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A Super Revolution!

Get ready to spin Lady Luck’s Super Wheel ! From Play’n Go’s innovative video slot vs table game collection, comes this gem of a game. This is where the worlds of Roulette and video slots meet for a fast, fantastic collaboration that could win you up to 23,500 chips in a single spin!


If you’ve never played roulette before, don’t worry: it won’t hold you back on Super Wheel. This is the famous game of chance made simple: there’s chips, a table with circles and a wheel. Place your chip on a circle and spin the wheel. If the wheel lands on the same number as where you placed your bet, you win!

For a bit more depth, there are 7 circles on the table: 1, 3, 5, 11, 23, a red four leaf clover and a black horseshoe.  Each of the numbers are represented on the wheel and also appear the right number of times on the 52 segments of the wheel so they also represent their own odds. So if you place 1 coin bet on the 23, the odds that the wheel will stop on a 23 are 23:1 and if you win, you also win 23 coin chips, in addition to keeping the original chip you bet with.

In Super Wheel, the minimum bet is 1.00, but you can also place bets with up to 100.00 chips and the total maximum you can bet on a single spin is 500.00 coins. So, you can divide your bets up or place multiple chips on the same circle. It’s all up to you.

Special Features / Advanced Tips

This isn’t a regular video slot game, so you won’t find any bonus games, wilds or scatter symbols here. What you will discover, pretty early on, is that if you bet 1 chip on the 1, your number will come up often, but you won’t win much. Try betting on a combination of numbers, or even with a combination of chip amounts. For example, place 1 chip on the red, because of 47:1 payout, but hedge your bet with a 5 chip on the 1, because it has a higher winning potential. This is called playing with strategy and there’s dozens of different strategies you can try out!


Roulette is the ultimate casino game of chance, but with an RTP of 90%, this video slot hybrid version has much higher payout odds than a regular roulette game and is (almost) as much fun!