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Zoom In Or Zoom Out

Thunderkick’s Zoom game features soothing graphics and music and an unusual set up to create a fairly streamlined slot with no hidden levels, bonus games or fancy extras. What you see is pretty much what you get in this game.


Zoom is not a slot game for people who love bonus levels, multipliers and hidden mysteries: it’s about as straight up as a modern video slot game can get. Bets range from between .10 to 100.00, there are 6 reels, four lines and 64 paylines with an RTP of 96.2%. The reels are divided into 6 groups of four squares and besides the traditional payline grid, if you fill an entire square with a single symbol, you’ll also score a win.

The 7 base symbols are, from highest to lowest, a star, 7, a golden bell and four fruits. There’s a Wild symbol that can substitute for almost everything else, and a ‘Z’ symbol, which stands for ‘Zoom.’

Special Features

The only special feature of this game is the Zoom feature, which is triggered by any ‘Z’ that appears on the screen. The Zoom feature expands the Z symbol to cover whichever entire 2×2 square that the ‘Z’ first appears in and then it respins all the reels and randomly chooses a symbol, called a ‘Massive Symbol’ to replace the Z over all four squares, which can mean bigger wins if the new combinations line up on any of the pay lines.

If 4 ‘Z’ symbols or Massive Symbols appear in adjacent positions to form a square, then will combine into a Super Massive Symbol and cover an area of 4×4 symbol squares and trigger a free respin.


Meh. The wins on this game are really not good enough to make up for the lack of effort on Thunderkick’s part. No bonus games, free spins or even mystery wins makes for a pretty bland playing experience.