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Even with the recent changes in legislation regarding online casino play in Australia, we have brought together a group of casinos specifically for Aussies. Playing at an Australian online casino with no deposit bonuses and heaps of online pokies, you’re sure to find more than your share of FUN.
No Deposit Bonuses

Whether it be free cash or free spins, enjoy a cracker Australian casino no deposit bonus here.

Online Pokies

Our recommended casinos have ripper pokies for you to enjoy.

Trusted Casinos

No worries here! All our Aussie casinos are 100% safe and secure.

Australia is a massive country with a relatively small population.  In the world of online gaming, Aussies are amongst the most sought-after players.  Everyone knows the Aussie fascination with pokies and a handful of Aussie Casinos provide a seemingly endless supply of great pokies.

Top Australian Casinos

Much More Than Pokies

Our list of Aussie Casinos provide much more than pokies.  As far as games are concerned, Australian online casinos have many excellent table games, video poker, casual games and more.

Aussie casinos online have daily, weekly, monthly, and continuing promotions that focus on the gaming needs of Aussie players.

The best Aussie casinos run many tournaments.  Most of the tournaments are in pokies, of course.  You can also compete in blackjack, baccarat, and even bingo tournaments at some Aussie online casinos.

SlotoCash$130,000.00Asgardwinner iconRobert S.2020-11-27
Jackpot Capital$60,300.00Sweet 16winner iconTimothy W.2020-11-19
Fair Go$46,690.00Sweet 16winner iconMarni K.2020-11-15
Fair Go$36,360.00Bubble Bubble 2winner iconSamantha B.2020-11-18
SlotoCash$31,437.50Pirate Islewinner iconGregory P.2020-11-17
Fair Go$30,620.00God of Wealthwinner iconJohan B.2020-11-28
SlotoCash$27,700.00Loch Ness Lootwinner iconZachary Z.2020-11-20
Fair Go$26,640.00Shanghai Lightswinner iconBeau D.2020-11-28
Fair Go$25,280.00Panda's Goldwinner iconJohn P.2020-11-24
Fair Go$24,970.00Lucha Libre 2winner iconAnita B.2020-11-25
Grande Vegas$24,967.50Lucha Librewinner iconBradley C.2020-11-26
Fair Go$22,680.00Panda's Goldwinner iconKane B.2020-11-18
Fair Go$22,652.89Naughty Or Nicewinner iconDylan H.2020-11-23
SlotoCash$20,700.00Ghost Shipwinner iconKevin S.2020-11-24
Jackpot Capital$20,400.00Mystic Dragonwinner iconZachary F.2020-11-28
Fair Go$20,000.00Double Jackpot Pokerwinner iconPaul P.2020-11-27
Intertops Classic$20,000.00Jacks or Betterwinner iconKevin C.2020-11-29
SlotoCash$18,352.59Zhanshiwinner iconSue R.2020-11-22
Jackpot Capital$18,060.00Cash Bandits 3winner iconDawn S.2020-11-28
SlotoCash$18,008.25Witchy Winswinner iconHany M.2020-11-22
Fair Go$17,437.50Vulcanwinner iconGabriella N.2020-11-28
SlotoCash$15,975.00Stardustwinner iconRocco R.2020-11-23
Jackpot Capital$14,700.00Goldbeardwinner iconKelly P.2020-11-14
PlayCroco$14,493.00Triple Twisterwinner iconSuzanne V.2020-11-17
PlayCroco$14,400.00Cash Bandits 2winner iconJodie M.2020-11-20
PlayCroco$12,440.00Diamond Fiestawinner iconTravis B.2020-11-26
Slotastic$12,300.00Crystal Waterswinner iconJessica F.2020-11-24
SlotoCash$11,860.00Sunken Treasurewinner iconTIM T.2020-11-17
SlotoCash$11,750.00Storm Lordswinner iconAllison V.2020-11-17
SlotoCash$11,625.00Gemtopiawinner iconShama F.2020-11-17
PlayCroco$9,952.50Cash Bandits 3winner iconNicholas R.2020-11-26
Jackpot Capital$9,469.50Witchy Winswinner iconJames S.2020-11-20
Grande Vegas$9,202.98Texan Tycoonwinner iconDebbie R.2020-11-23
Intertops Classic$8,500.00Kenowinner iconKrista S.2020-11-23
Grande Vegas$8,030.88Return of the Rudolphwinner iconMarie R.2020-11-20
