly gone on at length with our casino reviews on the subject of best mobile online casinos and mobile casino bonuses, free spins and coupon code deals. We feel that the advantages of mobile casinos over land based casinos are demonstrable. That doesn’t mean that there is no place for the Las Vegas style brick and mortar best winnings experience.

It simply means that the convenience and comfort of mobile casinos coupled with the many more bonuses players can enjoy at mobile casinos, together, make mobile casino powerplay the way to go to enjoy casino game types for the present and the future as far as we can see!

Keep coming to Slots Play Casinos for the best coverage of casino site gaming especially online casino site and mobile device entertainment, all the popular pages, live dealer gambling, best bonuses, free spins and real money winners!