Thanks to liberal gaming laws South African gamers can enjoy any of their preferred South African online casino games at any time and from any location on their PC or mobile gaming device. The South African casinos online bring genuine gambling entertainment to all SA players, in all areas of the country.

Once a player signs into his online casino account he can play any of the casino games for real money or for free. There are free online slots for South Africa, free table games such as online blackjack and free card games. Many online casinos offer gaming options for amateur players and for long-time experienced gamers from South Africa.

You might wish to play for free or maybe you want to compete as a high rolling challenger. You might even prefer to place low bets and play for fun in an easy-going atmosphere of online casinos entertainment. Regardless of your gaming preferences you can enjoy an best online casinos gambling adventure that’s tailored to your expectations and needs when you enjoy online gambling on casino sites.

Casino Amount Game Name When
SlotoCash $100,010.00 Nine Realms winner iconCherisse E. 2024-06-05
Fair Go $44,297.26 Fortunate Buddha winner iconRachel K. 2024-06-12
SlotoCash $40,329.91 Fortunate Buddha winner iconJanie S. 2024-06-12
Fair Go $39,522.45 Eagle Shadow Fist winner iconLynn C. 2024-06-07
SlotoCash $37,670.00 Caesar's Empire winner iconSandra L. B. 2024-06-07
Intertops Classic $30,000.00 Mystic Dragon winner iconNicholas C. 2024-06-08
Fair Go $25,737.98 Fortunate Buddha winner iconJennifer R. 2024-06-04
PlayCroco $24,779.00 Fortunate Buddha winner iconRaymond C. 2024-06-07
Fair Go $22,800.00 Gods of Nature winner iconDeirdre E. 2024-06-05
Fair Go $21,873.00 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconEbony W. 2024-06-07
Intertops Classic $19,922.00 Witchy Wins winner iconIsabella J. 2024-06-01
SlotoCash $19,650.00 Loch Ness Loot winner iconTally R. 2024-06-05
Fair Go $18,732.00 Fu Chi winner iconSamantha B. 2024-06-10
Fair Go $18,000.00 Samba Sunset winner iconVittorio G. 2024-06-06
Slotastic $17,988.25 Fortunate Buddha winner iconBennie S. 2024-06-06
SlotoCash $17,820.00 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconJoshua C. 2024-06-02
SlotoCash $17,027.00 Crystal Waters winner iconJayna W. 2024-06-01
PlayCroco $16,480.00 Super 6 winner iconNOVA C. 2024-06-04
Fair Go $15,079.50 Aztecs Treasure winner iconTami G. 2024-06-05
SlotoCash $15,000.00 Wonder Reels winner iconHunter B. 2024-06-03
Fair Go $14,850.00 Bubble Bubble 2 winner iconShannon C. 2024-06-05
SlotoCash $14,039.00 Shelltastic Wins winner iconSkylene G. 2024-06-04
Fair Go $13,700.00 Tarot Destiny winner iconBelinda D. 2024-06-07
Grande Vegas $12,640.00 Buffalo Mania Deluxe winner iconOsvaldo V. 2024-06-07
Slotastic $12,500.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconHau C. 2024-06-03
Slotastic $12,500.00 Panda's Gold winner iconJuan C. 2024-06-07
SlotoCash $12,500.00 God of Wealth winner iconEliyahu A. 2024-06-12
Grande Vegas $12,500.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconMichael T. 2024-06-09
PlayCroco $12,299.53 RTG777 winner iconJason L. 2024-05-31
Grande Vegas $12,105.00 Beary Wild winner iconJesse J. 2024-06-01
PlayCroco $12,060.00 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconCihan H. 2024-06-11
Grande Vegas $11,600.00 Loch Ness Loot winner iconVinny S. 2024-06-11
Grande Vegas $11,298.99 Khrysos Gold winner iconKathryn Y. 2024-06-11
