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Cash Cow has a western cattle ranching theme but the money you could win will have no bovine smell about it! The caricatures point to a tongue in cheek slot and the game gets the most fun out of the rancher, his wife and daughter, piglets, a goofy chicken, a dog, a jug of milk, the genius scarecrow, and the cash cow itself, of course!

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Cash Cow Slots Review

WGS Technology, one of the world’s leading game developers, combines life on the farm with cash crops in the five-reel, 50 payline Cash Cow Slot Machine.

Cash Cow takes bovine fun to a new level with farm adventures  that aim to turn farming into a lucrative, bit-money-producing enterprise. The game, designed and powered by the industry-leading WGS Technology, takes farming to a new level with big wins on every spin.

Read the Cash Cow review before you start to play for an overview of how the game works. Cash Cow slot machine gives you a wide range of betting options. You can place low-level bets of as low as 1 coin of .01 for a minimum bet or you can go as high as 3 coins of up to a .5 maximum bet. Or you can choose anything in between those 2 wagering options.

Don’t forget though — when you enable a payline with a bet, you have the option of collecting on your win. However, if you achieve a winning payline on a line that you haven’t enabled with a deposit, you’ll hear the winning bells but you won’t have a payout to add to your win box.

Casino Amount Game Name When
SlotoCash $60,825.00 Ocean Oddities winner iconTally R. 2023-01-26
Fair Go $50,000.00 Panda's Gold winner iconGaydar L. 2023-01-27
Fair Go $50,000.00 Count Cashtacular winner iconStacey M. 2023-01-28
SlotoCash $48,751.70 Fortunate Buddha winner iconDonald C. 2023-01-25
Fair Go $48,494.00 Ghost Ship winner iconShannon R. 2023-01-28
SlotoCash $47,800.00 Storm Lords winner iconMarc M. 2023-02-01
Jackpot Capital $47,245.38 Diamond Mine Deluxe winner iconAntonio S. 2023-01-27
Fair Go $44,570.00 Cai Hong winner iconRANA E. 2023-01-30
Fair Go $36,450.00 Lucha Libre 2 winner iconMarco G. 2023-01-27
SlotoCash $32,520.00 Builder Beaver winner iconAngela G. 2023-01-22
SlotoCash $28,800.00 Cash Bandits 3 winner iconMandy H. 2023-01-27
SlotoCash $28,274.00 Ritchie Valens™ La Bamba winner iconTravis H. 2023-01-21
SlotoCash $27,360.00 Super 6 winner iconBret T. 2023-01-22
PlayCroco $25,600.00 Panda's Gold winner iconAndrew M. 2023-02-02
Fair Go $24,977.50 Cash Bandits 2 winner iconStelian M. 2023-02-02
SlotoCash $24,300.00 Nine Realms winner iconDonald W. 2023-01-30
Fair Go $24,000.00 Super 6 winner iconFrederick W. 2023-01-28
Fair Go $22,197.94 Fortunate Buddha winner iconKaren R. 2023-02-02
Fair Go $22,030.00 Naughty Or Nice winner iconBec W. 2023-01-26
Fair Go $21,977.50 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconSimon G. 2023-01-20
Jackpot Capital $19,975.00 Mermaid Royale winner iconBok Dong C. 2023-01-21
Grande Vegas $18,765.00 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconEric S. 2023-01-28
PlayCroco $18,500.20 Halloween Treasures winner iconEmma W. 2023-01-27
Grande Vegas $17,888.06 Fortunate Buddha winner iconBenjamin A. 2023-01-23
SlotoCash $15,921.06 Fortunate Buddha winner iconSusan L. 2023-02-01
SlotoCash $15,580.02 Plentiful Treasure winner iconRalph L. 2023-01-21
PlayCroco $15,230.12 Fortunate Buddha winner iconJackie E. 2023-01-26
PlayCroco $14,900.00 Goblins: Gluttony of Gems winner iconMorgan K. 2023-01-20
PlayCroco $14,536.33 Cleopatras Gold winner iconDamien S. 2023-02-02
Grande Vegas $13,459.22 Texan Tycoon winner iconSheila S. 2023-01-19
SlotoCash $13,312.00 Doragon's Gems winner iconChristopher D. 2023-01-27
PlayCroco $13,248.00 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconIris J. 2023-01-24
PlayCroco $12,854.75 Fortunate Buddha winner iconNatkritta N. 2023-01-31
SlotoCash $12,839.15 God of Wealth winner iconLaura V. 2023-02-02
PlayCroco $12,568.00 Panda's Gold winner iconCatharina E. 2023-01-20
SlotoCash $12,500.00 Sweet 16 winner iconYaniv B. 2023-01-30
Jackpot Capital $12,500.00 Count Cashtacular winner iconLucille C. 2023-01-26
PlayCroco $11,928.00 God of Wealth winner iconCarol R. 2023-01-28
SlotoCash $11,570.00 Ghost Ship winner iconRyan N. 2023-01-20
PlayCroco $11,487.31 Fortunate Buddha winner iconAaron V. 2023-01-19
SlotoCash $11,400.00 Mermaid Royale winner iconAmber S. 2023-01-25
SlotoCash $10,000.00 Ancient Gods winner iconEdward F. 2023-01-20
Grande Vegas $10,000.00 Neon Wheel 7s winner iconKathleen C. 2023-01-23
