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Yggdrasil has broken the mold yet again with their ‘Fire and Ice’ Double Dragons slot game. A fast paced combination of stunning graphics, single spin wins of up to 100,000 coins and so many special features, we’ve come to suspect it might be magic!


Yggdrasil have gone all out in the Double Dragons slot game! Let’s start with the inspiring and adventurous, orchestral soundtrack that really sets the tone. Not to mention some of the best graphics we’ve seen in any video slot game, including intricate Celtic dragon motifs, smoking dragon towers and four different colored, moving dragon eyes that double as the higher base symbols.

The base game features 4 wilds: a red Wild, a red dragon head, a blue Wild and a blue dragon head. The standard wilds are almost always stacked at least 6 high. When the red dragon head wild appears, it creates two more red wilds anywhere on the reels.

When the blue dragon head appears, multiplies any winnings from that spin and the more blue dragon heads you get, the more multipliers. Plus, there are 18 slots on the right side of the screen: 9 red and 9 blue. Every dragon head you get fills a slot until you’ve completed either the blue or the red quota, which triggers the Double Dragon free spins feature.

There are also drop down wins, so every time you win, all the winning symbols explode and get refilled with new symbols for a second chance to win.

Special Features

This game has two super cool bonus games, the first of which is the Double Dragons bonus game, which doesn’t last long, but comes up fairly often with wins that regularly reach over 500 coins. So when you get x4 wins in a row on a single spin (with the drop down feature), it triggers both dragons to burst the fortress gates in glorious 3D flames and icicles. Each dragon chooses a reel to magically convert into stacked wilds up to 28 symbols high.

The free spins feature is triggered by filling up all the 9 dots of either the red or blue dragon quotas on the right hand side of the screen, which triggers a measly 5 free games, but when combined with the Double Dragon feature, which in the Free Spins feature is triggered by x2 wins in a row instead of the usual four, it can amount to astronomical wins of between 1,000 – 10,000 coins each time.


Featuring super cool graphics, red hot wins and soaring bonuses, Double Dragon is one of the most thrilling, and lucrative, video slots on the net!