There are 1000s of Slots; Free Slots Help You Decide Which Slots to Play

Slots play has skyrocketed since the online casino revolution began some twenty years ago. There are literally thousands of slots at online casinos. It is likely true that all of the land-based casinos in the world together can’t carry even a small fraction of all the slots that the thousands of online casinos can carry. So, players who wish to get a feel for any single slots game will want to be able to play free slots.

And here are several free slots to get you going…

Great Imaginations Create Great Slots

Players can’t keep track of all the slots out there. The many providers all come out with new slots every month. It is mind boggling how they come up with such entertaining new ideas month after month!

These slots are created by dozens of large and small companies. The key element that combines all modern video slots is creativity. The developers vie with each other for the title of “best slots developer”. Of course, this title is so subjective that no single slots producer will ever earn the title by consensus.

The Internet Comes Up with a Solution

There are many sites that make free slots games available to all players. One of the big advantages of going to such sites is that they can carry free slots online from all or at least many of the game developers.

This is important because most casinos carry slots from a single developer or possibly two. It’s also true that all online casinos (as opposed to zero land-based casinos) allow players to play slots for free for as long as they wish to. But, if an online casino has free casino slots from one or two developers, it means that their players are missing out on the free slots machines from all the other developers.

Free With the Option to Play for Real

The sites that offer free online slots do so because they want to get you to develop a liking for a given slots game through your free slots play. Then you’ll likely click on the “play for real” button whereby you are instantly transported to the casino that the free slots site has a deal with.

This is all good business from the standpoint of both the free slots site and the casino. It’s also a good idea from your side because it gives you the chance to get to know a large number of slots games without being asked to deposit money or make a bet.

Casinos Offer Free Slots Play

Online casinos have virtually unlimited space. Land-based casinos may be big but even the big one have very limited space. So it makes perfect sense that online casinos will offer unlimited free slots play whereas land-based casinos can’t afford to do so.

Another way online casinos encourage free slots games is by offering an instant play format. This is not exactly the same as free casino slots but it has a huge advantage for players. Instead of being required to download a “heavy” online casino to your hard drive, you can register and even deposit a modest sum and play free online slots with a computer-friendly platform.

Players often refer to instant play as getting free slots no download. That’s how important it is to be able to access many casinos that take up no space on your hard drive and offer the widest range of online casino slots and other games.

Bonuses and Slots

Many casinos have developed welcome offers for new players that incorporate the idea of free slots machines with free spins. Here the idea is simple. Instead of “just” offering a big cash bonus, which they do in any case, they also offer free spins in selected free slots online.

Free spins amount to another way for the casinos to let players play free slots. The last common means casinos have to allow free slots play is by offering free slots with no deposit.

Free Spins Bonuses

There is a misconception that some players have about free slots. Some believe that if you are playing for free you still win if you win. Unfortunately, there is no cash payout to a “win” while you were playing for free.

You can win big with free spins if the free spins are part of a casino bonus or in the free spins bonus rounds that are a regular feature of video slots. As much as the casino might like to find a way to get you to win real money when you are playing free slots machines with free spins the fact that these slots are free means that there aren’t any cash wins.

Benefits of Free Slots

So, to repeat the point of this article, the great value of being able to play free slots is in getting to know a huge number of slots. Then, when you’re ready to play for real money, you’ll know which slots machines have the most entertainment value combined with possible profitability for you.

By offering instant play, online casinos are saying to all gamers: “check us out at no extra burden to your hard drive.”

In all these cases, free slots are a great boon both to players and to casinos.