Speed, Accuracy, and Safety: The Hallmarks of the PayPal Payment Method

There are many online payment systems for real money casinos. Some are well-known to almost everyone: credit and debit cards or direct bank transfers. Ewallets are a new type of online casino payment method so a lot of players are unfamiliar with them. When we talk about ewallets, the PayPal payment method is perhaps the top online payment method of this sort.

Hassle-free Money Transfers

Before we talk specifically about PayPal, we should go over generally how to deposit in an online casino. You have to be sure that both the payment method you choose and the casino you want to send the money to are secure behind strong SSL encryption software. If the casino doesn’t tell you openly that it uses encryption software to protect your money, we advise you not to send money there through the PayPal payment method or any other.

Out of Many, One

There are many different ways to deposit and withdraw within each category but there are only a small number of payment categories so you first choose the type of banking method that best suits you and then you choose the provider within that method.

Depositing is actually quite simple. The casino will ask for some form of identification. This is to protect you when you withdraw so the casino knows that you are indeed you. You’ll fill out a form and then give the pertinent information to the casino so it can expedite the money transfer.

PayPal: Respected World Over

Now, on to how it works with PayPal specifically. PayPal was in the forefront of the ewallet explosion when people began buying and selling goods and services online. Today we are so used to shopping online that we don’t always realize that it requires sophisticated software to make online money transfers possible.

Just as the casino asks you to fill out a registration form and to send it some proof of your identity, PayPal requires that you open an account. Your account uses your email address as its identifying information. So, when you deposit through PayPal or take withdrawals to PayPal the only form of identification you need is your email address.

When you want to deposit from PayPal to a casino, you have to send money to your PayPal account. Money sent to PayPal or taken out of PayPal looks like a business transaction. This gives you the privacy you desire for your gaming transfers.

So Simple

Even if you don’t have a credit card, you can send money to your PayPal account. You can send money with money orders or direct bank transfers. In this era, when it seems like everyone has at least one credit card, you use that card to send money to PayPal and they do the rest.

From the standpoint of PayPal, a money transfer is simple indeed. For deposits, you send PayPal your request and they move the money. For withdrawals, the casino tells PayPal to expect to receive money to your account, the casino sends the money, and PayPal immediately credits your account.

PayPal sends a message to your email when you either request a transfer to the casino or when your make a withdrawal. In this way, you can easily keep track of your transactions through PayPal.

And these days, where everything is done on your phone through mobile apps, we suggest putting the PayPal app on your phone. You’re most likely to play at the casino on your phone at some point- most casino play these days is on phones and tablets. So it certainly makes sense to fund your casino account right on your phone using the PayPal app.

The Modern World

PayPal was established only about twenty years ago to facilitate money transfers business to business or business to customer. Every day many millions of dollars are transferred between PayPal accounts.

All you need do is choose the casino you’d like to play at within your jurisdiction:

Note… we have found casinos that accept PayPal from some countries and not from others, depending on local regulations. So choose the casino you’d like to play at and check to see if they accept PayPal from where you are located.

Once you’ve used it, you’ll understand that the PayPal payment method is one of the easiest online payment methods around if not the top online casino payment method. It answers the question of how to deposit in an online casino with quickness and simplicity and absolute security. Your deposit is quick making your access to real money games quick, as well. Within minutes, you’re off having fun playing at your favorite online casino.