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Visionary i-Gaming or VIG is a leader in the growing live casino games niche. VIG serves both land based and online casinos. VIG games are known for their extraordinary freshness and realistic method of presenting live casino gaming especially to the online gaming public.

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Live gaming might seem like an anomaly in the world of online gaming. The mangers at VIG saw both the need and the potential of live gaming at online casinos long before other industry professionals did. Here are some of the insights VIG brought to the table:

  • Online casino gaming needs to be as flexible as possible.
  • As more and more players go to land based casinos, they will want some kind of live experience even when they are at home.
  • Live casino feeds spice up purely digital gaming.
  • Land based casinos are limited in the number of tables they can pack onto the floor so they also need live casino feeds to video machines!
  • The graphics needed to make live gaming better are already here.
  • Game providers should work together in a synergistic partnership to provide the best gaming possible.

Visionary in Word and Deed

VIG launched in 2008 with a single vision: to become one of the best online casino providers and to develop the best live casino games for both online and land casinos. By 2011, their top managers were delivering speeches around the world about the imminent explosion in live gaming with the knowledge that much better graphics technology was around the corner.

This vision has come to pass as many casinos, even land based casinos, use VIG software to present live casino gaming to their customers.

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Why Bother with a Land Based Casino?

Our topic is online but a short word about land based casinos. They have such limited capacity for real live gaming on their floor that many land casinos now offer technology-driven live gaming to customers who prefer playing from their hotel room or elsewhere but not on the floor.

Land based casinos also offer live table games at video machines, meters from the actual tables. If there aren’t any seats at the table, at least players can play from the video machine.

Great Gaming around the World

This is where VIG led the industry. If you are playing at an online casino with VIG live casino games, you know that you are playing the top rated online casino games for live casino gaming.

VIG offers baccarat, blackjack, and American and European roulette. These games are so good that VIG already is recognized as the primary source of fine live casino games.

Studio or Live Stream

VIG software is flexible so you can play a live game directly from a real land based casino or from their studio in Costa Rica. The studio adds a few entertaining twists. For instance, the dealers all clap in unison when a player leaves a tip.

The studio is set up to resemble a real casino as much as possible. The background music has a Central American flair to it and the dealers often dance a bit to the sounds even as they deal and spin the roulette wheel. This is truly as player-friendly an atmosphere as you can find anywhere in a live casino feed to an online casino.

Partnering with Regular Game Providers

At VIG they never stop being visionary. Along with their live casino games they now offer over 200 regular online casino games from the finest online casino providers. Any online casino that partners with VIG can now access this wealth of other casino games as well.

VIG games now own the deserved reputation of having the highest quality in every aspect of live online casino gaming.