The Online Casinos You Choose Should Have Many Excellent Qualities

Given that our name is Slots Play Casinos, we do emphasize slots.  Nevertheless, we are a one-stop information center for all things related to online casinos.  Every online casino has so much to report on.  We feature reviews for top online casinos, to help you decide where it would be best for you to play based on your needs and expectations.

It’s Your Money, After All

We talk openly about banking and security.  Not all online casinos are the same when it comes to banking.  Some offer as many as fifty different ways to deposit money while some often a small handful.  Some make withdrawals as easy as depositing, but, unfortunately, some don’t.  We report all this information to you.

All reputable online casinos use highly sophisticated encryption software to keep outside eyes away from your money and your personal information.  It is also a fact that some casinos are very lax when it comes to the safety of your money.  We’ll recommend where you should and where you shouldn’t place your cash.

A Slew of Bonuses

Casinos have many different types of casino bonuses.  From their Welcome Bonuses to their other promotional bonuses, every online casino wants to help you play so they offer a large assortment of casino bonuses. There are also bonuses that don’t involve cash awards.  One such is a free spins bonus.  Some online casinos offer this bonus for new players.  You might receive as many as 150 free spins in selected slots just for joining and depositing. Another bonus that doesn’t involve cash gifts is free play.  Good online casinos will allow you to play in free play mode for as long as you like.

Many Advantages of Online Casinos

This leads us to a serious discussion of the many advantages of online casinos.
  • At an online casino, you never have to wait.  There is always another “seat at the table”.  An online casino has an unlimited number of the exact game you would like to play NOW!
  • Online casinos have hundreds of games.  The variety of online casino games cannot be matched at a land-based casino because on land space is limited while in cyberspace there is always more room.
  • You can play in free mode online.  Land-based casinos can’t afford to let you play for free but online casinos have no problem at all with it.  With so many games to choose from, it’s always a good idea to play in free mode before you play at an online casino for real money.
  • Online casino gaming saves money.  You don’t have all the extra costs which take away from your bankroll. You also don’t have to take vacation days if you play online on Monday or Tuesday or any weekday!
  • Online casinos can pay out a higher percentage of bets wagered because an online casino has much lower overhead.
  • There are none of the unwanted distractions when you play online.  Land-based casinos are noisy.  Aside from the hoots and whistles coming from all around, some patrons get a bit rowdy especially when fueled by all that free whisky.
  • When you play at home, there are also no scantily-clad women that you would rather not see scantily-clad.  Your significant other, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

Hundreds of Games

We mentioned above that online casinos have many games.  They can offer so many games because they have the cyberspace to fit them in.  Online casino games cover an amazing range including slots, table games, specialty games, progressives, and more. And here are just a few that we would recommend you check out:


The best online casinos run many promotions.  These range from daily bonus offers to monthly contests.  Casinos also sponsor tournaments usually in slots but sometimes in other games as well.

Rewards Points and VIP

The rewards points promotion converts bets into points.  Players redeem their points for casino credits.  When a player has a large number of points they are invited to join the VIP Club where everything the casino can do for you is enhanced.  VIPs get presents that are suited especially for them.  They get extra bonuses and in general are treated like a kind of online casino royalty.

Slots Online

Most gamers begin with slots.  Video slots offer exciting storylines plus fantastic graphics, sound, and animation.  The selection is so vast that we encourage all our readers to play for free before you play at any online casino for real money.

Casino Reviews

Out of the thousands of casinos online, we have chosen a relatively few number to review thoroughly – and recommend.  Our online casino reviews cover all the information you would like to learn about that casino. These casinos have passed our rigorous requirements to be chosen as our top-seeded online casinos.


Once it was difficult to find a good mobile casino.  Now mobile is the leading edge in online gaming.  Good online casinos have large mobile casinos with the same high level of graphics and animation. There are so many mobile devices and platforms that it took casinos years to adapt but the best have adapted by now so mobile gaming gets more and more popular every day.

Customer Service

No matter how well a casino explains itself, players often have questions.  A good casino will be available 24/7 so you can always reach them. Online casino is a term that few had ever heard about just 20 years ago.  Today, there are many online casinos and Slots Play Casinos is here to tell you all about them.

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