PlayCroco $10,987.50 Storm Lords winner iconLeigh B. 2024-06-03
SlotoCash $10,410.00 Cash Bandits 2 winner iconRobert W. 2024-06-05
Slotastic $10,050.00 Twister Wilds winner iconJustin C. 2024-06-01
Grande Vegas $9,602.50 God of Wealth winner iconLanya R. 2024-06-05
Slotastic $8,700.00 Desert Raider winner iconZahveeth W. 2024-06-02
PlayCroco $8,640.98 Mighty Drums winner iconMonica J. 2024-06-06
Grande Vegas $8,375.00 Robin Hood's Riches winner iconDominik H. 2024-06-03
Jackpot Capital $8,150.00 Tarot Destiny winner iconAudrey D. 2024-05-30
Jackpot Capital $8,101.13 Fortunate Buddha winner iconMeranda W. 2024-06-02
PlayCroco $7,970.00 5 Wishes winner iconClinton S. 2024-06-02
PlayCroco $7,609.60 Halloween Treasures winner iconMichaela B. 2024-06-09
PlayCroco $7,527.00 Mermaid Queen winner iconBardha P. 2024-06-13
Grande Vegas $7,500.00 Masks Of Atlantis winner iconLeigh H. 2024-06-02
PlayCroco $7,171.43 Khrysos Gold winner iconDamien A. 2024-06-10
Jackpot Capital $6,795.75 Witchy Wins winner iconLories M. 2024-06-12
Jackpot Capital $6,625.00 Planet Of The 'Roos winner iconRandal L. 2024-05-31
Jackpot Capital $6,256.25 Kong Fu winner iconJacqueline K. 2024-06-01
Grande Vegas $6,144.00 Doragon's Gems winner iconMatthew W. 2024-06-13
Grande Vegas $6,000.00 Keno winner iconMindy C. 2024-06-13
Slotastic $5,937.50 Robin Hood's Riches winner iconMarilyn K. 2024-06-04
Jackpot Capital $5,000.00 Achilles winner iconMargaret M. 2024-06-07
Jackpot Capital $4,500.00 Super 6 winner iconNedra C. 2024-06-06
Slotastic $4,090.00 Tarot Destiny winner iconTrisha S. 2024-06-09
Slotastic $4,050.00 Buffalo Mania Deluxe winner iconGerald M. 2024-06-12
Jackpot Capital $4,000.00 Aces and Eights winner iconElizabeth B. 2024-06-08
Intertops Classic $4,000.00 BlackJack winner iconJamie L. 2024-06-13
Intertops Classic $4,000.00 Bonus Poker winner iconPernil M. 2024-06-05
Intertops Classic $4,000.00 BlackJack winner iconDavid W. 2024-06-06
Intertops Classic $4,000.00 Wonder Reels winner iconDion W. 2024-06-01
Slotastic $3,750.00 Jackpot Saloon winner iconJessica H. 2024-06-07
Slotastic $3,509.17 Fortunate Buddha winner iconRodney C. 2024-06-10
Intertops Classic $3,404.25 Witchy Wins winner iconPaul Brandon R. 2024-06-06
Jackpot Capital $3,055.00 Thai Emerald winner iconJamie T. 2024-06-10
Jackpot Capital $3,000.00 Neon Wheel 7s winner iconLynell B. 2024-06-12
Intertops Classic $3,000.00 Mystic Dragon winner iconPaula C. 2024-06-13
Intertops Classic $2,500.00 Texan Tycoon winner iconNylan S. 2024-06-06
Intertops Classic $2,000.00 Live Blackjack winner iconJustin G. 2024-06-04


South Africa’s early European settlers outlawed gambling, seeing it as a frivolous, unseemly way to waste time and money. The majority of South Africa’s early European settlers were stern, strict Protestants. As part of their world view of how life should be lived, they denied themselves many indulgences and forms of entertainment.

One of the first forms of recreational activities that these early settlers outlawed was gambling. They viewed any form of game-playing, especially playing games for money, as “giving into the devil.” They were not prepared to tolerate such pursuits, either in their own personal lives or as part of their society.

Beginning in 1673 the ruling colonials restricted gambling heavily. These laws were incorporated into South Africa’s 1965 legal code as part of the Gambling Act.

