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There are literally thousands of online casinos. Most are good places to play and each has its own unique atmosphere, collection of games, promotions, banking, and other elements. So it’s difficult, if not impossible, to state that any given casino is the best casino. However, we can understand the characteristics that all of the best casinos share.

Hello One and All

The best casino welcome bonus should have the following elements:

  • Ideally, there should be a no deposit bonus.
  • There should be a series of deposit bonuses so new players don’t feel compelled to make a large first deposit.
  • There should be free spins connected to the bonus.
  • The best casino bonuses have a reasonable play through requirement, in the 30%-40% range.

A casino can still be one of the best casinos if it doesn’t have the best casino welcome bonus as long as it shines in every other way.

Casino Amount Game Name When
Fair Go $27,687.50 Tarot Destiny winner iconMichelle R. 2023-11-15
Fair Go $25,956.50 Fortunate Buddha winner iconNgoc Tran L. 2023-11-23
PlayCroco $25,540.78 Fortunate Buddha winner iconCagdas M. 2023-11-27
Fair Go $25,000.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconJesada I. 2023-11-16
SlotoCash $25,000.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconTrever L. 2023-11-23
PlayCroco $25,000.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconDoti Lee Leng C. 2023-11-19
Fair Go $20,062.99 Fortunate Buddha winner iconJohn S. 2023-11-20
Fair Go $20,000.00 Sneaky Santa winner iconAngela B. 2023-11-23
PlayCroco $20,000.00 Sneaky Santa winner iconDomenico C. 2023-11-24
PlayCroco $20,000.00 Sneaky Santa winner iconNicholas W. 2023-11-22
Fair Go $18,971.13 Fortunate Buddha winner iconShannon R. 2023-11-15
SlotoCash $18,000.00 Big Santa winner iconMark C. 2023-11-18
Slotastic $15,681.88 Fortunate Buddha winner iconKittisak K. 2023-11-15
Fair Go $15,310.15 Fortunate Buddha winner iconLarissa R. 2023-11-27
Grande Vegas $15,000.00 Texan Tycoon winner iconSheila S. 2023-11-25
Fair Go $13,625.00 Tarot Destiny winner iconLoredana I. 2023-11-20
Fair Go $13,560.00 Samba Jackpots winner iconMatthew H. 2023-11-29
Fair Go $13,050.00 Alien Wins winner iconCon G. 2023-11-20
SlotoCash $12,950.00 Crystal Waters winner iconJayna W. 2023-11-19
Fair Go $12,879.60 Halloween Treasures winner iconRodney S. 2023-11-16
SlotoCash $12,612.50 Builder Beaver winner iconJulianne A. 2023-11-20
SlotoCash $12,505.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconCharles L. 2023-11-21
Fair Go $12,500.00 Great Temple winner iconNicole W. 2023-11-24
Fair Go $12,500.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconBich Ngoc T. 2023-11-23
PlayCroco $12,500.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconChristopher T. 2023-11-22
Fair Go $12,500.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconSUSIE T. 2023-11-17
Fair Go $12,500.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconMonyta V. 2023-11-16
Fair Go $12,500.00 Nine Realms winner iconWilliam N. 2023-11-23
SlotoCash $12,500.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconAdrian S. 2023-11-23
SlotoCash $12,493.75 Sneaky Santa winner iconHope W. 2023-11-22
PlayCroco $12,487.50 Cash Bandits 3 winner iconAlyce C. 2023-11-15
SlotoCash $12,475.00 Goblins: Gluttony of Gems winner iconCumeico D. 2023-11-25
PlayCroco $12,450.00 Panda's Gold winner iconGurgen A. 2023-11-27
Fair Go $12,320.00 Panda's Gold winner iconDonna B. 2023-11-19
Fair Go $12,075.00 Storm Lords winner iconNicole G. 2023-11-26
Fair Go $12,000.00 The Mariachi 5 winner iconJill R. 2023-11-26
Fair Go $12,000.00 Samba Jackpots winner iconFemy V. 2023-11-17
PlayCroco $11,995.00 Sneaky Santa winner iconSally-Anne K. 2023-11-27
PlayCroco $11,664.00 Nine Realms winner iconTeresa E. 2023-11-29
Fair Go $11,661.00 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconMaria P. 2023-11-21
Fair Go $11,121.68 Big Cat Links winner iconLui V. 2023-11-17
PlayCroco $11,103.94 Khrysos Gold winner iconPatricia B. 2023-11-22
SlotoCash $11,032.08 Fortunate Buddha winner iconThomas S. 2023-11-27
Fair Go $10,617.75 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconStephanie R. 2023-11-17
