Diner’s Club and American Express are High-end Credit Cards for Quick and Easy Banking

For the purposes of this article, we will conjoin Diner’s Club and American Express as if they create a single payment option even though they are actually two very highly respected credit cards. We do this because Visa and MasterCard are so often conjoined as if they were siblings. So, Diner’s Club/American Express are a unit here even though in real life they are separate entities.

Benefits of Credit Cards

There are so many ways to deposit at online casinos other than through your credit card and many gamers use one or more of the other online casino payment options. There are good reasons to use any of the other options. However, the quick and simple credit card option is still the easiest and fastest.

The Simplicity of Credit Cards

Those of us who received our first credit card about fifty years ago remember what having a credit card was like then. First, many merchants had not yet decided to accept a credit card. After all, the card company takes a small percentage from each transaction as its fee.

So, many merchants offered a 5% discount for cash payments and many if not a majority of consumers going back 50 or more years paid in cash and took advantage of the small discount.

Going to the Bank

In those days, we had to go to the bank in order to get cash. You took your bank book, waited in line, and the teller gave you the cash you needed. It was the normal way of getting cash and cash was the normal way of making purchases.

There were no ATMs, nor bar codes, and no internet for online shopping.

The ATM story

As we said, in the old days before the invention of the automobile (just kidding), you had to go to the bank to get cash. Then someone invented a machine that would give you cash. You needed a credit card to get the cash and by then, which would have been about just 40 years ago, the Automatic Teller Machine came into some prominence.

At first, a lot of people were afraid to use the Automatic Teller Machine. It might not give me back my card, some said. It might charge my bank account but not give me my money, others said. It might give me money but not the correct amount, even others said.

Finally, the Automatic Teller Machine became accepted as a safe way to get cash. It became so accepted that its name was shortened to ATM. That makes perfect sense. But then people started talking about getting money out of the ATM machine!

The Massive Convenience of Credit Cards

At first, credit cards were not all that convenient to use. Sure, you didn’t need cash but most people had plenty of cash in their wallets anyway because we were all used to having plenty of cash on hand.

In order to use a credit card, the clerk had to put a paper with carbon paper in a machine and had to physically push a board across the paper with the card under it to get the embossed information on the paper. Some clerks had to lift weights to develop the arm strength to be able to perform this necessary task!

After creating the embossed form, the clerk has to fill out the amount of the purchase and possibly the product as well. Customers had to check their copy to be sure that everything had come through so they had a clear record of their “convenient” purchase.

Oh, and before actually accepting the card, the clerk had to look through a booklet of some twenty pages with very small print that listed all of the lost or stolen credit cards. It was the biggest hassle for something so convenient in the history of merchandising.

Bar Codes and Magnetic Strips

Then someone invented the bar code and another invented the magnetic strip and the modern era of credit cards was born. Credit cards are by far the fastest and most convenient way to pay for things in person or online.

Many stores no longer make you sign the receipt! As such, using a credit card for online casino banking is great. You don’t have to send money first to a third party. All you have to do is access the card you want to use and voila your account is bigger!

The Only Drawbacks to Credit Cards

There are only two drawbacks to credit cards and because of them many gamers choose to deposit and withdraw with one or more of the other banking options. The first drawback is that credit cards are less private than an e-wallet. If you want total privacy, you use any of the other options for online casino banking.

The second drawback to using a credit card is that they are “too” easy. Some gamers want to be absolutely sure that they can’t play with more money than the modest amount they have budgeted for gaming. So they use any of the pre-paid options but not a credit card.

If neither of these drawbacks is an issue for you then a credit card is certainly the easiest way to send and withdraw money at our Slots Play Casinos online casino partners.

The Advantages of Diner’s Club and American Express

These have long been considered high-end credit cards. Whereas everyone has a Visa or MasterCard, most consumers don’t have a Diner’s Club or an American Express card.

These cards give excellent benefits to users. Many people get airline tickets because they put all of their bills on their special credit cards and the points accumulate fast when they grow from groceries, insurance payments, and many other sizable and regular payments.

Diner’s Club/American Express

There is no secret as to how to use a credit card for online casino banking. If you have one or both of these cards, you can enjoy many ancillary benefits from using them as your online casino payment option.