Superlative Graphics Now Standard at a Good Mobile Casino

Wow! The online mobile casino has certainly come of age! Mobile casinos online were not so very long ago an afterthought, the inferior mobile step-child of the superior desktop casinos. These days, desktop casinos are still top notch in most cases but mobile casinos can no longer be considered inferior. In fact, mobile is fast becoming the default gaming platform for most online casino gamers specifically because the platform is now so good!

What Hath Mobile Wrought?

What exactly is it about a mobile casino that makes it so good? The answer really is simple. The convenience of mobile is a given; it’s as much a part of our culture that little kids try to swipe screens that are “older”, non-swipe screens.

Convenience is followed by graphics. Even little kids can have their own tablets so their parents can get the important household work done such as cooking, cleaning, and sitting down to rest once in a while! Let’s elaborate on the idea of graphics.

Now You See It and Now You See It Super Well

Mobile graphics have improved so much that they are for all practical purposes equal to desktop graphics. Anyone who plays mobile casino games or mobile games of any sort can attest to the fantastic visuals they get!

Players used to go to mobile only when they had a long wait in a doctor’s office or government building but, once they got home, they went to their desktop or laptop computer to play. Now, players are as likely to play mobile casino games at home as they are likely to play them when they have time away from home!

Easy App

You access the mobile casino by downloading the casino app. Mobile casino apps are as easy to add to your mobile device as any other app. Apps are designed to be compatible with the largest number of mobile devices. This is also the case with a mobile casino app.

Universal Compatibility

In the early days of mobile casinos, we heard that the casinos were working feverishly to get their mobile casino and their mobile casino games compatible with many mobile platforms. This has been accomplished. Many mobile casino games are developed exclusively for mobile!

With thousands of mobile devices still in use, including from the Neanderthal years, it cannot be said with absolute certainty that every mobile casino is compatible with every mobile device. But mobile casinos online are gaining on the devices! That’s for sure!

Sign Up Through Mobile

It is becoming increasingly common for new players to get to a casino home page and to sign up through the mobile page. Downloading a mobile casino app is far more common these days than downloading a casino onto a desktop hard drive.

One reason many gamers choose to download the casino app, aside from the unbelievably good graphics and game selection, is because all the amenities, casino bonuses, and other benefits of desktop casinos are available to mobile gamers as well.

New Players Valhalla

As a new player, you are entitled to the full welcome package of casino bonuses. In some cases, you can use a mobile casino no deposit bonus only on the mobile casino itself. In other cases you can use it on the parent desktop casino, too. It’s still true that the parent desktop casino will have more games than the mobile casino. Mobile casinos are still works in progress.

So, those casinos that allow you to sign up at the mobile casino and use your mobile casino no deposit bonus money or free spins on the desktop casino as well have a leg up on the mobile casino bonuses that are restricted to the mobile platform alone!

All Other Bonuses

Mobile casinos tend to be adjuncts of desktop casinos. The desktop casinos run many promotions including free spins, cash bonuses, cash back, comp points, VIP Club, tournaments, and many more.

The parent casino should allow mobile players to participate in all promotions on an equal footing with desktop players.

This is especially important regarding comp points and VIP. You must have one comp points account. Otherwise you’ll be running two accounts and will benefit less. Fortunately, online casinos have learned how to run promotions across platforms so you’ll get all the benefits you should get.

VIPs have to keep their comp points totals high month to month so, for them, it’s extra important to have one comp points account.


Mobile casino games run the same variety of categories as desktop games. The selection is smaller in many cases but the visuals on the mobile games are great throughout. Some games, slots primarily, are being developed for mobile before the developer reformats it for desktop. Casinos value their mobile players very highly and strive to serve them in as many ways as possible.

Try Mobile Gaming

If you have a relatively recent mobile device, you might be surprised to see how good a mobile casino can look. We recommend you check out a couple of mobile casinos. We are sure that you will be happy you did!


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