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Multiply Your Blackjack Winnings

Multi-handed Blackjack is the biggest payout game in any live casino, but with an RTP of 99.54%, Play’n Go’s version gives you all the fun of a real live Blackjack game, but with an extra 6 handed boost for wins of up to 1,200 coins per hand!


If you enjoy playing Blackjack as much as we do, then you’ll love Play’n Go’s multi-hand video Blackjack games. The game is laid out on a green felt table that looks, sounds and behaves just like a real casino. Keep your sound turned on because besides the classic piano lounge music, the pleasant voice of the dealer will lead you through the game. This is a pretty standard Blackjack table game style, which means that you are dealt two cards to begin with. Then you can choose to hit, which means you’re asking for an additional card, or you can stand, which means you don’t want any more cards.

Blackjack is played in competition against the dealer and the aim of the game is to collect a combination of cards that add up to as close to 21 as possible without going over, which is called ‘bust.’ In Blackjack, all the numbered playing cards from 2 -10 stand for the number shown, but all the royal cards are equal to 10 and the Ace can either represent 1 or 11. When you get dealt a 10 and an A, it’s worth 21 and it’s called ‘Blackjack,’ which trumps every other hand. You can also ‘split’ when you get two cards that are worth the same number, which separates them out into two new hands and gives you an extra chance at winning.

Special Features

This is a 6 deck Blackjack game, which is just like the rules in a real, live casino. Most virtual Blackjack games have unlimited decks and the cards dealt are entirely random. The limited decks here means your chances of guessing the next card, or at least, ruling out a card that’s already been played often, are more realistic.

And let’s not forget this Blackjack version is ‘multi-hand’, so you get to play up to three hands at a time with three separate bets and three separate wins. Considering that the maximum you can bet is 100 chips on each hand, with the option for split hands, you could win up to 1,200 across 6 hands in every game.


Blackjack is notorious for having the best odds and the highest payouts in the casino world. This multihand version, with the 6 deck limit, increases your winning odds to an astonishing 99.54% RTP, plus there’s all the fun of a real Blackjack game. What’s not to love?