Fair Go $10,600.00 Samba Jackpots winner iconGemma F. 2023-11-23
Fair Go $10,440.00 God of Wealth winner iconRoxanne T. 2023-11-29
Grande Vegas $10,330.79 Fortunate Buddha winner iconLeroy D. 2023-11-24
Fair Go $10,308.00 Crystal Waters winner iconLinda H. 2023-11-15
Fair Go $10,000.00 Cleopatras Gold winner iconDylan H. 2023-11-17
Grande Vegas $10,000.00 Sneaky Santa winner iconJoanne K. 2023-11-22
Fair Go $9,920.00 Panda's Gold winner iconKym J. 2023-11-25
SlotoCash $9,878.74 Fortunate Buddha winner iconPaul S. 2023-11-17
Fair Go $9,870.75 Mighty Drums winner iconLarissa F. 2023-11-24
Fair Go $9,425.78 Fortunate Buddha winner iconJulie M. 2023-11-16
Fair Go $9,114.00 Super 6 winner iconBruno M. 2023-11-22
Fair Go $9,060.00 Panda Magic winner iconIan W. 2023-11-17
Fair Go $8,960.00 Samba Jackpots winner iconPeter U. 2023-11-17
Fair Go $8,673.24 Mighty Drums winner iconAndy N. 2023-11-16
Fair Go $8,580.00 Merlin's Riches winner iconClinton V. 2023-11-27
Fair Go $8,470.00 Ghost Ship winner iconDaniel H. 2023-11-26
Grande Vegas $8,415.00 Crystal Waters winner iconEugene C. 2023-11-16
Fair Go $8,067.42 Fortunate Buddha winner iconJane M. 2023-11-24
Grande Vegas $7,772.00 Caesar's Empire winner iconNathan M. 2023-11-28
Fair Go $7,700.00 Football Fortunes winner iconGianni G. 2023-11-25
Fair Go $7,620.00 Sweet 16 winner iconRoyce B. 2023-11-18
Grande Vegas $7,500.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconBlanca Monica R. 2023-11-26
Fair Go $7,500.00 Spooky Wins winner iconMichelle L. 2023-11-28
Fair Go $7,500.00 Keno winner iconEric K. 2023-11-23
Grande Vegas $7,492.50 Spooky Wins winner iconBoudewijn W. 2023-11-17
Fair Go $7,402.35 Plentiful Treasure winner iconCindy B. 2023-11-21
Fair Go $7,387.90 Mighty Drums winner iconMelanie B. 2023-11-29
Fair Go $7,325.00 Tri-Card Poker winner iconChris P. 2023-11-27
Fair Go $7,300.08 Plentiful Treasure winner iconTristan G. 2023-11-24
Fair Go $7,300.00 Samba Jackpots winner iconMichele B. 2023-11-25
Fair Go $7,167.00 Count Cashtacular winner iconOma G. 2023-11-28
Fair Go $7,160.00 Panda's Gold winner iconDaniel W. 2023-11-16
Fair Go $7,095.63 Fortunate Buddha winner iconChad S. 2023-11-24
Fair Go $7,075.00 Tarot Destiny winner iconJames H. 2023-11-19
Slotastic $6,480.00 Ritchie Valens™ La Bamba winner iconMichel B. 2023-11-27
Slotastic $6,430.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconMergime S. 2023-11-26
Grande Vegas $6,251.25 Great Golden Lion winner iconDianne C. 2023-11-28
Grande Vegas $6,000.00 Warrior Conquest winner iconJon P. 2023-11-25
Grande Vegas $6,000.00 Jackpot Saloon winner iconLeslie G. 2023-11-25
Slotastic $5,500.00 Great Temple winner iconDrew W. 2023-11-29
Intertops Classic $5,000.00 Deuces Wild winner iconMike C. 2023-11-18
Slotastic $4,925.58 Mermaid Queen winner iconRobert M. 2023-11-21
Slotastic $4,860.00 Nine Realms winner iconAmarilis S. 2023-11-23
Slotastic $4,523.75 Cash Bandits 3 winner iconMorgan S. 2023-11-21
Slotastic $4,349.18 Fortunate Buddha winner iconEvan M. 2023-11-28
Slotastic $4,000.00 Samba Jackpots winner iconDenzil P. 2023-11-23
Slotastic $4,000.00 Keno winner iconChristi Z. 2023-11-19
Intertops Classic $3,290.00 Tarot Destiny winner iconReklim L. 2023-11-27
Intertops Classic $2,537.50 Naughty Or Nice winner iconDustin M. 2023-11-29
Intertops Classic $2,500.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconJustin C. 2023-11-20
Intertops Classic $2,500.00 Great Golden Lion winner iconBrian M. 2023-11-22
Intertops Classic $2,052.60 Triple Twister winner iconSabrina L. 2023-11-16
Intertops Classic $1,838.00 Super 6 winner iconEyal D. 2023-11-30
Intertops Classic $1,810.00 High Fashion winner iconRandy J. 2023-11-27
Intertops Classic $1,600.00 Samba Jackpots winner iconJoshua L. 2023-11-26
Intertops Classic $1,510.00 Fire Dragon winner iconAndres Luis M. 2023-11-28

Easy on the Eyes

It is amazing to us how many online casino home pages are hard to read! The best casino sites offer an easy visual. They know that many gamers do not have perfect vision. The best casino sites try to make it pleasant for everyone. They combine font size, color contrast, short lines of text, and short, readable text to make reading as easy as playing their games.

