Free Spins Bonuses are the Epitome of Exciting Slots Play

There are a lot of fun aspects to slots play.  With many and varied themes in video slots, there’s something to appeal to everyone.  And wins are always fun taking advantage of the special symbols – Wild and Scatter symbols, multipliers, stacked reels, cascading reels, and others.  Some slots let you gamble winnings with he hope of doubling or quadrupling wins.  Yet, we would venture to say that free spins are the favorite slots play feature of most players.

Spins for Free Rock the Online Slots World

There are two basic ways players can receive free extra spins.  The first is through bonuses.  Many casinos have begun offering free spins no deposit required to new players.   Others offer this fun bonus as part of a deposit bonus.  Some offer this as part of daily, weekly, or monthly promotions.

Before You Deposit, Spin Away

First, let’s talk about free spins no deposit no wager bonuses.  It goes back to the first no deposit bonus offered by an online casino.  The idea then was to attract new players by allowing them to “roam around the casino” with no obligation and with a few of the casino’s dollars “in their pocket” to gamble with.

Such a casino soon became known in the blogs and forums of online players as a free spins casino.  Once a casino becomes famous in a good way in the communications networks between players, many other casinos want to emulate it.  So, when one casino became known as a free spins no deposit casino, every other casino also wanted to attract new players with this free bonus.

Following the leader in the highly competitive world of online casinos, many casinos began to increase the no deposit number of spins they would offer for free.  This is, of course, a “gift” to players.

Free Spins with Deposits

As good as free spins no deposit bonuses are, the more common spins bonus for new players require a deposit.  These also divide into two categories.  There are those which are part of a matching deposit bonus.  You might get 100% bonus in cash and say 50 spins for free.

In these bonuses, the casino normally chooses the slots they let you play the spins in.  We see no problem there.  The spins are still free after all.

There are some welcome bonuses that are only for free spins.  In these deals, you deposit and get free spins.  The number of spins is determined by the amount you deposit.

These are a lot less common than the first type of free spins bonus with deposit.

Free Spins During Slots Play

Now we get to the type of spins that most players are familiar with.  In all video slots, there is a Scatter symbol. This symbol is special because it wins in all positions, not just the pay lines that the game offers and that you choose to bet on.

When you get at least three Scatter symbols, you go to the bonus round.  In most slots, the bonus round involves free spins although there are some games out there with different bonus rounds.

These free spins have many ways to make it easier for you to win.  Sometimes the Wild symbol is stacked on a reel.  In some slots, the Wild symbol is stacked on am entire reel in the bonus round!  This increases dramatically your winning chances.

In these bonus rounds, the winning symbols cascade down off the screen and are replaced by other symbols.  This feature is called cascading reels.  If the new configuration of reels reveals another win, you get money for that one too.  Some games allow the reels to cascade down until you have a losing set up of reels.

This also increases your winning possibilities a lot.

There is often a multiplier in the free spins rounds.  This multiplier might be restricted to wins made by the Wild symbol or it can apply to all wins in the bonus round.  There are games in which the multiplier increases as you progress.

One twist to this multiplier benefit is that in some slots you have to choose between more free spins and a lower multiplier or fewer free spins and a higher multiplier.  The blogs and forums are always filled with arguments in favor of one decision or the other but no one can say with absolute certainty which choice is best!

Another great feature of the bonus round is that you can sometimes retrigger the free spins by getting three Scatter symbols while you’re spinning for free.  Imagine getting lucky and retriggering the fun multiple times!

Try it; You’ll Like It

All in all, the benefits of free spins are both numerous and obvious.  They are perhaps the greatest winning addition to online slots that the game developers have devised up to now.

It doesn’t really matter if you’ve hit a free spins no deposit win real money offer, a free spins with deposit offer, a promotional offer, or within the slots play at a favorite slot, the benefits are many.  Go to your favorite online casino and play for free spins now!