Slotastic $9,550.47 Fortunate Buddha winner iconToshifumi N. 2023-01-28
SlotoCash $9,000.00 The Mariachi 5 winner iconDavid T. 2023-01-21
SlotoCash $8,775.00 Triple Twister winner iconDavid M. 2023-01-20
SlotoCash $8,740.00 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconAlan F. 2023-02-02
SlotoCash $8,520.39 Fortunate Buddha winner iconMike H. 2023-01-29
Slotastic $8,500.00 Keno winner iconFrancesco G. 2023-01-21
SlotoCash $8,265.00 Storm Lords winner iconHolly M. 2023-01-21
Grande Vegas $8,118.00 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconConnie O. 2023-01-27
SlotoCash $8,000.00 Vegas XL winner iconMatthew T. 2023-01-24
SlotoCash $8,000.00 Vegas XL winner iconLaura D. 2023-01-30
SlotoCash $8,000.00 Keno winner iconPeter B. 2023-01-30
Grande Vegas $8,000.00 Keno winner iconAdaisha B. 2023-01-20
SlotoCash $7,962.50 Desert Raider winner iconKathryn L. 2023-01-28
Slotastic $7,744.00 Caesar's Empire winner iconBrenda W. 2023-01-29
SlotoCash $7,600.00 Mystic Dragon winner iconKun Wei T. 2023-02-01
Grande Vegas $7,600.00 Cash Bandits winner iconJoanne K. 2023-01-27
SlotoCash $7,168.00 Doragon's Gems winner iconMary O. 2023-01-29
Grande Vegas $7,168.00 Doragon's Gems winner iconVelma W. 2023-01-19
Slotastic $6,985.00 Desert Raider winner iconDaryl C. 2023-01-29
Grande Vegas $6,625.10 Cash Bandits winner iconTamara T. 2023-01-25
Grande Vegas $6,522.96 Fortunate Buddha winner iconRegina B. 2023-01-25
Slotastic $6,357.50 Fortunate Buddha winner iconZachariah M. 2023-01-19
Slotastic $6,338.45 Fortunate Buddha winner iconMichael D. 2023-01-26
SlotoCash $6,315.00 Lil Red winner iconJulie H. 2023-01-26
Slotastic $6,294.75 Sweet 16 Blast! winner iconRiku M. 2023-01-27
SlotoCash $6,150.00 Tarot Destiny winner iconClaudia T. 2023-01-26
SlotoCash $6,137.83 Plentiful Treasure winner iconTheresa D. 2023-01-29
Jackpot Capital $6,025.00 Tarot Destiny winner iconPietro A. 2023-01-28
SlotoCash $6,000.00 Pick Em Poker winner iconSean M. 2023-01-29
SlotoCash $5,541.95 Twister Wilds winner iconLauren S. 2023-01-19
SlotoCash $5,150.00 Sparky 7 winner iconKevin C. 2023-02-01
Slotastic $5,120.00 Doragon's Gems winner iconKarey D. 2023-01-28
SlotoCash $5,100.00 Wild Fire 7s winner iconCrystal N. 2023-01-21
SlotoCash $5,031.50 Aladdin's Wishes winner iconCathi R. 2023-01-28
Jackpot Capital $5,012.50 Tarot Destiny winner iconJames S. 2023-01-21
SlotoCash $5,000.00 Crystal Waters winner iconDaniel W. 2023-02-02
Jackpot Capital $5,000.00 Plentiful Treasure winner iconRobert B. 2023-01-26
SlotoCash $5,000.00 Vegas XL winner iconBrandon B. 2023-01-26
Jackpot Capital $5,000.00 Tarot Destiny winner iconRobert W. 2023-01-30
SlotoCash $4,988.00 Goblins: Gluttony of Gems winner iconJennie N. 2023-02-02
SlotoCash $4,900.00 God of Wealth winner iconKim I. 2023-02-01
SlotoCash $4,884.00 Aztec's Millions winner iconJennifer A. 2023-01-25
Slotastic $4,856.13 Warlocks Spell winner iconCynthia M. 2023-02-01
Slotastic $4,736.25 Ghost Ship winner iconKevin D. 2023-01-27
Jackpot Capital $4,643.33 Aladdin's Wishes winner iconRichard F. 2023-01-22
SlotoCash $4,525.00 Tarot Destiny winner iconTeri S. 2023-01-28
SlotoCash $4,525.00 Count Cashtacular winner iconDiana B. 2023-02-01
SlotoCash $4,503.20 Achilles winner iconROMMEL P. 2023-01-26
SlotoCash $4,460.00 Trigger Happy winner iconDevyn M. 2023-01-31
Jackpot Capital $4,352.38 Caesar's Empire winner iconBrenda W. 2023-01-24
SlotoCash $4,300.00 Diamond Fiesta winner iconErvin B. 2023-01-26
SlotoCash $4,125.00 Tarot Destiny winner iconMark C. 2023-01-31
SlotoCash $4,080.00 Sweet 16 winner iconDebra D. 2023-01-27
SlotoCash $4,050.00 Sweet 16 winner iconElsa A. 2023-02-02
Jackpot Capital $4,005.00 Double Double Jackpot Poker winner iconAudrey D. 2023-02-02
SlotoCash $4,000.00 Double Double Bonus Poker winner iconRod R. 2023-01-26
SlotoCash $4,000.00 Sparky 7 winner iconJudy A. 2023-01-30
Intertops Classic $4,000.00 BlackJack winner iconKaren P. 2023-01-21
Intertops Classic $3,900.00 Tri-Card Poker winner iconNick T. 2023-01-23
Intertops Classic $3,161.66 Bank On It winner iconDwight S. 2023-01-26
Intertops Classic $2,721.25 Naughty Or Nice winner iconWilliam T. 2023-01-26
Intertops Classic $2,250.00 Super 6 winner iconKeith S. 2023-01-22
Intertops Classic $2,020.00 Crystal Waters winner iconCaitlyn D. 2023-01-22
Intertops Classic $2,000.00 Bonus Deuces Wild winner iconWill S. 2023-01-22
Intertops Classic $2,000.00 Live Blackjack winner iconDarren M. 2023-01-31
Intertops Classic $2,000.00 BlackJack winner iconJamie L. 2023-01-25
Intertops Classic $2,000.00 BlackJack winner iconChristopher F. 2023-01-22

