Casino Bonuses are Indispensable

Aside from winning, of course, the best way to keep your bankroll healthy is by taking advantage of the many casino bonuses available at all online casinos.  Good online casinos offer casino deposit bonuses every day.  Players often visit many casinos as they search for the best casino bonuses online.

Bonuses Say Welcome

The first bonus new players receive from a casino is the welcome bonus.  This bonus often comes in several installments.  The details vary quite a lot from casino to casino.  Some casinos require a first deposit before you can get your bonus.  Other casinos offer no deposit bonuses.  Some casinos combine cash bonuses with free spins.

Before You Deposit—Casinos Invite You to Play

Let’s begin with casino bonuses no deposit.  You’re asked to sign up to play at the casino and when you finish the form, send it in, and it’s approved, a no deposit bonus is immediately put into your casino account.  The casino bonuses no deposit that give you cash to play with are almost always very modest.  But they give you a chance to make bets on many games as you make your way through the casino. The no deposit bonuses for free spins are often much higher.  You could get 50 or more free spins.  These spins encourage slots play and the casino usually restricts you to take them on specific slots games.

Keep Track of Bonus Codes

Some bonuses require you to enter casino bonus codes.  It’s easy to do, but some players forget to enter the code and don’t get the bonus they expected.  So, it’s always best to take care as you apply for a bonus.

Welcome Bonus Revisited

Let’s return to the casino welcome bonus every online casino offers.  If they offer a no deposit bonus, the amount will be fixed and will go into your account automatically.  The same is true of no deposit free spins bonuses. Then, the casino will offer a series of casino deposit bonuses.  These are all a percentage of the amount you deposit up to a specific limit.  Some casinos offer the highest percentage for the first deposit and lower percentages after that but most do the opposite: they offer larger percentages for the later deposits. It is not unusual for the percentage to be 100% or higher and it is not unusual for the cash amount to be several hundred in the currency you want to play in.  As we said, the welcome bonus details vary from casino to casino so, if you’re looking for a casino, it pays to do a thorough search. One of the details is the relatively unknown play through requirement.  All casinos have this requirement and it is a good thing because without it all online casinos would quickly go bankrupt.  However, some casinos have as little as 25x the bonus as their play through requirement while others may have as high as 50x.  As good as a bonus might be, it might not be worth it if the play through requirement is too high.

Bonuses Continue Forever

The next most common casino bonuses are free spins that you can earn during normal slots play.  Every video slot has Scatter symbols which send you to the free spins bonus round when you get at least three Scatters anywhere on the screen. Free spins often have multipliers that increase wins tremendously.  There are many other ways your chances of scoring a big win in the free spins bonus round are increased.  So, during slots play, it’s a good idea to look for slots that have the most lucrative bonus rounds.

Deposit Bonuses for Any and All Reasons

Is today Monday?  Time for casino deposit bonuses! Is it already the weekend?  Time for casino bonuses online!  Is it the first day of summer? Time for another bonus offer!  Is it your birthday?  Time to take advantage of your happy birthday bonus! Get the idea?  As you can imagine, online casinos offer bonuses every day for every possible reason.  Remember to check if you need a code to access the bonus.  Casino bonus codes are a way for the casino to keep track of the bonuses they’ve given out but for players they are a bit of a hassle.

Rewards Points Bonuses

Online casinos all run some form of a rewards points promotion.  Your bets are converted into points.  When your points reach a certain level, you can redeem them for a casino bonus.

VIP Bonuses

High rollers usually accumulate enough rewards points to be welcomed into the VIP Club.  In this club, the casino does everything it can to pamper you.  They give you gifts, trips, concert, theater, and ballgame tickets and much more.  When you’re a VIP, every bonus offer is increased just for you.

Cash Back Bonus

Some casinos run a cashback program.  The rules differ, of course, but the idea is roughly the same: the casino wants to give you more money to play with at that casino.  Cash back bonuses can extend your gaming time a lot!


Many casinos run tournaments, especially in slots.  Some tournaments have no entry fee.  In these tournaments, entry is a form of bonus. Other tournaments do have entry fees and many casinos have ways to give you the entry money.  This constitutes yet another type of casino bonus.

Bonuses are Good

Seek out casino bonuses every day.  Sometimes they appear on the screen unannounced.  Sometimes they get sent to your inbox.  In any case, casino bonuses are well worth it.  They increase your bankroll and give you the chance to score that really big win with the casino’s own money!