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Learn To Play on Mini Baccarat

Baccarat, also called Punto Banco, is known as a sophisticated and gentrified card game, which is why it’s such a long standing classic and the favourite game of James Bond. The rules, however, are not as complicated as people seem to think, as you’ll discover quickly enough when you start winning on Mini Baccarat.


Play’n Go’s super series of table-come-slot games continues with Mini Baccarat; an Italian game known for its sophistication, grace and high roller wins. The gameplay is fairly straightforward: the player is pitted against the dealer, aka. the Banker and first off, you place your chips to bet if you think the player will win the round, if the dealer will win or if there will be a tie.

Then both the player and dealer get dealt 2 cards, with an option for a third, where the values of the 10 cards and face cards are all equal to 0, while Aces count as 1. Whoever’s card combination adds up the closest to 9 is the card winner.

But we don’t want to win cards: we want to win money. So, if you bet on the dealer winning and the dealer has the best hand then actually, you win the money bet at a rate of 1:1 (minus 5%). If you bet on the player and you were right, you get paid out 1:1. If you correctly bet that the cards would be a tie then you win the money bet at a superb rate of 8:1.

It doesn’t matter if your own cards are good or bad as long as you bet on the winning hand. So the real aim of the game is to predict whose hand will add up the closest to the number 9. Kapish?

Special Features

This is a simplified version of Baccarat, which is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to play or to hone their skills. There aren’t really any special features here, except maybe that the winning patterns are laid out in a visual graph on the ‘table top’ to the left. This is because what’s really special about Baccarat is not the game or the cards, but the strategies involved.


Play’n Go have created a visually realistic and smooth running version of the classic Baccarat game. This simplified version is clear, easy to understand and can teach anyone to play. Highly recommend this version for Baccarat beginners.