Questions We Have Heard Over and Over

Whether you’re new to online casino gaming or have been enjoying the convenience of online casinos for years, you’ll likely have a few questions about online casinos. Here are some FAQ that we have heard numerous times in our many years of experience in the online casino industry. If you don’t find your personal FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bonuses Look Too Good To Be True. What’s in the Small Print?

No list of FAQ would be complete without this one. Bonuses come in many shapes and sizes. Some are bonuses on top of deposits whilst others are for free spins. Some casinos offer a no deposit bonus to new players. Bonuses are not too good to be true but there is an important element in the small print: the play-through requirement.

This requires players to wager a factor of the bonus before they can withdraw any of the bonus money. This makes a lot of sense because without it every casino would go bankrupt quickly. The key, then, is the size of the play-through requirement and how games are considered for the requirement.

A play-through requirement of 25x or 30x the bonus is very fair. Every casino rewards slots with the highest requirement credit points but all the other games should be rewarded fairly.

How Many Different Kinds of Bonuses are there?

The best known are the welcome bonuses. But casinos thrive on keeping players happy and one big way they do that is by offering frequent bonuses. There might be an ongoing promotional bonus for any given day of the week. Many casinos offer a bonus on the weekend, on your birthday, on national or religious holidays, for accumulating enough loyalty points to warrant a bonus, or just as a totally impromptu pop-up offer.

What are Loyalty Points?

Some casinos call these rewards points but the idea is the same. The casino calculates points for every bet you make. Points can accumulate quickly and at some point you’ll have enough to get a bonus or simply cash credited into your account in exchange for your points.

There are so Many Deposit Methods. Why?

Every player has his or her favorite way of sending money online. Whilst most people simply use their credit card, many people prefer to have both more control over their play and more privacy. Debit cards enable players to control their play more and ewallets afford more privacy than going through your bank either by direct deposit or via your credit card.

How Does the Casino Keep My Money Safe?

Every reputable casino uses the bets encryption software to guard your money. This is the same encryption software that commercial banks use for their online banking needs. It’s in both your interest and the casino’s interest to keep your money safe.

Why are Deposits Recorded Instantaneously but Withdrawals Take a Few Days?

Actually, some casinos put withdrawals through in 48 hours or so. The reason withdrawals take some time is because the casino wants to be doubly sure that the person requesting the money is actually you.

Your money is safe as it flies through cyberspace but the casino wants you to verify your identity so the money flies to your land-based account and not some hacker’s account.

Is Online Gaming Really Better than Playing at a Land Based Casino?

We sincerely believe that it is. When you go to a land based casino, you have extra costs for travel, hotel, restaurants, and so on. When you play at home, you can do any of the things you do or need to do every day; at a land based casino, you might feel stuck with little to do but gamble.

When you play at an online casino, no one will come around offering free alcohol. If you’re easily distracted by scantily-clad women, you’ll likely not have that problem at an online casino, unless the female is your significant other!

Online casinos pay more overall to players because they have far less overhead. Online casinos have many more games because in cyberspace they have virtually no limit on space to put another game. At an online casino, you never have to wait for a game or a place at the table. Another will always “miraculously” appear.

At an online casino, you can use a strategy card when you play video poker or blackjack.

Won’t an Online Casino Take Up a lot of Space on My Computer?

It might. There are three solutions to the problem of downloading a heavy casino. First, you can play on a newer, leaner casino. The older ones are indeed a bit top heavy because they still carry many games that they had years ago.

Second, and this we list only because it’s true, not because we recommend it: you can upgrade your computer.

Third, and this last is a great solution for the best modern young and sleek casinos: you can play on their instant play platform. Some casinos carry fewer games on the instant play platform than on the download platform but the smaller casinos have plenty of room on the instant play platform for all their games. At one time, the graphics quality was quite poor in what was then a form of instant play. Nowadays, on instant play and on mobile platforms, the graphics quality is excellent.

Is Mobile Gaming Popular?

Mobile gaming is so popular that it is becoming the most popular form of online gaming at many casinos, in many countries, and across demographic lines. This is primarily because of the quality of mobile platforms in terms of graphics, animation, and sound. The great convenience of mobile devices for so many of the things we do is self-evident. It was just a matter of time before mobile technology caught up with people’s desire to play games at their convenience.

Can I Try a Game for Free?

Of course, you can! This is another of the many benefits of playing at an online casino. At a land based casino, space is limited so you have to bet to play.

What Kinds of Games Will I Find at an Online casino?

Every casino divides its games as it sees fit but there are a few things that are nearly universal at online casinos. The most prominent game is slots. Casinos also carry table games, video poker, and casual games.

Some games have a progressive (enormous? $1M+) jackpot whilst most don’t.

Why are Slots the Most Prominent Game?

Modern slots are much different than the first few generations of slots. Modern slots all have a theme of sorts. The number of themes is functionally unlimited so the only thing preventing the 150 or so game developers from composing millions of slots is time and personnel. As it is, there are thousands of exciting and fun slots available online.

What are Table Games?

These are the classic games played at a table. They include blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and poker. At an online casino, you might be able to play several hands of blackjack at the same time. At a land based casino, you can do so only if there is room at the table.

What is Video Poker?

Essentially, this is draw poker in which you compete against the pay table. The dealer doesn’t make any decisions. Video poker usually has the highest return to player rate of any game so, if you use a strategy card, you have a very good chance to come out ahead.

What are Casual Games?

These are games like scratch cards, bingo, keno, and other games that we usually associate with children’s birthday parties. They’re so much fun to play that some casinos have several dozen of them.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

These games have jackpots that grow until someone wins it. The jackpot is built by taking a penny or two from each bet. The games run on the game developer’s casino network so many jackpots reach over $1,000,000.

Do You Teach Gambling Systems?

No, we don’t. We do teach strategy but that is much different than a betting system. Every betting system has been demonstrated to be faulty so we never teach them. We do, however, encourage you in the strongest possible terms to never fall for a “foolproof” new system. They simply don’t work.

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