Rival Games Take Imagination into Uncharted Territory

Rival Games software provider

Rival Powered (everyone just calls them Rival) is one of the top casino game providers. Rival develops casino games for a large number of online casinos. Rival games have earned a deserved reputation for all the technical elements of great game play such as graphics, animation, and sound. But what makes Rival games stand out on the developmental side of the online gaming industry?

Best Rival Games

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There are three overriding aspects of game development that Rival possesses in abundance:

  • Their obvious drive to succeed
  • Their awesome gamesmanship
  • Incredible imagination that permeates their large body of work

These are the qualities that have allowed Rival, in only a single decade in operation, to become recognized as the creator of some of the top casino games online.

Imagination Meets Technology

Possibly the most famous of all of Rival’s creations is the slots series known as i-slots™. This is an interactive slots platform in which the story unfolds based on the progress the player makes as he or she continues playing. Your decisions also affect the story. This means that you can play one of these slots and the game will unfold in a different way each time.

Forever Young and Brilliant

Rival has been around since 2006. From the outset, Rival was recognized as one of the top online casino companies in the niche area of casino games development.

It was founded by a team with many years of experience in game development. Each of the original team members brought a unique vision to the development of online casino games. This is reflected in the company philosophy. All of Rival’s products reflect these two simple commitments:

  • To develop games that gamers love
  • To provide the necessary back-up and other services to bring these games to each of the companies many online casino clients.

Online casinos discover that Rival is one of the top casino game providers every day. At this writing, the number of online casinos that run Rival games is greater than 50. Many gamers learn about Rival games for the first time every day! Casinos come on board because the full body of Rival’s games has few rivals.

Why Play Rival Games?

Because of everything we’ve written above. But, in case you need more convincing, below are a few quick reviews of three of Rival’s top casino games online:

Jumping Jaguar

This slot came on board in August. It exemplifies Rival’s game development philosophy to a T.

Many gamers want to play slots that feature a full complement of characters and symbols. They also want the characters to show character. They want the story line to “live”.

In Jumping Jaguar, the jaguar rules the rainforest. The other creatures of the forest reasonably want to stay as far from the jaguar as they can.

  • The leaf cutter ants move en masse across the forest floor.
  • The frogs find underbrush to hide in.
  • The lizards can scurry up a trunk or down into the brush.
  • The tamarin monkeys sit safely in the trees and taunt the jaguar with their high-toned chatter.
  • Snakes slither about, always aware of the danger they face occupying such large space on the forest floor.
  • The sloth is the luckiest of the denizens of the dark forest because they are slow and lazy (seemingly so) but stay safe high up in the trees.
  • The eagle represents the world’s birds of prey. Even the jaguar must be aware of the lofty presence of the eagle and its peers.
  • The macaw soars high caught in updrafts as the warm air of the rainforest rises.
  • The toucan is famous for its large, even oversized, yet extremely colorful beak. In Jumping Jaguar it also stays safe high above the jaguar’s area of control.

In the background you see a realistic rendition of a rainforest with heavy growth, seasonal flowering plants, and tropical fruit.

There are three different special icons to further the actual slots play in this five reel thirty payline game. The jumping jaguar is an expanding wild symbol. The golden jaguar leads to the free spin round. In this bonus round, the silver jaguar triggers another bonus round called the Super Hunt. In the hunt bonus round, all symbols become drop symbols.

Chariots of Fire

This slot carries a war and battle theme to your desktop or mobile screen. It is all about the Roman legions during the battles that saw the Roman Empire expand relentlessly to world domination.

War-related symbols take over the five reels. You can bet on as many as 25 paylines.

The army symbols include a shield and helmet which protected the Roman soldiers; the horse that carried the soldiers into battle; the women who sent their men away to fight for the Emperor; the crossbow that served as one of the soldiers’ primary weapons; the flag that signaled to the Empire’s enemies that the fiercest fighting force had arrived; a soldier; and the Emperor himself.

The soldier is the scatter symbol. He sets in motion a free spins round during which the third reel is wild. During the free spins round, the soldier may appear triggering another special bonus round. This is called the Roman Victory round in which the first reel joins the third reel as wild reels.

Ten Suns

This five reel 25 payline slot begins with an ancient legend from the Far East. Nin the legend, there are ten fiery hot suns. A single lone archer tames the heat emanating from these suns by shooting arrows into them. As the suns burst, they turn into birds that fly away.

The Emperor and Moon Goddess always keep their eyes on the archer as he is their lone hope for salvation. A dragon takes time away from its role in a famous television series to play a major role in Ten Suns; a lotus represents the respect and devotion the people of the east show to Nature’s bounty; a lucky coin and a treasure chest symbolize the wealth and good fortune of the Emperor and his Empire.

The archer symbol is the wild. In wins, the symbol may expand in any direction.

Many Other Games

You might think that Rival produces only slots. In fact, they have a nice collection of beautiful table games including roulette, blackjack, poker , craps, baccarat, Pai Gow, Red Dog and more.

Rival boasts several classic video poker entries, plus the three o’s—bingo, keno, and sudoku as well as several scratch cards. They also have five progressive games to challenge players’ luck.
Rival also supports about forty games for mobile.

Rival is Synonymous with Quality

Rival is one of the top online casino companies, producing the large and continuously growing mega-library of magnificent Rival games. If you are playing at a Rival games casino, you know first-hand what we mean.