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Feel the Heat in Chicago

It’s the roaring twenties on the rough and murky streets of Chicago: guns, goons, shootouts, moonshine, dames and street urchins. Toe the line to get share of the action, but be warned: this Novomatic slot game’s not as black and white as it seems – read about the Chicago slot below.


The base game is fairly straightforward, although instead of 5 or 8 there are 11 regular symbols including (from highest paying to lowest) a fat mob boss, a worn out detective, a smoking dame, an old beat cop, a hopeful newspaper boy and 5 playing cards. Chicago Skyscrapers are Wild and a 1920’s style car bumper and grid represents the Scatter symbol.

The 5 reels are designed like old, sepia coloured paper reels, but riddled with bullet holes like they’ve been caught up in a gangster shootout. The only real colour on screen is the odd splash of bright yellow, the 20 payline numbers on either side of the reel and the playing panel at the bottom.

Special Features

There are 2 special features in this game. The first is the gamble feature: every time you win on a spin, you get the choice to either collect your winnings, or gamble them in a double or nothing card game. Every time you guess if the mystery card is black or red and you’re right, your winnings double. Guess wrong, and you lose everything and go back to the base game.

The other feature is the Free Spins game. If you get 2 or more Scatter symbols, you get a payout plus 12 free spins. In the Free Spin session there’s a row of moonshine bottles at the top with different multipliers between x1 and x10 on them. Each time you win in a Free Spin session, you randomly get awarded a multiplier, which can really boost your winnings.


Although the payouts are pretty good, the theme is interesting and the Free Spins feature is fairly unique, we can’t help feeling like Novomatic could have done so much more with this pokie.