Slots Play Casinos works diligently to bring you the most update information on everything going on in the online casino industry. Yet, as hard as we try, we can’t be everywhere, read everything, or have first hand knowledge of every event in the gaming industry. So, we need you, our readers, to contact us either via email or the form below so that we can do our jobs to the best of our ability.

Our Broad Commitment

Our commitment goes far beyond games or bonuses.

  • We’ll review new and classic games.
  • We’ll help you learn how to play the games you like.
  • We’ll tell you about casinos that are deserving of your support.
  • We’ll do as much more of that nitty-gritty work as we possibly can.

We consider it part of our commitment to tell you all the news that relates to online gaming Countries around the world are changing laws that will either make it easier for citizens to play casino games online or will make it more difficult. We’ll report on these and many other newsworthy developments as well.

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Take the Good with the Bad

We need to hear from you about both the good that is going on at online casinos and the bad. Any sizable online casino has many elements that have to work perfectly for the gaming experience to continue to be smooth and enjoyable.

No casino will tell us if they repeatedly experience computer glitches that cause players to wait for a game! We need you to tell us about it so we can investigate the matter and report back to you. This is, of course, just one of many aspects of online gaming that we need you to tell us about if we are to do our jobs well.

Help Us Improve Our Service to You

We also want you to contact us if you have anything good to say about us specifically and also if you have some criticism to levy our way. We’ll try to stay open to all of your comments.

Some Matters are Out of Our Hands

There are a couple of items that we cannot resolve. You can contact us about a banking glitch but we can’t resolve the conflict for you. We can talk to the casino, especially if it’s one that we recommend, but we can’t solve problems of a purely financial nature. Similarly, we can’t resolve a disagreement regarding pay outs.

We’re Easy to Reach

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