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The Pigs Are Certainly Flying Today!

If you’ve ever wondered if slot games could be combined with bingo games, or more simply put, if pigs can fly yet, then the answer to both is yes: Play’n Go has finally discovered how to merge the 2 ever popular games for one, hunky-dairy farming game with up to 7,500 coins to be won on every card.


Honestly, this is one of the most confusing video slot games ever created unless you’re a bingo enthusiast. Set on a pig farm, this game features 4 cards with numbers on them, 3 down and 5 across. 30 balls are drawn, each with numbers on them as well, and wherever the card numbers match the balls, they get marked in red. At the top of the screen are 12 paylines examples and if the numbers on the cards create a combination that matches a payline, you win the amount underneath the winning payline. For the top 3 paylines, which are the 2 bonus combinations and a filled out Bingo card, this can reach up to the maximum win of 7,500 coins. So, essentially, instead of matching symbols to payline patterns, as you would in a normal slot game, here you’re matching numbers. In a normal slot game, the bonus is triggered by a particular symbol pattern, while here it’s only if you get the right payline pattern.

Special Features

Not that anything about this game is ordinary, but there are a couple of extra special features that make for pretty big pay boosts. Firstly, if your number pattern matches anything above the three lowest paylines, you get the option to buy extra balls and make even more payline combinations on any of the four cards. This is akin to free spins with sticky wilds and makes for some pretty big pay boosts. The second special is the bonus round, triggered by the second and third highest paying paylines, where you have to double click the pigs to move them into the fenced area. Every pig moved in will get you an additional bonus until you click on the mystery pig that turns evil, laughs at you and ends the bonus game.


This game has an RTP of 93.73% and some pretty decent wins stacking up, but as interesting as this cross bingo/slot concept is, you’d have to be a fan of both to really enjoy the Flying Pigs slot.