100% or More is Common When You Take Exclusive Bonuses

One of the most fun and convenient aspects of playing casino games online is that you can grow your bankroll by taking advantage of the many bonus offers the online casinos make.

Many of these bonus offers are inclusive; anyone who is registered at the casino can get them.  Other bonuses are exclusive, in the sense that they are reserved for certain players.

In fact, these bonuses are often designed with a single player in mind! We’ll use the term exclusive bonuses to mean special bonuses simply because they are excellent gifts from the casino intended for a particular player, or group of players.

“Try Me”  “No, Try Me”

The most common exclusive casino bonuses are for new players. In online gaming, competition is a very good thing. It forces online casinos to up the ante on welcome bonuses.

Nowadays, there are several types of exclusive online casino bonuses for new players. More and more gamers are enjoying exclusive casino no deposit bonuses as new players. This leads directly to a new and awesome development in online casino gaming.

It used to be that you had to download the casino in order to get the best graphics the casino could offer. Graphics are so much better these days that the best casinos offer instant play. You don’t have to download any casino to get great visuals. This means that gamers can register at many casinos and get a new player bonus from each one.

Imagine the fun and winning possibilities you can have by accepting exclusive no deposit bonuses from a number of casinos! Exclusive no deposit bonuses mean that you’re under no obligation, ever, to deposit at these casinos! As soon as you complete registration, your account will be credited with the no deposit bonus amount.

Immediate Rewards for Deposits

Once you decide to deposit at a casino, you’ll be in line to receive exclusive deposit bonuses. Most casinos offer at least two deposit bonuses to new players; some are now offering as many as six!  The percentage rate varies widely from casino to casino. 100% is common and some casinos are offering as much as 300-400% exclusive deposit bonuses. A 100% deposit bonus means that if you deposit $100, the casino will gift you another $100. So you have $200 to play with, while you only put down $100 of your own.

Casinos have their own exclusive rules for all of their bonuses so it’s always a good idea to read the rules before jumping in to accept a bonus of any kind.

Spinning Wheel Got to Go Round

More and more casinos now add free spins to their welcome package of exclusive casino bonuses. Free spins encourage slots play. There are good reasons for an online casino to encourage slots play. First, casinos have upwards of 100 slots. They want players to try out every slot at the casino. Giving free spins is a great way that online casinos have found to make slots players out of new gamers. They also know that the vast majority of their players are, in fact, slots players.

Some casinos offer free spins as part of their deposit bonus offer and some have gone to include free spins as part of their exclusive casino no deposit bonuses.

The game developers come out with a couple of new slots every month. Every casino wants new and veteran players to try out the new slots from their provider or providers. Giving free spins to new players is fast becoming the latest tried and true way to attract new players.

Bonuses Every Day

Exclusive online casino bonuses come fast and furious every day to long-time players. Every casino has its own set of continuing bonus offers. Some casinos offer unique bonuses every day of the week so you know if today is Monday, Casino X is offering its Monday bonus.

This strengthens the value of instant play. You might play at one casino on Monday because you especially like their Monday bonus offer and at another casino on any other day of the week, the weekend, holidays, and so on. The availability of instant play at so many casinos allows you to pick and choose casinos more than ever – without having multiple casinos downloaded on your computer, weighting it down!

Loyalty Bonuses

All of the best online casinos have a loyalty program. This means that every bet you make is turned into loyalty points. The loyalty programs have tiers. At each higher tier you may be able to get a better deposit bonus. In this way the casino makes it clear that there are cash rewards for gaming there.

VIP Bonus

The most exclusive of all the exclusive bonuses are the bonuses given to VIPs. Every top casino has a special club for its VIPs. These are gamers who have accumulated the highest level of loyalty points and maintain that level month after month.

The exclusive bonuses VIPs enjoy are trips, performance tickets, sports event tickets, extra loyalty points, and massive deposit bonuses.

When’s Your Birthday?

Many casinos offer exclusive bonuses to players on their birthday, anniversary, or other important life cycle days.

It has become common for casinos to “pop up” a bonus offer on the screen or in your mailbox. These impromptu bonus offers may last for a relatively short period of time. Even if you aren’t playing, it is often “profitable” to have the casino open so you can hear about the bonus offer immediately and cash in on the opportunity to grow your account.

Cash Back Bonus

The term “cash back” has different meanings to different casinos but the overall idea is the same: the casino gives you back some of the money you deposited.

Cash back is a great program as it allows you to make larger deposits and receive more money back. The most common cash back percentage is 25% so you can easily see that you get more back if you’ve made a higher deposit!

Sometimes they give you a “cash back” on money you’ve lost. They may give you 10% – 25% cash back on losses from the day, week, month – however they have this exclusive offer built.

Increasing Winning Chances

Any time a casino offers a percentage bonus, it automatically increases you chances of winning a big prize at that casino. It is absolutely true that a 100% deposit bonus increases your chance of winning a big prize by 100%!

In this way, casinos fight with each other to offer the best exclusive bonuses and you, the player, enjoy increased fun and entertainment plus more chances to win!