Take Advantage of Mobile Casino Bonuses Every Day

All new players should receive a bonus whether they sign up at either a desktop casino or at a mobile casino.  The best situation is when the mobile casino is a fully developed adjunct of an established desktop casino.  In these cases, your mobile casino bonus applies when you decide to play on the desktop casino as well.

Since this is the best case scenario, we’ll talk in this report about bonuses you can get from a mobile casino.  We’ll assume two basic prerequisites:

  • That the mobile casino is partnered with a desktop casino operation.
  • That any money, loyalty points, promotions, playing data, and so on that you get from your mobile play, applies equally to the same benefits you have through the desktop casino.

Graphics Feed Slots Play

In the recent past, desktop casino play far outstripped mobile play for two basic reasons:

  • There were far fewer games on mobile casinos.
  • The graphics on mobile were, to put it bluntly, inferior.

Neither of these applies today.

Although the desktop casinos are so well established that they may have many hundreds of games, there are many casinos that began as both a desktop and a mobile casino.  In some cases, the mobile came online very soon after the desktop.  If the desktop casino has more games, it is by a few dozen perhaps but not by the hundreds we see in the more troglodyte casinos.

Bonuses on Mobile

As such, we recommend you look for a mobile casino with a no deposit bonus offer.   There are two kinds of no deposit bonuses.  One is for cash to play with at any game on the mobile casino.  The other is for free spins at slots that the casino chooses.

Both of these no deposit offers are great for new players because you’re playing for real money, with the chance to get lucky and win big, at absolutely no cost to yourself!

Can We Mix and Match?

You may be wondering if there are also casinos that offer a combination of no deposit bonus, followed by one or more deposit bonuses, wrapped around free spins.  There are, indeed!  From our list of select casinos, the following do offer a combination of deposit bonuses and free spins to new players:

  • Black Diamond
  • Box 24
  • Spartan Slots

Most of our other recommended casinos offer a no deposit cash bonus.  All of our recommended casinos offer excellent new player bonuses.

Remember the Code

When you take a no deposit bonus, you usually have to enter the mobile casino no deposit bonus codes to get each of the bonuses offered.  This casino rule applies to all bonuses from new player bonuses to all the bonuses the top online casinos offer on a daily basis.

For some reason, some players get flustered when they have to enter a bonus code.  In reality, the code is a kind of in-house bookkeeping requirement.  In a sense it works like the strip on your credit card which helps the supermarket keep track of inventory as well how well each of their items sells.

The casino uses the bonus code to track which bonuses “sell” best.  By doing so, the casino can develop new bonuses that mirror the most popular ones.  All of this is to the players’ benefit.

Mobile on the Rise

Mobile gaming is now more popular than desktop gaming for several very good reasons:

  • Convenience heads the list.  You literally carry the casino with you wherever you go.
  • Graphics.  We spoke about this earlier.  Graphics include sound and animation.  Many gamers use earphones to hear the games as they travel home from work.
  • The growing selection of games.  Slots still dominate and always will.  But table games and video poker now represent a large percentage of mobile games and of the games played.
  • All promotions have a single account so you lose nothing moving from mobile to desktop and vice versa.

Convenience alone was not enough when the graphics were poor.  So all three elements work together to make mobile gaming the excellent platform it is today.

Promotions on Mobile

In the best casinos, all bonuses you can get from the desktop casino you can also get from the mobile.  So, if the desktop has a free bonus, you also qualify for the bonus through the mobile casino.  Every mobile casino with a free bonus should allow you to play its casino games on the desktop as well.


This promotion translates bets into points.  The points are worth casino credits when they reach a certain level.  The points you collect on the mobile and those you collect on the desktop should be kept in the same “account”.

Play Through on Bonuses

Whenever you get a deposit bonus, you agree to bet a factor of the bonus before you can withdraw any winnings.  The factor should never be more than 40x the bonus although some casinos offer 30x or less.

The key here is that the casino counts every bet and applies it toward your play through requirement.  Again, your play through requirement should be counted at whichever casino you play at regardless of which casino you applied for the bonus from.


Some tournaments last a week or more.  Your participation should be counted from both casinos so you have a fair chance of winning a cash prize.

A Great Marriage: Mobile and Bonus

We hope that by now you realize that there is no single, one size fits all mobile casino bonus.  A mobile casino with a no deposit bonus may offer cash for no deposit or free spins.  A mobile casino with a free bonus might be a great place to play.

Please keep reading our pages to get the best word on all things casino.