Refer to this Roulette Guide Often to Enhance Your Roulette Fun

roulette guide

The city-state of Monte Carlo was trying to figure out a way to overcome financial problems in the 18th century. Their solution was to reintroduce casino gambling. Soon after that, the famed Monte Carlo casino introduced a new game to their already popular casino games. They called the game “roulette” because it had a wheel that spun on each play. Here is our roulette guide. We hope that both new and experienced players find a lot of good information and advice here.

How Do You Play Roulette?

We’ll begin our roulette guide with a discussion of the many bets you can make. Even experienced roulette players may make a mistake in betting. To better understand the bets, look at the sample roulette table below. It has rows and columns. As we shall explain, there are many bets you can make using this table but you also have some restrictions.

We talk about two kinds of bets in roulette: inside bets and outside bets. The inside bets are bets on the numbers inside the perimeter. Outside bets are those bets you place on the perimeter itself.

The croupier calls for players to place their bets. In roulette online, you click a chip and then move it to the bet you want to make. When all players finish making their bets, the croupier starts the wheel and drops the ball onto the spinning wheel. Online, the computer software performs this action.

Three Different Roulettes

There are three basic variations of roulette: American, European, and French. Soon, we’ll discuss the difference between European and French roulette. Now, look at the table. It has both 0 and 00. Unless you bet specifically on one of those numbers, if the ball lands on either 0 or 00, you lose automatically.

In European and French roulette there is only a single 0. This seemingly small change reduces the house advantage by half! So the best way to win at online roulette is to play with only the 0.

The Roulette Guide List of Bets

Here are the different bets you can make in European and French roulette.

  1. A straight bet on one number pays 35-1.
  2. A split bet on two numbers pays 17-1.
  3. A street bet is on three numbers and pays 11-1. You make this bet by putting the chip at the bottom of a “street” or column.
  4. A corner bet is on four numbers and pays 8-1.
  5. Another four number bet that covers the 0 and the connecting numbers pays 8-1.
  6. A line bet covers six numbers and pays 5-1.
  7. Both the column bet and the dozen bet cover twelve numbers and pay 2-1.
  8. There are three even money bets: red or black; odd or even; and high or low. These all pay 1-1.

In American roulette, the bet with 0 includes 00. It thus becomes a five number bet and pays 6-1.

See that there are combination bets that you cannot make. You cannot choose which 12 numbers to bet on, which pair to bet on, which set of three numbers you can bet on. This bothers some players who have their favorite numbers.

Winning at Online Roulette

The most common mistake players make is in placing the chips in the wrong spot for the bet they want to make. We will begin showing you how to win online roulette by showing you exactly where to place your chips.

  1. The simplest bets are the even money bets. To choose any of the three even money bets, you put the chips in the rectangle that designates that bet.
  2. To bet on the 1st twelve, the 2nd twelve or the 3rd twelve, you have to put the chips inside the rectangle. Here, players sometimes make a mistake and put their chips on a line. When you do that, you are making a different bet.
  3. Now look to the right of the table. You see three “pays 2-1” boxes. When you make a column bet, you put the chips on one of those square. We know that a column is usually vertical. In roulette, columns are horizontal.
  4. Next, pay attention to the rows of three numbers. These are called “streets”. A street bet is on the three numbers in that street. Take care to put the chips on the line at the bottom of the street. If you put them on the point between streets, you are making a line bet.
  5. To make a line bet, you put the chips on both the line at the bottom of the streets and on the point between them.
  6. The next bet is on the 1-2-3 street and the 0. In American roulette, it includes 00. You make this bet by putting the chips on the line below the 1-2-3 street and on the point between it and the 0.
  7. A corner bet is on four numbers. You make this bet by putting chips on the point between four numbers.
  8. A split bet is between two numbers. To make this bet, put the chips on the line that separates the two numbers.
  9. Finally, a straight bet is on one number. You make it by putting chips inside the square with your lucky number.

Tips to Win at Online Roulette

If putting chips in the right spot to make the bets you want to make is the first tip toward the best winning online roulette strategy, what are the other nine of the top 10 tips to win at roulette?

  1. Repeating tip #1: Put the chips in the right spot.
  2. Play European or French roulette instead of American roulette. We’ll explain this tip fully below.
  3. Learn the different payout rates for each bet. The house has an edge in two ways: the 0 and 00 and the payouts. Most bets pay out a percentage less than they should be based on the actual odds.
  4. Don’t follow betting strategies. They don’t work.
  5. Manage your money responsibly. Outside bets have to be for the table minimum. Make sure that you are playing with a minimum you can afford.
  6. Have fun.

We listed only 6 tips. In fact, these are the only tips that can help you win at roulette. So tip #7 might be: Don’t believe any other tips!

Away with You 00

We said that we would explain why European and French roulette are better than American. The house’s edge is doubled when they add 00 to the wheel. The odds go from about 2.8% to about 5.6%.

French Roulette Gives Best Winning Online Roulette Chances

The best roulette from the standpoint of the odds is French roulette. This variation has a great feature for even money bets. The feature is called en prison. Although it means “in prison”, in this case prison is a good thing.

When you make an even money bet in French roulette and lose, the bet is held “in prison” for one more spin. You can make another bet while the imprisoned bet rides a second time.

If you lose again, you lose your money. If you win on the second spin, you get your bet back.

Needless to say, this feature saves a lot of losses and reduces the house edge to about 1.5% but only if you make even money bets. En prison doesn’t cover any other bets.

Hedge Your Bets by Playing the Odds

Here is an explanation of the tip regarding payout percentages. Some players think that a straight bet has the best payout rate because they say that the odds are in your favor of hitting your number once in 35 spins. This is a fallacy. The odds against hitting your number are always 36-1 on every spin. You could play for hundreds of spins and never hit your number.

Therefore, most strategists say to bet only even money or other outside bets. Especially when you can play with the en prison rule, betting on the even money bets reduces the gap between you and the house. In order to fully reduce the gap you have to be lucky.

Play Online

Roulette at brick and mortar casinos can be influenced by the way the croupier spins the wheel and drops the ball. This never happens when you play roulette online. When playing online play at a casino that reports its payout rates and uses a Random Number Generator. The RNG is your guarantee that the game is 100% aboveboard.

We haven’t mentioned casino platforms on which to play roulette. Obviously, your desktop or laptop computer are excellent venues for all online casino games. But don’t hesitate to play roulette on your phone or tablet, as well. These days, the graphics and sound are so superb, you will fully enjoy this game on the go as a welcome addition to the mobile casino games you already take with you in your pocket.

So, in closing… when you think about how to win online roulette, remember the two best pieces of advice from our Roulette Guide: Play with only one 0 and play to have fun – you can’t go wrong!