Exciting Slots

Although it’s true that some players still prefer playing the old fashioned mechanical three reel slots with only one winning line, most modern players prefer video slots with five reels and numerous pay lines. Online slots must have themes, story lines, and well-drawn characters.

The many game developers are in fierce competition with each other to come up with the most exciting new online slots every month.

For your convenience, here are some of the BEST slots games available at the BEST casinos today:

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Free Spins:
Achilles Deluxe Online Slot
Free Spins:
Primal Hunt Online Slot
Free Spins:
Aladdin's Wishes Online Slots
Free Spins:
The proliferation of developers and casinos means that players have more choice than ever. One of the elements that the best casinos have is instant play. Instead of having to download a heavy casino onto your hard drive, you can play directly on your browser. This means that you can actually play at a number of casinos and play the online slots that one has that the others don’t have.

Great themes and characters are essential but there’s more. Slots have to have great bonus rounds where you have a good chance for a big win. The best casino bonuses in slots play have multipliers and other ways for players to win big.

The best casinos also have a good selection of progressive games, notably slots. The best casino sites will have some progressive slots where the big prize is relatively small while it will also have the really big money progressive slots. This is because you have to bet the maximum to qualify for the big jackpot. The best casinos, recognizing the need of their players to responsibly manage their account, will have some games where the max bet is more affordable to some players.

Any good online casino will also have a nice selection of table games, video poker, and casual games.

Gamers like to compete against each other. Casinos should sponsor tournaments in slots and other games. Entry fees should be nominal or free. One of the most popular casino bonuses is to pay the entry fee for a player. Since the fun of the competition is the key in these tournaments, players don’t expect big first prize amounts.

We’re in the 21st Century

Mobile communication has taken over the world. Online casino gaming feels the mobile revolution as well. Any casino proposing that it’s one of the best casinos will have a mobile casino easily accessible from the home page. The best casino app uses very little space on the mobile device’s internal software.

As little as five years ago, casinos were telling players that it would take some time to bring the graphics and other technology up to the standard of their desktop casino. That time has now come. The best casinos use the very best mobile technology and players have responded in kind. Mobile now makes up close to 50% of the online casino games played and will soon become the go to gaming platform.

Live Dealer Games

Should an online casino have a live dealer arrangement or not? This is an interesting subject; some casinos do have a live dealer and some don’t.

The thinking of the advocates of live dealer is that players want a little live action once in a while. Those casinos that don’t have a live dealer fall into two categories: those that are working on it and those who don’t plan on having a live dealer.

The casinos that don’t have any plans to implement a live dealer feel that it’s overly artificial. They feel that players come to online casinos to play games online, period.

Whoever is right on this interesting issue, one thing is certain: if a casino chooses to have a live dealer, it should do it as well as it does everything else. The best casinos may or may not have a live dealer but those that do have the best graphics, clear sound, and a selection of popular games.

Keep Your Money Safe

All online casinos use SSL encryption technology to protect your money. The best casinos follow your money from the moment it leaves your bank until the moment it arrives in your casino account and vice versa when you withdraw winnings.

Easy Banking

Some players send money from their credit card. The best casinos accept transfers from a wide selection of credit, debit, gift, and other cards. Some players like to use e-wallets so a top casino will have working arrangements with a number of e-wallets.

A top casino should make withdrawals as easy as deposits. Withdrawals can never be as easy as deposits because no one will try to steal your money in order to put it in your account! So, casinos take extra precautions with withdrawals. The best casinos explain the delay in the most respectful way when a player calls and asks what’s taking so much time.

Customer Service

Most gamers need to speak with the casino at some time. Top casinos have well-trained representatives on call 24/7/365. It amazes us that not all casinos are open every day of the year! The top casinos definitely are!

Top casinos have at least three ways to reach them: email, chat, and telephone. A really top casino will have toll-free telephone numbers from many countries so players never have to pay to call the casino.

Another Casino Worth Checking Out

If you’re on the lookout for more top-tier casinos, consider giving PlayCroco Casino a try. It offers a unique gaming experience that many players have come to appreciate.

So, Which are the Best Casinos?

We hope that you now understand that this is a complicated question. But, rest assured that we’ve thoroughly tested all the casinos we report to you here and they are the best casinos around!