Jackpot Capital$7,923.88Plentiful Treasurewinner iconFrances B.2020-11-25
Grande Vegas$7,728.00Panda's Goldwinner iconSos G.2020-11-18
PlayCroco$7,600.00Diamond Fiestawinner iconMisty H.2020-11-15
Grande Vegas$7,512.00Texan Tycoonwinner iconSheila S.2020-11-15
PlayCroco$7,500.00Asgardwinner iconBrett R.2020-11-17
PlayCroco$7,200.00Lucha Libre 2winner iconBernadette C.2020-11-20
PlayCroco$7,162.41RTG777winner iconChristina B.2020-11-27
PlayCroco$7,048.31Caesar's Empirewinner iconSophia C.2020-11-28
Slotastic$6,640.46Plentiful Treasurewinner iconAnne N.2020-11-25
Jackpot Capital$6,600.00Tri-Card Pokerwinner iconCatherine H.2020-11-17
PlayCroco$6,512.18Plentiful Treasurewinner iconLina P.2020-11-19
Intertops Classic$6,500.00Tri-Card Pokerwinner iconJoel B.2020-11-29
Grande Vegas$6,275.00Cash Bandits 2winner iconPaul T.2020-11-14
Grande Vegas$6,210.005 Wisheswinner iconChristopher H.2020-11-15
Jackpot Capital$6,150.00Mystic Dragonwinner iconMarie P.2020-11-20
Grande Vegas$6,000.00The Big Bopper®winner iconBrandon H.2020-11-15
Grande Vegas$5,898.75Ghost Shipwinner iconNaomi L.2020-11-26
Grande Vegas$5,726.25Triple Twisterwinner iconCharles M.2020-11-19
Jackpot Capital$5,680.00God of Wealthwinner iconRobert W.2020-11-15
Jackpot Capital$5,019.00Aladdin's Wisheswinner iconRichard F.2020-11-20
Slotastic$5,000.00Lucky 6winner iconRobert W.2020-11-23
Slotastic$4,676.51Texan Tycoonwinner iconClaude E.2020-11-27
Slotastic$4,660.00The Naughty Listwinner iconKevin B.2020-11-19
Slotastic$4,113.00Super 6winner iconMary G.2020-11-25
Slotastic$4,100.00Lucky 6winner iconClaire R.2020-11-26
Intertops Classic$4,000.00BlackJackwinner iconJamie L.2020-11-26
Slotastic$4,000.00Double Double Bonus Pokerwinner iconAndrea B.2020-11-15
Slotastic$4,000.00Double Double Bonus Pokerwinner iconDavid B.2020-11-25
Slotastic$3,993.57Cash Bandits 3winner iconTrina M.2020-11-23
Intertops Classic$2,000.00Live Baccaratwinner iconTachavit S.2020-11-28
Intertops Classic$1,950.00Live Baccaratwinner iconAustin K.2020-11-24
Intertops Classic$1,530.00Let Em Ridewinner iconRichard S.2020-11-16
Intertops Classic$1,230.00Americanwinner iconSteven S.2020-11-22
Intertops Classic$1,200.00BlackJackwinner iconLuke L.2020-11-25
Intertops Classic$1,000.00Suit 'Em Up™winner iconAndrew V.2020-11-29

How to Play for Real Money

It might seem odd for us to say that the best first step toward playing for real money is to play for free.  There are two excellent ways to play for free.  One is simply to play in free play mode.  All of the best Aussie casinos online allow unlimited free play in all their games.

The second super way to play for free is to play at an online casino for Australia with a no deposit bonus.  Technically, you’ll be playing for real money but it’s the casino’s own money that it gives you before you have to make even a single deposit!

What Benefit is there in Playing for Free?

Online casino graphics are now so much better than ever that you don’t have to download a casino in order to get great games with clear, sharp visuals.  You can register at any number of great Australian online casinos and play in their instant play platform through your fav internet browser.

By playing at a number of casinos, you’ll be able to play the best games from many of the best game providers.  No single Aussie casino online can carry all the best Aussie casino games.  This is especially important with pokies.  All of the top game providers have 100 or more exciting, astounding, miraculous pokies.

By playing in instant play format, and by taking advantage of the great modern graphics that make instant play so much better than before, you’ll get the cream of the crop of Aussie casino games.

