Nothing is Faster than the Visa/MasterCard Payment Method

mastercard and visa

It’s interesting that we talk about the benefits of the Visa/MasterCard payment method for online casinos even though MasterCard is actually older than Visa by nine years! It’s also interesting that MasterCard started out only in 1966! How did we live without them?

How Many Times a Day Do You Take Out Your Credit Card?

Nowadays, Visa and MasterCard are ubiquitous in every aspect of buying and selling. They are also the most prominent online casino payment method. Of the thousands of online casinos, there is hardly one that does not accept payment deposits through these credit cards or does not allow withdrawals through them.

When we speak of online casino payment methods, it’s important to note that we are also referring to mobile casinos. Credit cards that are allowed at any particular online casino, are also accepted at their sister mobile casino – making mobile casino play ever so easy.

Most Popular By Far

Some online casinos accept other credit cards, especially American Express, but Visa and MasterCard remain the most popular banking methods for online casino. It may be an exaggeration to say that they are the best payment method; there are many other very sound ways to solve the question of how to fund my online casino account. Nevertheless, Visa and MasterCard remain the best known method for funding an online gaming account.

Frequently, a casino will offer special casino bonuses to players who use a specific payment method. So watch out for casinos offering extra spins or extra cash when you deposit using your Visa/Mastercard. This makes your credit card all that more attractive to use.

Like Buying Anything Else Online

Depositing with these credit cards is almost exactly like making any online purchase with a credit card. First, to use them as your casino banking method, you have to register the card at the casino. This is a simple process. We only repeat something we say often: make sure that the casino is absolutely safe.

The casino has to be upfront with you about how it protects your money. If you have any doubts about the casino, go to a different casino. There are thousands of casinos but your money is unique in the world! So keep your money safe above all else! You might say that the best payment method is also the safest one. Visa and MasterCard have proven that they are safe; make sure that the casino does the same.

Simple Instructions

Online casinos make it easy to deposit. All you have to do is follow the clear instructions. After you register your credit card, you likely will have to submit some proof of your identity. The casinos do this to protect you when you wish to withdraw funds. No one is trying to cheat you by putting money into your account. But casinos use sophisticated encryption software to protect your money especially on withdrawals.

When you want to withdraw, you click on the “withdraw” button and again follow the simple instructions. Withdrawals usually take a little longer than deposits because the casino makes every effort to verify that the withdrawal request did indeed come from you.

Familiarity Breeds Comfort

One reason so many gamers prefer using the Visa/MasterCard payment method is because they are so familiar with it. They use their credit cards almost every day. Other banking methods present a small measure of inconvenience simply because we use them less often. So, when you ask how to fund my online casino account, you likely will think first of all of using your credit card.

There is one minor drawback to the Visa/MasterCard payment method. You have less privacy with this method than with an ewallet. However, the fact that credit cards remain the most popular banking methods for online casino means that this is a very minor drawback to most gamers. If you choose to finance your online casino account with your credit card, you’ll likely feel the same way.