Casino Match Bonus

You can get even more fun and thrills out of your online gaming adventure when you take advantage of the online casino’s match bonus give-aways. The bonus gifts add real money cash, chips, spins and points to your game deposits so you play real money games without making additional deposits and take home your wins in real cash prizes.

Casino advisors suggest that players read about each casino’s bonus offers on the casino website to ensure that they enjoy the best bonus deals possible.

Getting Started

When you’re ready to start playing online games you need to determine which casino will offer you the best return on your bets. Every casino delivers its own unique bonus gifts which are designed to encourage players to enjoy their gaming entertainment at that casino.

As you review the bonus offers at the various casinos you’ll see that most offer the basic Welcome Bonus, some Loyalty Points and perhaps a seasonal bonus to spice up holiday-season gaming fun. You might also find bonuses for playing on specific days of the week or times of the day.

In short, each casino wants you to believe that you’re getting the most for your patronage. That’s why it’s important to review the casinos before you select your preferred casino venue. When you know that each deposit will allow you to achieve great wins PLUS multiple bonuses, you can look forward to better-than-average payouts.


When the Vegas casinos opened in the 1940s they discovered that, by offering their loyal players various types of give-aways, they encouraged loyalty to a specific casino venue. Over the years new casinos were careful to make sure that players would receive different kinds of bonuses to deliver gifts that enabled players to enjoy a more engaging and fun-filled casino event.

The bonuses at the land-based casinos consisted of Loyalty Club goodies – discounts at the casino restaurants, coupons for hotel accommodations and other on-site bonus give-aways. Although brick-and-mortar casino gaming has changed significantly in the last 70 years, the tradition of these casino bonus gifts is still the rule in most casinos.

With the introduction of online casinos, the bonus programs changed. Online players don’t need food coupons or hotel discounts. They want to apply bonuses to their gaming activities and use the gifts to achieve more wins and accrue bigger and better payouts.

By expanding on these give-aways, the casino online provides gamers with opportunities to achieve bonus credits, points, cash, chips and free spins. These bonuses can then be used for extra playing time so the player competes with no deposit obligations and takes home real money rewards.

The bonus gifts can be applied to any game. If you receive bonus credits on your card game you can turn around and apply those points or credits to a slots or to a lottery. Regardless of your game preferences you’ll receive promotional gifts that you can use to play more games for more time for free – and collect the payouts on those free games! 

There aren’t any limits on the number of bonuses that you can collect or on the level that you must play in order to collect bonus credits. Whereas brick-and-mortar casinos demand that you place minimum bets in order to play specific games, the online casino allows you to place the wagers that match your individual budge. Bonuses are added to all games, regardless of whether you’re a high roller or a casual bettor.

Playing online gives you the chance to expand your casino entertainment and your take-home payouts via satisfying bonus rewards.

Here’s a short guide to two of the the various casino bonuses. This is meant to give you an overview of the types of promotions that you should be checking before yhou sign up to play at a casino:

Welcome Bonus

When you come to the online casino, the first bonus program that you’ll encounter is the Welcome Bonus. The Welcome Bonus is good for 7 days. The deposits that you make during this 7-day period will be matched by casino credits up to the casino’s maximum amount. Here’s where you need to do your own research – some casinos offer a maximum Welcome Bonus of a few hundred dollars but if you find a casino that gives you more, you should definitely take it!

The match credits are real money credits and the wins that you achieve from those credits are real money wins. The payouts from these wins will be added to your regular payout balance and you’ll be able to withdraw the cash from your casino account at your leisure. You can withdraw those payouts to your personal online bank account or you can redeposit them in your casino account and continue playing off of your wins.

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Loyalty Points

The casino offers Loyalty Points to its Loyal Players. From the moment that you enter the casino, even while you’re playing on Welcome Bonus cash, you’ll accrue Loyalty Points. The points are awarded based on the number of games that you play, the level of your deposits and the type of games that you play.   

For instance, if you play slots, you might earn 1 loyalty point for each credit that you deposit. If your preference is for a more challenging game like blackjack or poker you might earn 2 points for each credit deposited. You will receive these points regardless of whether you win or lose. 

When you’ve accumulated a set number of points you’ll be able to redeem those points for casino loot – more gaming credits!  You’ll receive your points regardless of whether you play the gaming machines or if you play at the Live Casino in competition against a live-streamed live dealer. 

Regardless of whether you’re a a casual gamer with small gambling bets or a high-rolling VIP player with expansive wagers you’ll enjoy more casino entertainment and more take-home payouts via the online casino’s match bonus rewards.