Australia Goes Mobile

Great modern graphics are the single most important reason for the explosion in mobile gamingThe top Aussie casinos like Black Diamond Casino, all feature a mobile adjunct.  Truth be told, mobile is already the number one gaming format in many countries.  As mobile reaches deeper into the Outback, we certainly will see mobile overtake desktop as the preferred gaming platform for Aussies as well. And if you take an Australian mobile casino and throw in a no deposit bonus….well, things don’t get much better than that!

Aussie Casinos Say Welcome

We spoke about Australian casinos with a no deposit bonus.  This is just the first in a series of welcome bonuses for new players at many Australian casinos online.  The no deposit bonuses can be for cash or for free spins.

We urge our readers to look for casinos that have a series of deposit bonuses for new players.  This gives you the chance to take advantage of all or part of the welcome package and earn hundreds or thousands of AUD in bonuses in the process.

Great Aussie Promotions

Every casino should have many promotions for cash or free spins.  These may come in several forms.  There might be an ongoing weekend promotion with a good deposit bonus.  The casinos know that Aussies like to be outdoors on weekends so they make it especially attractive to deposit then.

Many casinos run continuing promos every day of the week.  Some promotions are arranged as weekly deals and some casinos run promotional games that last a month or more.

One type of promotion that Aussies love especially are pokies tournaments.  These competitions are set up to be fun and exciting above all.  The entry fee is always small; sometimes the tournaments are free!  With low entry fees, the top prizes are relatively small.  Friendly competition is the by-word in these popular promotions!

Loyalty Pays Off

Aussie players enjoy excellent loyalty programmes in which you get loyalty points for each bet you make.  The points accumulate fast and since pokies earn points faster than other games, these programmes are perfect for Aussies!

After you have a sufficient number of points, you can cash them in for casino credit.  When your number of points reaches even higher levels, you might achieve VIP status.  Then the casino will invite you to join its VIP Club.

Safe and Easy Banking

Every casino makes it easy to deposit but some make it hard to withdraw.  We always point you in the direction of Aussie casinos that allow withdrawals within three days.

When your money is on deposit at the casino, it serves as a sort of bank.  The casino has a profound fiduciary responsibility to you.  It has to protect your money as if it were a real commercial bank.  In order to keep your account safe, the casinos all employ the best SSL encryption software.  So, from the moment your money leaves your bank until it returns to your bank after a withdrawal, it stays safe.

And then there’s the question of how to best fund your casino account. As you’ll see in our individual casino reviews, the possibilities are broad. While it’s not easy to find an online Australian PayPal casino, it IS easy to find casinos offering a very broad spectrum of banking choices for you to use. Even utilizing the most “now” method of payment, you can easily find Bitcoin casinos for Australian players.

Aussie Dollars Welcome

It is a big advantage to be able to deposit and withdraw in Aussie dollars.  Here is a short list of Aussie casinos that accept AUD:

  • Spartan Slots
  • Slots Capital
  • Fair Go
  • PlayCroco
  • Box 24
  • Black Diamond

Service with a Smile

Aussies are justifiably proud of their devotion to customer service; Aussie casinos online are no exception.  In fact, the customer service desk at the best Australian casinos never closes.  You can reach a trained representative either by chat, email, or toll free telephone.

We suggest you call a casino and talk to a representative.  You’ll get a good picture of what the casino is like by talking to a customer service person even before you’ve made a deposit!

Gaming for Aussies Has Never Been Better

The best Aussie Casinos do everything humanly possible to make your gaming enjoyable, entertaining, and fun.  From large banks of pokies, great video poker and table games, excellent promotions, friendly tournaments, safe and easy banking, and great customer service they have everything you could want in an online casino for Australia.

Do Australian online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses?

Yes, many of the best Australian online casinos—such as Fair Go Casino, for example—offer their players very nice no-deposit bonuses.

What kinds of games do Australian online casinos offer?

Pokies are the main attraction at Australian online casinos, but most of them also offer video poker, table games like roulette and blackjack, specialty games like keno and scratch card, and many others.

Why do Australians call their slot machines “pokies”?

Way back at the beginning—back in the 1890s—the first slot machines featured images of playing cards and therefore became known as “poker machines”. Australian, with their legendary penchant for slang, shortened the name to “pokies”. And the name stuck.

Do online casinos accept Australian dollars?

Yes, Australian online casinos allow deposits and withdrawals in our national currency, the Australian dollar.

What can you tell us about kangaroos?

The kangaroo is a marsupial from the family Macropodidae. Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia. Kangaroos can hop at speeds of up to 70 km/h (43 mph). Kangaroos can also swim.