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BNG Online Slots Developer

In the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry, BNG game provider has emerged as a key player in the effort to create captivating casino games that deliver real money rewards.  BNG casino games are available for action-filled gaming entertainment at our Slots Play Casinos partner – Ripper Casino.

BNG brings an innovative approach to the every-evolving sector, giving players innovative and immersive gaming experiences that go beyond the traditional slots games. BNG games involve the latest HTML technology, imaginative storylines, interactive features and multiple opportunities to achieve real money wins on every spin.

Industry Leader

BNG has built its company on the belief that casino gamers aren’t looking for simple win/lose gaming adventures. Gamers are interested in game software that involves immersive, interactive experiences.  BNG’s cutting-edge technology combines with an understanding of player interests, expectations and fantasies to create games that offer action-packed entertainment on any PC or mobile screen.

BNG focuses on innovative gameplay that levels up from the traditional casino video machine. The game developer specializes in creating a selection of fun-filled slots to give the player the chance to play a game that suits his, or her individual interests and preferences.

The BNG games library features classic casino slots with unique twists, interactive five-reel video slots and now, even skill-based slots. Every game is created with vivid graphics, realistic audio tracks and other immersive features to ensure that the gaming event will engage all the senses.  From the exquisitely-designed slot machine themes to realistic card game simulations, no effort is spared to ensure a meaningful gaming adventure.

BNG Slots

Most game developers have a wide selection of games but that means that they don’t specialize in any of them. BNG decided, from the beginning, that it would focus on the slots experience and that focus has allowed the company to break new boundaries in its drive to offer the very best in slots gaming to enthusiasts.

BNG leaves no page unturned in the effort to attend to every detail of the slots experience while keeping an eye on the objectives of player retention and satisfaction.  This is one of the main reasons that Ripper Casino continues to partner with the BNG games developer.

Every game involves collaboration between game designers, mathematicians and producers. The games all involve multiple betting opportunities including budget-level wagers and VIP bets. There are maximum rounds in every game so players can rely on enjoying multiple opportunities to achieve winning payouts in every round.


BNG’s games are produced under a partnership of studios who collaborate as part of the BNG Developer Program. In this way outsource developers and art studios can combine the game art with the latest in technological frameworks to ensure the highest quality games.

Each partner focuses on the aspects of the game in which it excels – the outsource developers supply the server, interface and technological elements while the art studio adds in the creative components. In this way, the resulting game offers the highest-quality gaming experience possible.

For instance, one of the latest BNG games, Sun of Egypt 3, brings back the theme and characters of the highly-successful Sun of Egypt 1 and Sun of Egypt 2 along with new interactive elements that include Free Spins, Mystery Symbols, Bonus Games, a Super Bonus game and Jackpots!

Some additional top BNG games include:

  • Green Chili
  • Grab the Gold
  • Lady Fortune
  • Forest Spirit
  • Maya Spirit

Player-Centric Approach

BNG brings a player-centric approach to the world of game design. The company solicits player feedback and takes player suggestions and advice to heart in moving forward making their games not onlhy fun, but also user-friendly.  This approach has led to a loyal and satisfied player base who appreciate the thought and effort that goes into every BNG creation.

The BNG team embraces cutting-edge technology in their slots including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain in order to enhance the player experience. In this way, they create games that are both entertaining and ready for gamers of the future.

Some of the highlights of BNG games are:

  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • One-on-one live tournaments with a game spectator mode
  • Asian and Western themes
  • Fully adaptive to both desktop and mobile devices
  • Automatic API integration
  • Flexibility to integrate various features as requested
  • Global reach
  • Live troubleshooting
  • Real-time data and analytics
  • Optimized user interfaces
  • User-friendly navigation tools

Safe and Reliable

The BNG Random Number Generator is tested & certified by internationally accredited testing laboratory Quinel M. Ltd via iTech Labs so that players are ensured secure and fair gaming entertainment.


Ripper Casino and other top quality online casinos rely on BNG for their software needs.

BNG For All Your Gaming Needs

BNG specializes in technologically-advanced slots that will keep you amused and immersed in the gameplay for hours at a time while you earn real money prizes. All BNG games are designed to integrate with any casino on any platform and provide gamers with the opportunity to play for free or for real money at the level of their choice.

BNG games might not be available in some countries due to regulatory restrictions – so check into the specifics of your locality.

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