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The Bubbles Slot Ain’t For Kids!

For a traditional casino slot game that transports you to the lights, action and carpeted comfort of a real. land-based casino, play Bubbles slot online.


Slot games have certainly evolved in the past few years and seem to be more and more like video games. That’s fine and good for the people who love video games, but where does that leave the tried and true ol’ school slot machine fans?  Right here, of course, with Simbat’s Bubbles online slot game.

Bubbles is a 3 reel, five line nostalgia trip for anyone out of nappies who loves punting on the pokies. It’s not ol’ school because of a lack of effort, because a lot of effort has been put into this video slot to make sure it stands up to the tests. It has been purposefully designed like a standalone slot machine that you’d find in any brick and mortar casino venue.

As such, you’ll find all the base symbols are classic fruit, veggies, sevens, starts and bells with the ‘Bubbles’ symbol being the wild. The paytable and instructions are right there on the screen and even the play, hold and reset buttons are designed to look like 1980s slot machine buttons, except minus the chewing gum stuck to the side.

Special Features

There aren’t many special features on this treasure, but what there is available is not in any ‘hidden’ bonus games or levels: it’s right there on the screen all the time. You can choose the hold function or the gamble feature for any win. There’s also multi-gameplay capability, which is quite unusual in modern video pokies and speeds up the game play a fair bit.


As timeless as Crocodile Dundee! While this slot game may not be our favourite to date, there is definitely some magic to it. It’s not for everyone, but much like other video slots might transport you to a beachside resort or a jungle, this one is for the true casino connoisseur and is truly a time machine taking you back to the live, land based casino experience of the 80s and 90s.