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777 Slot Review

In every era, in every culture, if you ask people to name a favorite number, they’ll say “seven.” A 2008 study on memory explains this preference because, according to the research, our brains produce the best information when dendrites (branches) that receive stimulation receive influxes in multiples of 7. Our brains prefer to store data in multiples of 7 and that in turn has turned the number 7 into the world’s luckiest number!

Today casino slots enthusiasts are choosing the 777 online slot machine as their preferred gaming event. 7 was always an important number in ancient societies and now that translates into real money 777 online slot prizes.

777 Slot Information

For thousands of years kings, soldiers, seers, philosophers, football players and others have been placing the number 7 front and center as they try to draw good fortune from the cosmos.

It’s hard to ignore the number 7 – there are 7 days in the week, opposite faces of dice add up to 7, there is a 7th heaven, 7 wonders of the world, 7 seas, 7 continents and 7 primary colors in the rainbow. Card players say that 7 shuffles will full randomize a deck of cards and 7 is an important number in the Old Testament. Psychologist George A. Miller points to the fact that our immediate memory works best when we are asked to remember 7 things or less.

Now you are only a click away from lucky number 7 rewards when you play the 777 online slot which is available online for free gaming or real money gambling entertainment. The game features three reels, a Hold feature, and tiered payouts, multipliers and more.

777 Slot Features

Realtime Gaming  has created the 777 slot for players who enjoy traditional old-time three-reel slots entertainment together with the fun and excitement of modern 21st century technology.  777 has only one payline but there are plenty of opportunities to line up the bars and 7s to achieve real money wins.

In addition to the regular spins there’s a Hold feature that gives gamers the opportunity to hold one or two reels on “hold” so that they can keep high value symbols for the next spin.

The slot is retro-styled but the wins are definitely 21st century. There are three bet levels: Normal, High and Super. If you place a normal bet you have the chance to win up to 1000X. Deposit a High bet and wait to see if you win the maximum payout which is as much as 1680X.

The cards symbol is the Wild. It substitutes for all symbols except for other cards. Every Cards symbol that substitutes in a line win multiplies the pay for that win by 3x. More than 1 multiplier may match and multiply in a win, up to 9X.

The highlight of this game is the progressive jackpot which gives you the chance to compete with players from around the world for the grand jackpot prize. Every participating player adds a small additional bet to their regular game wager to activate the jackpot. When one participating player hits the jackpot, he collects the entire pool of jackpot bets.

In 777, if you put down a Super Bet, you have the opportunity to compete for the game’s progressive jackpot. Hit three Wilds and win the jackpot prize. Lowest win amount in the machine’s progressive jackpot is $4200 but the payouts can stretch into the tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. You need to play with Super Bet to trigger the jackpot feature. Your progressive jackpot wins will be added to your other wins.

The 777 slot features the popular Hold feature which applies to symbols in the Pay table. It’s activated following a winning combination and when it activates, the player may choose to hold one or two reels by clicking the “HOLD” button that’s located below the corresponding reel.

Whenever 2 reels are held, the third HOLD button disables and when a hold button is clicked, an extra bet amount is calculated to increase the total bet amount. Confirm the bet amount and then you can spin to start the “Hold & Spin” game.

Bet amounts for a Hold and Spin game is calculated based on the last spin’s wager. Hold & Spin games deliver payouts higher than the payout of the combination that triggered the HOLD feature. If 3 Cards wilds come up and the jackpot activates, all HOLD buttons are disabled until the next game round.


The 777 slot combines the best of the traditional three-reel slot machine with the latest 21st century slots technology. This is a great game for players at any slots level – penny slots players to high rollers.