The Gambling Act’s stringencies were not imposed on the Bantustands – Homelands. These native lands opened casinos in the 1970s but since only black tribal natives lived in these areas (which included Venda, Bophuthatswana, and Transkel, Ciskei) the native casinos were open only to them.

During this era there was a high demand for legalized options for gambling entertainment within South Africa. In 1994, when the new Democratic South African government took over, one of their first acts involved the legalization of various forms of gambling, including online casinos and online gambling.


There are an estimated 2000 “homeland” casinos in the tribal lands of South Africa as well as dozens of land-based casinos in rural and populated areas There’s also a National Lottery in which players can purchase lottery products in kiosks, stores and through other retail venues around the country.

The National Gambling Board supervises regulation and promotion of gambling activities in South Africa. The Board is responsible for regulating and supervising all aspects of the South African gambling industry including the National Lottery, casino gaming online gambling restrictions and horse racing.

The government has modified the Gambling Act several times over the years. Today the National Gambling Amendment Act governs all gambling activities in South Africa. The goals of the Amendment Act include:

  • creating an environment in which SA players can enjoy top-quality casino entertainment.
  • providing gambling for South African gamblers in an atmosphere of safety and security.


South Africans can find high-end casinos in regions from Johannesburg to Capetown and in many smaller cities and rural areas in-between. South African gambling enthusiasts can also play traditional casino games online at many excellent South African online casinos.

Traveling to a casino venue and playing at a brick-and-mortar site is always exciting. However, there are many advantages to playing online casino games. Many South African players combine the two options – going to a land-based casino for vacations and nights out and playing online in-between for another type of real money casino games.

One advantage of online casino gaming is, obviously, the convenience. South African players can set up a casino online account for free and then log in and play at any time and from any location on their PC or mobile device for mobile casinos entertainment. Players can navigate from one device to the other and continue to archive all of their online gambling games and gaming achievements and online casino bonuses, in one, central, casino site account.

The second reason that many people prefer to play online games involves the level of the payouts. Online casinos do not have to cover the type of fixed expenses (building costs and staffing expenses) that brick-and-mortar casinos must pay. That means that the online casinos can return a higher percentage of the profit to South African players in the form of bigger payouts and bigger free casino bonuses.

Thirdly, the online casino offers free online casino bonuses that translate into real money take-home wins. Whereas the land-based casinos’ bonuses involve dining credits at the casino eateries and accommodations credits at the casino hotels, the online casino’s bonus gifts are real money give-aways that offer the player points, spins and credits that turn into cash wins and an exciting online casino experience.

Finally, online casino gamers have access to more casino games, from many software providers, that they can play at their leisure at their preferred betting level. Land-based casinos limit many of their games, including their most popular parlor and card games, to high-rollers. They reason that they get a bigger profit from fewer big bettors at the roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat tables than they would if they opened those tables up to low-level wagering gamers. Conversely, everyone can play whichever casino games they prefer at online casino gambling sites, where there’s always plenty of room for everyone to join and enjoy the best online slots with the best casino bonus deals.

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South African players can log into their personal online account and start playing whenever and from wherever they wish from top online casinos listed in South Africa.

To start playing all the top casino games, open a online casino South Africa websites account through your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Open the casino’s homepage and click on the “Sign Up” button. Submit your name and your email address to the casino. Fill out the sign up form. Be sure to include your chosen username and password that will allow you to enter your casino game account. When the confirmation email arrives in your inbox, click the confirmation link to confirm your new real money online casinos account.

Your account is now open and you can enter the casino to play online slots sites and other best casino games at your convenience on your preferred gaming device of PC or mobile devices.


Once your gambling online account is open you’ll be able to play any of your chosen games as free casino games in the Free Mode or for Real Money in the Real Mode. If you’re playing for free, just choose your game and click “free” to start playing with no deposit requirements.

The Best South African online casinos accepts deposits and pays out winning in South African Rand via your preferred online banking institution. You can connect your personal online bank to the casino to transfer real money funds to and from your bank at your leisure. The casino interfaces with international credit and debit cards, ewallets, evouchers, echecks and banking institutions that make online transfers to and from your casino online account. At some of the best South African online casinos, you can even use Bitcoins, cryptocurrency to make your bets and collect your winnings.

