Find the Best No Deposit Bonuses Here

It isn’t easy to run an online casino.  There are thousands of casinos and each is looking for a competitive edge it can enjoy over the others to attract players.  A number of casinos introduced welcome bonuses.

Soon the percentage of the bonuses rose.  Soon after that, the number of separate bonuses that together formed the welcome packages rose.  And then casinos started offering no deposit bonuses.

Several Types

There are four types of no deposit bonuses: cash, free spins, a combination of cash and free spins, and free play.

A no deposit bonus casino will clearly state in bold letters and a huge font, possibly with flashing lights and beautiful women on the screen that they are giving away money before they require a deposit.  But not all no deposit bonuses are equal.

Cash No Deposit Bonuses.

Some are for a small amount of cash, as little as $5.  Some are for a much more substantial amount of money.  Some no deposit bonus casinos tell you which games you can play with their no deposit bonuses.

Some no deposit bonuses at online casinos come with other onerous restrictions.  For example, you might have a very large play-through requirement for the bonus amount.  If you do, you’ll need to bet a large sum before you can withdraw money.

You might not be allowed to enjoy slots play at progressive slots or any other progressive game.

You might be obligated to complete your slots play with the bonus in a stated period of time.

Some casinos have no deposit bonus codes that you have to enter to get the bonus.  Other casinos immediately and automatically put the bonus in your account.

We think that the worst no deposit bonus casino restriction is in the amount you can subsequently withdraw from your no deposit bonuses winnings.

So, here are the characteristics of the best cash no deposit bonus casinos:

  • They must have a fair and reasonable play through requirement.  Some have as little as 30x of the bonus.  We feel that up to 40x for no deposit bonuses as part of welcome packages is fair.
  • We understand the reluctance of casinos to allow slots play in progressive games with no deposit bonuses.  Some allow play in such games but have a maximum win amount.  We feel that that’s a fair compromise.
  • A cash no deposit bonus should be for more than $5!
  • You should be able to use the bonus at any casino game.
  • You should be able to complete betting with the bonus, including covering the play through requirement at your own pace.
  • Ideally, the casino will not use no deposit bonus codes but, if they do, the code will be easy to see, record, and enter.
  • We stated that it’s fair to restrict withdrawals from progressive game wins earned with a no deposit bonus.  But withdrawals on winnings from any other game should not be restricted.

Free Spins

Some casinos have only recently begun to give no deposit bonuses in free spins.  These have proven to be very popular.  The number of free spins should be substantial, say 50 free spins.

Free spin no deposit bonuses at online casinos provide a perfect in the value of online gaming.  Brick and mortar casinos have a much harder time of it knowing who is a new player.  Online casinos immediately know who is new because online casinos maintain a database of all players.

The Advantage of Instant Play

There are so many bonuses being offered to new players, including no deposit bonuses, that some players sign up at numerous casinos in order to take advantage of bonus offers.  Without instant play, it would be much harder to “shop around” for the online casino that best matches up with your needs.

Free Play

This is unlimited play for a stated period of time.  This type of no deposit bonus is less often offered.  Be sure to read the requirements carefully.  You most often have a number of free hours to play.  The time begins ticking the moment you activate the free play bonus.  so make sure that you have the time at that precise moment before you take the bonus.

Online Will Out

Land-based casinos often cannot match online casinos in bonuses and many other amenities. So, while no deposit bonuses at online casinos are not yet perfect, competition will likely cause them to improve naturally.  The idea of no deposit bonuses will eventually become the norm.