Cash Cow Slots Info

Once you start the reels spinning in the Cash Cow slots you’ll see fun-filled images that depict life on a farm. There’s a basket of pigs, a farmer, the farmer’s wife, scarecrows, the farmer’s daughter, Kooky Chicken, a jug of milk, the farm dog and the cash cow herself.

Any spins gives you the opportunity to achieve the maximum 2000 coins. The scarecrows are the wild symbols. If a scarecrow appears on a regular game spin it substitutes for any other symbol (other than the harvest moon scatter symbol) and complete the payline, doubling the payout along the way.

Cash Cow Slots Features

Cash Cow free spins trigger at random. If the three harvest moon symbols appear on a regular game spin they trigger the free spins game. You’re awarded 10 free spins with double multipliers on all free spins payouts. If the kooky chicken symbol appears on the third reel during a free spin it triggers an instant prize — some instant prizes are worth as much as 600 coins.

During the free spins the milk container symbol can also trigger special prizes. If it emerges  on the first, third and fifth reels simultaneously you milk the cow. Select one of the four milk jugs to find out what prize you have won.

The Super Scatter Harvest Moon Bonus Game adds more bonus payouts that can total ulp to 1,000 coins. IN this game, when the basket of piggies appears, prizes of up to 1000 coins are delivered as the pigs stack to retrigger respins. When that happens the stacked pigs substitute for other symbols and create bonus wins.

Enjoy your visit to the farm and all of the benefits that farm life has to offer including regular game payouts, randomly-triggered free spins, stacked wilds, respins, instant cash prizes and more when you play the Cash Cow Slot.