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The Slot Wheel Is Finally Here!

And now for something completely different! First there were video slots, then there was video poker and now there’s Money Wheel – the first roulette style slot wheel with incredible winning power!


Ever wandered what you’d get if you crossed a roulette table game with a video slot? Money Wheel! Play’n Go has come up with the perfect combination of video slots and roulette and the pay outs are pretty awesome! The screen is set up like a table game and you get to bet with ‘chips’ rather than coins. You can bet any combination of chips up to 100, which is the maximum bet available, on any of 7 different options.

Much like in any other slot game, first you choose your chip, or betting amount. Then you click on the circles on laid out on the green table to choose which corresponding numbers on the wheel you want to bet on. There’s 5 different numbers available that each represent your betting odds: the 3, for example, represents the ‘3’ on the wheel and appears enough times on the wheel that your odds are 3:1. The ‘10’ circle, however,  appears less often on the wheel, so your chances of hitting it are slimmer than the 3, but the odds of a payout is 10:1. Likewise, your payouts are also simplified so that if you win on a 3, you get x3 your bet and if you win on the 20, you get x20 your bet.

Special Features

Although this entire game is a special feature and there’s no bonus game options available, there are two betting options that are less straightforward. In the center of the green table, close to the wheel, you’ll see two symbols: a red dragon and a green flower (or star, but it looks more like a flower to us).

When you place your chips on either of these two circles, your betting odds are much lower, at 45:1, but the potential payouts are much higher. These are the wild cards of the game and if you bet on either one and the wheel hits the corresponding symbol, then you get paid 45 your original bet! Even on a single chip, that’s a pretty sweet win!


This is a breath of fresh air in the slot world, especially for anyone who likes to punt on the roulette wheel every now and then. With an average RTP of 96%, the Money Wheel is a little more sophisticated than your average slot game, but it’s definitely got the thrills and wins to keep us enthralled.