Since 1999 Playtech Has Been Providing Great Online Gaming

There are over 150 online game developers but none is better known than Playtech. Since 1999 Playtech has been providing great online gaming. From its humble beginnings in 1999 to now, Playtech has been committed to bringing the finest quality gaming to players and online casinos alike. Providing great games to online casinos is Playtech’s grand mission but it treats its business operation as anything but a game! Playtech has become so successful at its business that it is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Reaching the World

PlayTech has offices in 17 countries around the world and, with over 5000 employees, is a sizable company. Most of these employees are there for their creativity. Playtech never sits on its past awards or successes; the company is driven to more than mere continued excellence; it is driven by the desire for front-end, leadership and innovative excellence.

Playtech works under the regulatory eye of no fewer than 20 different jurisdictions. The company is experienced in meeting the needs of every country whose citizens it serves.

Many Platforms

As players, you get the benefit of Playtech’s passion. You can access Playtech games from your desktop or mobile device. You can also play directly through your internet server. This is called Instant Play at most casinos and it is the most technologically advanced platform for playing online casino games without the need to download the casino.

The advance of Instant Play for Playtech games is the culmination of the pursuit of excellence in online graphics. Playtech realized that there are so many online casinos and that so many of them had become too “heavy” for many hard drives, that the company sought after a gaming platform that would bring games through the player’s online server and would retain all of the graphics excellence the games had in the download platform.

With such a large library of games, many players play on a number of casinos in order to be able to play all of Playtech’s games.

Playtech also has brought the best graphics to its Live Casino platform. Here also, graphics were not always as good as gamers wanted. Playtech didn’t rest until they could bring Live Casino games with the best graphics and the rise of live gaming indicates that Playtech delivered on its promise.

Sports Betting Coming Soon, Maybe

Playtech is also ready for the sea change that will take place in the United States if the Supreme Court paves the way for legal sports betting in the 46 states where it is not legal today. The technology needed to smoothly take bets and follow dozens of sporting events in real time is a marvelous accomplishment in computer software. Through Playtech’s platform, millions of new sports bettors will have access to the events they want to bet on and will be able to follow the games in real time.

Playtech Games

The company has produced over 600 games in many gaming categories. Try some of these free games right here at Slots Play Casinos.


The biggest gaming category remains slots. Here Playtech stands tall among the large group of game providers for its innovative spirit and games. It’s become a cliché to say that modern video slots tell a story. At Playtech, they work out the story and then challenge the creative teams to develop characters that will best tell that story.

Playtech slots are so much fun that many players enjoy playing them exclusively for their entertainment value. Every online casino offers unlimited free games and now you can play some Playtech free slots online right here at games/.

Modern slots are far more than swirling reels. The Wild symbols have all kinds of tricks to help you win! They may have a multiplier for each win even in the regular game. The multiplier may increase in the bonus round. Wilds can be frozen in place for subsequent spins. Wilds also often are stacked on a reel. The normal number of stacked Wilds is three and some slots feature reels that are entirely stacked with Wilds.

The Scatter symbols pay in all positions as opposed to the normal procedure where wins start from the left and have to be on paylines that the player bet on. That’s one reason they are called Scatter symbols. Most wins begin with three symbols but in some games two scatters win.

Three or more Scatters send you to the free spins bonus round where the chances of winning go up and many big wins occur. The bonus round may have multipliers, a large number of free spins, retriggerable free spins, cascading reels, nudges and all of the ways the games can give you a nice sized win.

Table Games

Some people think only about table games when they envision a casino. The set of table games at Playtech casinos runs the full gamut from roulette, to many variations of poker and blackjack, to the classics like baccarat and craps.

Video Poker

This variation on poker has caught on with online gamers especially and Playtech is as always in the forefront with great graphics and game play. Video poker has become as popular as it is because the payout rates are so high, almost 100%! You can play Playtech’s video poker games for hours and your bankroll will probably be close to what it was when you started.

Casual Games

Under this category, you’ll find bingo, scratch cards, keno, and the fluffy fun games based on children’s games and toys such as Rubber Ducky.

Playtech Leads so Others can Follow

When you are looking for an online casino, you’ll be doing yourself a great service if you look for a casino that offers Playtech games. You’ll get hours upon hours of great entertainment by playing all of Playtech’s many products!