To activate your online casino banking, simply open the banking page and select the banking method that you wish to use to facilitate your online transactions. The casino will create the link which will allow you to start making your deposits for your casino bets immediately. Once your winnings begin to appear in your casino sites account you’ll be able to transfer those monies to your online banking method – ewallet, or whatever – where you can then withdraw them into your home bank or use them for further online purchases.


When you play at an online South African casino you have access to all of your favorite games that you can play at the betting level that meets your personal needs and expectations. These casino games include old favorites as well as new releases. The best online casino games from top software providers within the online casino industry are compatible with all operating systems including iOS and Android systems to give you the option of playing on any mobile casino device.

To start playing, open the casino and sign into your account. You’ll be able to play right on the casino website at the Instant casino or you can download the casino software and play at the expanded download casino. The casino supports cable, WiFi and cellular connectivity which gives you the chance to connect at your leisure and play whenever and from wherever you wish.


There are many different options for gaming entertainment at the South Africa best online casino sites. If you’re a table game enthusiast you’ll be able to enjoy all of the classic real money parlor games at top gambling websites, including online blackjack, poker, roulette, craps and baccarat. The casino’s interface with the latest design technology ensures that the visual and audio effects that you experience on your online gaming screen provide you with a genuine Las Vegas casino environment that brings the vivid imagery and atmosphere of a real money Las Vegas land based casino floor to your PC or the mobile casinos play handheld device.

There are also multiple game variations of these online gambling timeless classics. You can play video poker games with 3 or 5 cards, a video poker games of Stud or Draw or games in which you use either one deck or multiple decks of cards. The roulette options include both the traditional European roulette wheel and the more updated American roulette wheel plus other roulette adventures that feature almost a dozen different types of bet options.


The slots room is a highlight of South Africa’s online casino. Slot machines aficionados will find all of their favorite slots at the best online casinos in South Africa, including three-reel classic slots five-reel video slots and a bevy of 3-D video slots.

If you enjoy fantasy slots you can play one of the online slot games that focus on fun, interactive themes and engaging storylines. There are best online casino slots games with plots of science fiction, mythology, mysticism, history, magic, animals, sports, holidays, military life, intrigue, romance, suspense, superhero exploits, adventure, travel and others.

You also have your choice of simple slots “spin-and-win” games or a slots in which you have more elements. There are special features in many of these slots such as free spins rounds, retriggering free spins, wild symbols, scatters, gambles, rolling reels, mystery symbols, exploding symbols, expanding reels, bonus games, stacked reels, multiple paylines, multi-tiered bonus games multipliers and more.

If you’re interested in a collaborative game effort you can join a best online progressive jackpots game in which you compete with players from around the world. Progressive jackpot games don’t require that you do anything special or make any special gameplays. You simply sign into a progressive jackpot game as you normally would and make your deposit. You are also invited to make a special “progressive” deposit that allows you to compete for the progressive jackpot prize.

In Progressive Jackpot Slots you are invited to start spinning to start collecting your regular slot machine game wins. However, if you’ve activated your online gaming participation in the progressive game with a progressive jackpot deposit, you also have the chance to win the progressive jackpot prize. You’ll win if one of your spins triggers the prize. While you’re spinning for that prize, other players from around the world are also spinning for the prize. Your combined deposits make up that prize which can total hundreds of thousands – even millions – of dollars. One gamer will hit the prize and win the entire jackpot. Then the game starts again and the prize begins to build up on the casino site, again until the next player’s lucky hit.

Slots give South African players a chance to take a break from the tension of the table and card games with some light-hearted spin-and-win fun and excitement.


The South African Casino offers a Live Casino option to South African players, in which you can play your favorite games against a live dealer. Thanks to live-streaming technology you can experience a genuine live casino event where you chat with the dealer while she shuffles the deck, deals the cards, places your real money bets, real money deposit bonus deals and delivers your real money wins!

The Live Casino is available to PC and mobile South African players alike. To play at the Live Casino you simply click the Live Casino button, located at the top of the homepage. You’ll be taken into the Live Casino where a Live Dealer waits for you. Choose your game and then sit back and enjoy the company of the dealer as she moves you through your game and keeps the action moving.


