100% or More 1st Deposit Bonus is Available at Many Online Casinos

After you have taken advantage of a no deposit bonus for new players, you’ll probably choose to make a deposit.  Then the casino’s 1st deposit bonus will kick in.

Today you Might Get More Than One First Deposit Bonus

There was a time, when the idea of a 1st deposit bonus was new, that casinos offered one-time first deposit bonuses to new gamers.  Now, the 1st deposit bonus has morphed into the first two, three, four, five, or even six first deposit bonuses!

When casinos gave only one bonus to new players, the bonuses were easy to evaluate.  If one casino offered a 100% bonus and another offered less, it was easy to figure out which bonus was better.

A Bonus is More Than Just a Bonus

Complicating the issue were questions about the quality of the casino’s games, the reliability of their games, banking practices and the size of the casino in download form.  Nowadays, there are still casinos that are totally independent; that are not regulated or certified by any recognized authority.  It’s probably a good idea to avoid such casinos even if their 1st deposit bonus is for 300% or more.

When online casinos began offering tiered new player bonuses, a first deposit bonus casino might offer two bonuses to new players.  The value of these bonuses was in the details.  For example, some casinos require players to make all the deposits for bonuses in the first week after they make the first deposit.

Other casinos require players to make all the deposits for new player bonuses in the first week after they register at the casino.  It is very clear that the first set of rules is likely to be more easily reached than the second set.

Casinos offer varying bonus percentages depending on which of the new player bonuses you’re applying for.  The first deposit bonuses might be for 100% but subsequently the percentage might increase to 150% or more.  On the other hand, the percentage might drop but the maximum amount you can get as part of the bonus offer might go up.

Whew!  This is quite a lot to take in!

So, the bottom line is that players are often better off taking a single 1st deposit bonus from a true first deposit bonus casino instead of trying to comply with all the requirements and details of a multi-bonus new player offer.

Free Spins

New player deposit bonuses often include free spins.  This is a good way for the casino to get you interested in slots play at the casino.  It’s also a good way for you as a new player to use the first deposit bonus slots for free spins as a way to find out how good the slots play is at that particular casino.

The selection of slots is not the same in terms of quality, game play, graphics, story lines, and so forth at different casinos.  Free spins are a good way to learn a lot about the casino.

The casino often allows you to use the first deposit bonus slots free spins at games that the casino chooses.  If you don’t like the slots the casino has chosen for you to play with your bonus, it’s quite possible that you won’t like playing at that casino generally.

Best is a Relative Term

In the same vein, it’s impossible to identify the best first deposit bonus slots.  Slots are so variable both between casinos and within casinos and players are likewise so variable that a bonus slot that is best for one player may be totally unsuitable to another.

Try out a number of casinos.  Use instant play and free play mode to taste of as many games as you can.

Terms and Conditions

All bonus offers and promotional offers have terms and conditions.  Sometimes these are so oddly written that it’s impossible for a layperson to fathom the arcana therein.

This dilemma exists at the very first moment you are deciding whether to deposit at a given casino.  So, if the terms and conditions are hard to understand, contact the customer service office and speak directly to a representative.  You’ll learn a lot about the casino generally if you get good service or mediocre service.

By the way, even if you do understand the terms and conditions, it’s a good idea to call the casino and just talk to a rep.  Calling customer service will give you a very good idea of the level of service you can expect to receive from them going forward.

Instead of searching for the best first deposit bonus slots, it is often better to look for the best customer service!

Deposit Bonuses are Pervasive Online

The 1st deposit bonus is not the last deposit bonus you’ll apply for at any online casino you decide to play at.  The first bonus simply sets the tone of what your reasonable expectations should be regarding playing at that casino.