Cash Bandits 3 Online Slot

Cash Bandits 3 online slots is an exciting cops and robber style gamble slot. The game is focused on rewarding the player for being an outstanding criminal!! The robber (you) earns his bonuses, depending on how great you have proven yourself in outsmarting the cops. Take home the big prize when you manage to stay one up on the cops all the way.

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Cash Bandits 3 Game Review

Unique in its nature, Cash Bandits 3 online slots is among the most sought after online slots. If you have played Cash Bandits 1 and 2, you already have a glimpse of what to expect from the game. Most players who have given the slot a shot say that the games are similar, but this one is so so so much better. The improvements are evident, particularly in the theme and graphics.

Cash Bandit 3 is most definitely worth giveing a try. Expect more action, gameplay features, an improved theme, and brand new experience. With detailed information, you will know what to expect from this game. More information on the slot game will help you understand what it is all about and hopefully tempt you to give it a shot.

Cash Bandits 3 Slot Information

Cash Bandits 3 is a slot game that is a creation of the world’s best casino software developers, RTG. If you have tried any other of their games, then you know to expect great fun and features. It is a successful game that earns players some of the biggest prizes in the gambling world. The payouts can go as high as 2,000 times the bet you place. The game is also graced by amazing jackpots, giving the you something to always look forward to while gaming.

Cash Bandits 3 is a 5×3 reel and 25 lines slot, with up to 23x multipliers, which are among the many things that make this particular slot unique. The players who give this game a chance never look back, and there is only one way to know: playing Cash Bandits 3. The game has tons of features that you will particularly love in your gameplay.

Cash Bandits 3 Features

You can tell what the quality of a game is by understanding its features. The following are Cash Bandits 3 features that will astonish you and make you want to play the game immediately.

1. High volatility

Online casino games can either have high volatility or low volatility. Cash Bandits 3 is a high volatility game, which means that it is high risk. With such a game, you can have high returns within a short time. The wins are enormous and can be earned within a short period. If you are the kind of player that prefers slots that give you a chance of big wins, then you are in the right place. It is also worth noting that these kinds of slots are the most preferred when you have a lot of cash in your bankroll and the time to play!

2. Jackpots

The availability of jackpots is something you should look at when selecting a casino game to play. They give you something to look forward to making your casino experience exciting. Different games have different jackpots.

The jackpot reset amount for Cash Bandits 3 is between $250 and $1000. The jackpots are also local progressive, which can be won any time you conclude the game. They are also triggered randomly, and the wins are also added to your other wins. The jackpot contribution is also very friendly, whereby you only contribute 1.5% of your total return. It is also worth noting that Cash Bandits 3 jackpots cannot be grouped.

3. Bonuses

Every player playing slots online deserves bonuses: it is one of the fantastic things about gambling online. Cash Bandits 3 offers bonuses in the form of free spins. To get the free games features, you should be looking out for Cash Bandits 3 scatters. They can appear anywhere in the course of your gaming. Initially, you will get awarded with five free games, followed by a two-times game prize multiplier.

Any retrigger of the game adds free games, and the games are supposed to be played at the lines and bets of the triggering game.

4. Vaults

The vaults are some of the most vital features in Cash Bandits 3. The vaults present themselves once you have landed three scatters on the reels. When the vault features come into play, you are asked to enter numbers in order to unlock the vaults. Different digits unlock the various vaults, which are six. The selections are also given to the player, depending on how the scattered icons initiate the vault feature.

When you manage to unlock the vault are awarded with free spins. For instance, spin up to five scatters, and get seven to eight selections. On getting the selections, choose the vaults to open and you’ll discover a variety of multipliers and free spins.

The vaults are quite similar to the ones in the first two versions of Cash Bandits. However, the free spins that the players get in Cash Bandits 3 are way more!

5. Theme and design

The theme and design of a casino game play a critical part of the experience that you will have with a game. As an enthusiastic player, you must be curious about the theme and design of Cash Bandits 3. Before we get into details, know that you are going to be impressed.

Cute cartoon cops and robbers characterize the game’s theme. The characters are well-designed, alongside every other feature available in the game. That is the badges, money, handcuffs, logo and so on. The theme is a combination of symbols that will give you a real feel of a cop and robber (fun) experience.

6. Top bet

Here there is good news for you! The top award for the game is 115,000 times for every bet line!!!

The win direction for most games is left to the right. Cash Bandits 3 is different as it pays in any direction


Cash Bandits 3 is a slots game like no other. Following its predecessors, it does not disappoint in giving you a fun-filled, entertaining experience. It has incredible payouts, bonuses, theme, and design. The volatility makes the game exciting, and at the same time, allows you to enjoy high returns. You can also expect the multipliers to pop up even in the free spins.

We hope our review has enticed you to try the game, will improve your game play and help you take advantage of the all game’s fantastic features.