ecoPayz Provides Two Important Functions for Many Online Casino Players

MAY 2023 UPDATE: EcoPayz has rebranded itself to Payz. Your account will remain the same, with the same login details, only now via Apart from the new and improved look, the user experience remains unchanged. They say that in the coming months they will be introducing new Payz products, so stay tuned for more SPC updates.

The biggest plus of using a pre-paid method for banking at an online casino is the extra layer of control you have over your gaming activity. Thus, ecoPayz, as a pre-paid banking method performs that very important function. ecoPayz is also a type of e-wallet in that you can keep money there safely and use it for purchases in many currencies and countries.

With ecoPayz, you can apply for as many as three cards, that they call ecoCards, which you can use as a debit card or to take money out of ATMs in many countries. You can also use the single use online virtual ecoCard. So, ecoPayz has all of the elements most gamers look for in a company that facilitates online purchase and online casino banking.

Safety through Encryption

ecoPayz uses the most sophisticated SSL/TLS protocols. In the modern world, in order to be as safe as possible when you accept or transfer money through the internet, you need 256 bit encryption. This is what all of the big online financial companies and online stores use and so does ecoPayz.

So, when you send money to your ecoPayz account you can be sure that it is safe there. When you send money from your ecoPayz account to an online casino, you can be confident that it is safe in transit. Finally, although this has nothing directly to do with ecoPayz, when you play at any of the online casinos we recommend here atSlots Play Casinos, you can be sure that your money is safe there as well.

Privacy is a Top Priority

ecoPayz is committed to your privacy. They don’t share any of the information you give them with any third party.

Starting an account at ecoPayz is also fast and easy. It takes a mere couple of minutes and the company doesn’t take a registration fee. You don’t need a bank account or a credit card to set up your ecoPayz account. As soon as you have set up your account and you have deposited money into it, you can immediately begin using it.

The ecoCard

This is a card you apply for that will be linked to your ecoPayz account. With the ecoCard, you can access your account at ATM machines and at many land based retailers. Of course, you don’t need the ecoCard to make payments to online merchants; all you need to do online is transfer money from your account to the merchant.


As soon as you open an ecoPayz account, you will begin to hear about their latest promotion or any ongoing promotion. You don’t have to be a VIP to take advantage of the company’s promotions. That is the great benefit of having an ecoPayz account: you can enjoy benefits that your personal bank or credit card company don’t provide.

EcoPayz is Not an Exclusive Company

You can use ecoPayz for online casino banking, online purchases, or purchases at land based stores using the ecoCard but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have another account with an e-wallet, use your credit card for purchases, or use any other method to pay for goods and services.

How to Deposit from Your ecoPayz Account

If you were to choose to deposit at the casino with a direct bank deposit or with your credit card, you wouldn’t necessarily need the service ecoPayz provides. The company exists to provide a vital service exactly to people who want the benefit of an ecoPayz account.

One benefit is simple privacy. You send money to ecoPayz and it is none of anyone’s business that you have done so or what you plan on doing with the money.

The second large benefit of using a e-wallet for online casino deposits is that it gives you more control over your gaming. In this sense, ecoPayz is similar to a debit card: you decide how much to put into your account and you decide from that sum how much to deposit into your online casino account.

Deposit in to Your ecoPayz Account

Clearly, you do have to send money to your ecoPayz account. At this writing, ecoPayz has fully 30 different methods of sending money to your account there. You can use the tried and true credit or debit card, bank transfers, and the like and there are well over twenty other companies that will help you send money to ecoPayz.

A Safe and Reliable Method of Banking at Online Casinos

We at Slots Play Casinos don’t recommend any single banking option for online casino gamers. We report on a number of such methods. ecoPayz is one of many excellent companies that provide banking services for our online casino readers.