Slots Play Casinos’ Editorial Guidelines

Many companies have editorial guidelines which are the companies’ way of establishing their commitment to their customers, clients, suppliers, and others. In the case of Slots Play Casinos, we here establish the commitment we have to you, our readers, and how we have been implementing these guidelines even before we put them in writing.

Slots Play Casinos is a content-driven site so these guidelines refer to all of the content we post. At this time, Slots Play Casinos has many casino reviews, guides for better game play, poker site reviews, a large section on bonuses, and an even larger section of articles.

Our commitment to excellence in content covers all of these categories and any others to come.

What is our Commitment to You?

Our commitment to our readers can easily be summed up in two sentences:

  1. We are committed to providing accurate and timely information on all things related to casino gaming.
  2. We are committed to doing as much as we can to make our readers better gamers.

Who are the Gamers with whom Slots Play Casinos Communicates?

We see our role as communicating with everyone who plays casino games be they online or at a land-based casino. To that end, we try to be understood as much by people over retirement age as by Generation Z or Millennials. This is no easy task but it is in line with our overall commitment to excellence in written content.

What is Slots Play Casinos’ Objective?

Our goal is to help gamers have the most fun while playing online casino games. Fun overrides everything else at Slots Play Casinos. These editorial guidelines are our way of codifying our objective.

How Do We Implement these Guidelines?

We have divided the way we implement these guidelines into ten categories.

  1. Accuracy

    We commit to do the necessary research so that anything we post that influences how you play a given casino game at a given online casino is accurate.

  2. Clarity

    We are committed to writing in a way that the average gamer can easily understand. We are not writing for academic or professional journals. We avoid to the best of our ability all jargon that confuses readers.

    This also applies to the terms and conditions of the casinos we have reviewed and recommended. If a casino has especially foggy terms and conditions, we will tell you. If a casino has especially clear and precise terms and conditions, we will tell you.

  3. Fairness

    We might like one casino over another but if we feel that both are good places to play online casino games, we will tell you. We will tell you what we like so much of the one and we will tell you also what we like of the other casinos as well.

  4. Trustworthiness

    We are aware that it is hard to convince people, that a website is as trustworthy as it can be. We post any negative we find in a casino that we recommend. No online casino can be all good so we tell you what to look out for at a casino we otherwise like enough to recommend.

  5. Humility

    We are an online casino oversight website. While we take our tasks very seriously, we also know that we can’t know everything. We are aware of the fact that some things might slip through our posts and that later on we have to correct our own content.

    Humility also propels us to revisit casinos we have already reviewed and recommended. We might have missed something the first time or the casino may have changed. If the casino does change over time for the better, we will tell you and if the casino has changed for the worse over time, we will tell you.

  6. Giving land-based casinos their due

    We are completely honest in saying that we prefer online casinos for many reasons. We have written articles that go into this area of casino gaming. Still, we know that many gamers love land-based casinos so we are fair in our assessment of the land-based casino scene.

  7. Fun

    By that we mean that the single overriding goal of online casino gaming should be to have fun. We have written articles explaining to gamers that online gaming should be a source of healthy entertainment, one of many such sources.

    While we advocate for online gaming, we also advocate for hobbies, relaxation methods, the camaraderie of friends and family, and especially responsible gaming.

  8. Responsible gaming

    We are aware that some players have a very hard time stopping when they are playing. We often recommend short sessions of 30 to 60 minutes. After all, the online casinos we recommend are open for gaming on a 24/7 basis.

    We encourage any gamer who feels him or herself edging into the problem gambling area to stop playing casino games entirely and to seek professional help to remediate the problem.

  9. General game play

    While all online casinos prefer that gamers play with no strategy in the games of skill and no attention to volatility in slots, we tell you as clearly as we can how to play every hand in blackjack and video poker among other games of skill and the volatility of slots.

    There are many slots that are fun to play but have high volatility. We tell you how to budget for these slots so you can play other slots that have low volatility.

    We teach you as well as we can how to use strategy in the games of skill.

    Since all online casinos would rather gamers not know the subtleties of many games, we have taken it upon ourselves to explain gaming nuances to players. As such, we see our role as advocates for gamers far above being advocates for the casinos we recommend.

  10. Internal review of content and content writers

    We want the information we post to be as correct as possible and just as we have to revisit casinos we have recommended, we have to revisit the content of our writes. We have a team of writers and we need to be sure that they all are on the same page, broadly speaking, in following these guidelines.

There is a good deal of poor writing on the internet on all subjects and we are committed to excellent writing in all articles, guides, and reviews.