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Spectra: The Futuristic Slot For Minimalists

Step into the 1980’s vision of the future on Thunderkick’s Spectra slot, with 30 paylines and stacked wilds, this is a fun way to earn up to 240,000 coins.


Thunderkick’s Spectra pokies game isn’t too complicated: there are no bonus games, no scatters and not much in the way of special effects. The game has a simplistic, futuristic design with colourful neon set against a pitch black background and synthesizer sound track reminiscent of the original ‘Tron’ movie from 1982. Spectra features 5 reels, 30 paylines and a slew of neon base symbols that are literally shapes: a square, hexagon, diamond, circle, triangle and the outlines of a bell, four leaf clover, a lucky 7 and a ‘Bar.’ It’s simplistic, yet for sci-fi fans who like to make a few bucks, this slot could really be a lucky winner, with an RTP 96.4% and wins of up to 240 000 coins.

Special Features

The only special feature in this game is the wild, which is symbolised by a multicoloured, neon ‘W.’ All wilds are stacked x4, but the stacks are not always visible in the playing field. If the topmost ‘W’ is at the top of the reel, you won’t see the rest of the stack. The wild comes with some pretty nifty features, though. Firstly, every time a wild appears, it triggers a free respin where the wilds are almost sticky – instead of staying put, the stack nudges one step towards the centre of the reel. So if you start with two wilds at the top of the reel, in the respin, you’ll have 3 wilds at the top of the reel. This can make for some lovely paylines and makes up (somewhat) for the lack of bonus games and other flourishes.


Spectra has its own appeal, especially for players who aren’t into all the fancy designs and bonus games that come with many other popular slots. The wins are definitely there, but we feel the effort, atmosphere and creativity that we love in so many slots is missing here.