Terms and Conditions of Use

We welcome you with open arms to Slots Play Casinos and to our Terms and Conditions of Use. We sincerely hope that you will benefit greatly from the information we provide on these pages. We intend to continually add to our library so you will always feel well-informed.

We must, however, make a few disclaimers that we hope will help you understand exactly who we are and what we try to do for you. In this day and age, a Terms and Conditions of Use page needs to be a legal document. We could have written it in very legalistic terms but we decided to use everyday language as much as possible in order to make it these OUR terms and conditions of use as accessible to you, our valued readers, as we could.

Let’s Begin by Defining a Few Terms

  • Slots Play Casinos will be known in this document as SPC.
  • If SPC uses the pronouns we, us, or our, we are referring to SPC.
  • We use the terms you, your, reader, player, gamer, customer, visitor and any similar term (plus plurals) to refer to everyone who uses SPC in any way.
  • SPC does not require players to sign an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use. Therefore, if you use SPC in any way, it amounts to an “automatic” acceptance of these terms.
  • Terms and Conditions of Use apply to and refer to a formal, albeit unsigned, agreement between SPC and readers. The agreement is reciprocal, that is, between players and SPC as well.
  • Given that we are determined to write these Terms and Conditions for Use for the website in accessible language, we must make the formal disclaimer that any purely legalistic language that refers to common sense aspects of the use of SPC shall be considered as if they were written in this page.

Declarations of Players

Anyone who reads SPC and acts upon anything written in SPC makes a formal, albeit unsigned, declaration that he or she is of legal age to gamble on any online casino under the laws of their governmental jurisdiction.

Although it is possible to play for free at any of our recommended online casinos, and although it is legal to read SPC, we encourage all persons under legal gambling age to stop reading and accessing SPC.

Property Rights

It is very easy and tempting to copy-and-paste written and other materials from one website to another. All written, visual, or sound content on SPC is the legal property of SPC. If you need something for a project, please contact us and we will take your request under advisement.

Some written, visual, or sound content on SPC may belong to a third party such as a casino. This content is the property of that third party and is also not open to copy-and-paste activity.

There are a few exceptions to the rule stated in this section:

  • You may quote from SPC if you are participating in an online forum.
  • You may quote from SPC if you are in contact with SPC via chat or email.

Activities Specifically not Allowed

The modern term “to hack” applies to most of the not permitted activities at SPC. In short, you are legally forbidden to access any personal information of any other customer. You are not permitted to access any codes SPC uses in the course of uploading, downloading, or transmitting any information in any form.

Information can take many forms and uploading, downloading, and transmitting are very flexible terms. The intention here is that any activity that goes beyond the obvious, everyday, plain use of SPC is prohibited.

You are also prohibited from transmitting information about players to any third party.

You are prohibited from misrepresenting SPC in any way.

We hope that everyone who uses SPC will follow our simple guidelines. However, as an internet site, we recognize that not everyone has the best intentions. Therefore, we warn all users to understand that any illegal activity done to SPC or through SPC may be prosecuted according to the law.

This includes all of the damaging elements inherent in the term “to hack” including viruses, malware, spyware, and anything else that can damage SPC or any other party via SPC.

Our Intentions and Your Acceptance of Them

The following is a list of aspects of our business operation. By using SPC in any capacity, you agree with all of these terms and definitions.

  • SPC is an information site. The information contained in SPC is available for information purposes only.
  • SPC is intended for persons of legal gambling age.
  • SPC is intended for use by persons of legal gambling age in jurisdictions where online gambling is legal.
  • SPC is intended for the use of people who represent themselves. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to use another person’s name or personal data when using SPC. It is also prohibited to impersonate another person.
  • SPC provides hyperlinks to other sites. We provide such links as a service to our customers. SPC is not responsible for the content on such third sites.
  • SPC is committed to following the online casino industry on a 24/7/365 basis. Nevertheless, it is impossible to follow everything that happens in the industry at the exact moment it happens. Therefore, SPC is not responsible for any losses incurred by players based on mistaken information found at SPC or at any linked-to third sites.

SPC’s Commitment and Disclaimer

SPC is an information site. We try our very best to be update with all information. We recognize that players may incur losses based on information they receive at SPC or at any third party site that SPC links to.

SPC is committed to being as accurate as possible in order to protect the financial interests of players.

SPC encourages players to contact SPC or any casino they wish to play at with any questions regarding a game, a promotion, a bonus, or anything else that entails gambling and the risk of financial loss.

SPC declares that losses that players incur are the sole responsibility of said players and are in no way the responsibility of SPC.

SPC is committed to responsible gambling. We encourage all players who suspect or know that they have a gambling problem to stop gambling entirely and to seek help from trained providers.

SPC is not responsible for losses incurred by players under any circumstances.

SPC welcomes information that may lead us to revise information present on SPC. However, if we receive information that we determine is not accurate in part or in full, and if because of that determination, we do not change information present on SPC, we are not responsible for any losses incurred by any player within the context of that information.

SPC expects to revise its content from time to time based upon considerations that are solely in the hands of SPC. SPC encourages all players to keep abreast of changes SPC may have made to content on the site. SPC is not responsible for losses incurred by any player who failed to take into account new information.

SPC is not responsible for losses incurred by any player who failed to read and fully understand the rules of any game he or she plays on any online casino whether recommended by SPC or not recommended by SPC.

SPC is not responsible for losses incurred by third parties based on information a second party provided, which information was found or was claimed to having been found on SPC.

Termination of Agreement

SPC reserves the right to terminate use of SPC if any player breaks the law, misrepresents him or herself, or in any way presents a false identity to SPC or to any online casino.

Fun and Gambling

Our corporate motto is that gambling should be fun above all else. Gambling is not a get rich quick scheme. Everything we do is intended to further the fun aspect of online casino gambling.

We are committed to doing everything we can to foster an atmosphere of fun while enjoying online casino gambling as a form of entertainment.