All players – regardless of whether they’re playing on their PCs or mobile devices, regardless of their chosen games and regardless of whether they’re competing via gaming machines or at the Live Casino – are eligible to collect the gambling websites casino bonuses, deposit bonus deals and welcome bonuses.

Casino bonuses come in two forms:

  • Casino game bonuses
  • Casino cash bonuses

Game bonuses involve the bonus rounds that are part of the game. For instance, if you’re playing slots, you might win extra free spins and rounds that give you the chance to achieve more winning payouts without adding extra deposits.

The casino bonuses are bonuses that the casino delivers, regardless of which game you’re playing. These include deposit bonus deals such as welcome bonuses for new players, free spins as boosters, Loyalty Points for veteran, loyal gamers, seasonal bonuses that give extra celebratory cheer to holiday seasons and more.

The Welcome Bonus is presented to all gambling online players to help them begin their first week of online casino entertainment. The Welcome Bonus aims to allow South African players to test out the real money games and the casino amenities without adding extra deposits. New players can explore the gambling sites and win real money prizes through the casino’s deposit bonus match points program.

Once a player has signed into the online casino he will be eligible to collect a Welcome Bonus. That bonus will add match deposit bonus credits to his gambling activities during his first week of online casinos activity.

Match credits are free gaming credits or free chips that allow the player to match his deposits with matching bets that don’t require a real money deposit. The great thing about these online casino deposit bonus match credits is that the wins that the player achieves from these free bets are real money wins and the payouts are added to his Win Box as take-home payouts. He can withdraw those payouts into his personal bank account or he can use them to boost his account balance for future gaming activities.

In addition to the match bonus credits the best online casino also offers welcome bonus deals of free spins on popular slots and other gambling sites incentives that give new gamers the chance to start their casino adventure with success.

Other casino bonuses for veteran gamers include free spins on new games, loyalty points that are collected and allow the player to move up the tiers of the Casino’s Loyalty Points Ladder, refer-a-friend bonuses and more.


Any activity that involves submitting your private details online and transferring payments should be checked to ensure that it’s safe and secure.

Casino experts advise that South African players do two things in order to make sure that your selected South African online casino will guard your private details and your money transfers.

  • Check that the casino is a supervised SA online casinos. That means, it should be under the supervision of an international regulatory agency. These agencies, which include the CDS (Central Dispute System) and the Antillephone License Validation out of Curaca regulate online casinos to ensure that they protect their players’ interests and offer fair gambling procedures.
  • Check the return-to-player (RTP) rates. Online casinos have higher return-to-player rates than the land based casino but the rates can vary among the online casinos. The higher the rate, the more you’ll achieve on a win, so it’s worth the few extra minutes of your time to find the best online casino that offer the best rates.
  • Check that the online bank that you link to your casino account encrypts your real money account to prevent hacking and identity theft. This is pretty much a given these days with all ewallet services no less secure than your bank.
  • Contact the customer service department of the online casino. If you receive quick and satisfactory service, you can assume that future issues will be treated in the same way with prompt, courteous and helpful assistance.

We hope this helps you in your search for the best online casino for you, our SA reader. You can look forward to a satisfactory and rewarding experience when you play South African online casino games at the SA online casino.


Applying a broad range of relevant criteria, Slots Play Casinos ranks Springbok Casino and Thunderbolt Casino as the top online casinos in South Africa.


Yes, the top South African casinos allow you to deposit real money funds in Rand, to place your bets and collect your winnings in Rand, and to withdraw your money in Rand.


Each SA online casinos has its own particular deposit bonus formula, but the top South African online casinos all give new players a multi-part Welcome bonuses Package that combines a hefty mix of deposit bonus -match bonuses and no-deposit bonuses.


South African online casinos offer hundreds of colourful 3-reel and 5-reel slot machines. They also offer a wide assortment of other casino games including roulette, video poker, craps, blackjack, baccarat, and many more.


The best SA online casinos provide a number of safe and convenient online banking options including MasterCard and Visa, EasyEFT, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, and SID.