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Time to go for a Classic! European Roulette online wheel play gives you an abundance of choice when hitting the table. Place your bets and spin your wheel of fortune. Try out your Classic game play strategies and techniques.

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European Roulette Game Review

One of the most intriguing and popular online casino games that reflects a real-live casino floor is undoubtedly roulette. Here we review a classic online delivery of the classic, with no croupier ball spins to influence outcomes. It is just you, online, looking to score wager payout and fabulous entertainment.

Eurocasino Roulette strategie online game has become extremely popular and here we have another great example of classically inspired tables ready to rock and roll your bet chips. European Roulette is spinning that ball with a sassy piece of classic entertainment that will immerse your gambling for hours with smart betting strategy you could be master or mistress of the roulette wheels with a great chance of winning.

Slots Play Casinos online roulette gurus took a place at the online games table and are ready to offer up some details on how this online casino European Roulette Wheel classic game will heat up your online gaming winning bets, progressive strategy and online roulette strategies.

Online European Roulette Game Design & Feel

How about playing some real Classic European Roulette bet games online? One of the most popular of roulette variants gameplay, that feels smooth and delivers on amazing betting system excitement and some real power pay. Slots Play Casinos team took to the online casinos table and found a beautifully designed, sleek online game that reflects real Classic European Roulette wheel gameplay from top-of-the-line software providers.

The graphics and in-play sound are so superb. The roulette wheel board is well designed reflecting a roulette table betting layout, with green felt table top, green pocket, plus a Roulette games board in the traditional red and black.

The chip values are clearly laid out before you, as are original bet histories and bets offer wagered. This version of a online European Roulette played out beautifully on our Slots Play Casinos desktop computers and performed no less well on our smart phones and tablets. Cutting edge HTML technology means that you will fully enjoy online gambling on the go as a welcome addition to the mobile casino big wins games you already take with you on your mobile phone in your pocket.

There are plenty of mobile deposit bonus deals and exclusive bonus right casino bankroll bet boosters that you can enjoy from the mobile casino platform. A bonus in one click!

European Roulette Online Features

Our in-house testers played the online casinos game and didn’t find anything missing in the base play or the online performance. The features of this las vegas- style casino European Roulette strategy are rich, evocative and immersive, perfect for new customers and maximum bet roulette wheel veterans.

American Roulette Wheel Vs European Version Roulette

Get ready to take on the Classic European Roulette betting table. The base game differs from American Roulette strategy by having one less pocket and only a single zero. European roulette games and French Roulette rules plays with 37 pockets, one less than its American wheel equivalent, which finds space for a double zero – 00 pocket.

This seemingly small change in playing roulette is a bonus and reduces the roulette probability house advantage, the house edge odds, by half! Better casino players odds to win big! We like that! Other than that, it’s the same casino table classic that you know and love where you can place both inside and outside bets (more about those later). Simply place your call bets on where you think the ball will drop. Not sure where to bet and no lucky number to help guide you? Think strategy guide. Why not bet even money outside bets, roulette odds or evens, or bets on reds or blacks? No hot and cold numbers in this casino game, that many casino players believe in. Just the odds of the random spin of the roulette wheel and a little bet strategy to beet the odds.

Random Results with Every Spin

Roulette bets at brick-and-mortar casinos can be influenced by the way the croupier spins the wheel and drops the ball. This never happens when you play European Roulette online, because it reports its payout rates and uses a Random Number Generator. The RNG is your guarantee that the game is 100% above board. This game has bets sizes ranging from 1 – 500 coins and delivers on a very respectable win ratio of a 97.3% RTP.

To start playing roulette, decide on a roulette strategy stake and place it on your desired outcome, even try the same single number roulette bets strategy consecutive times. Hit a lucky payout streak on your betting patterns and let it ride!

Easy Guide Pay Table

Take a close look at the main categories of the European Roulette Pay table and roulette bets before you deposit your chips. One of the biggest mistakes is not understanding the roulette best odds on betting that will increase your chances of landing an online gambling win.

  • Straight – Pays – 35:1

  • Split bet – Pays – 17:1

  • Street – Pays 11:1

  • Corner – Pays – 8:1

  • Line – Pays – 5:1

  • Column bet – Pays – 2:1

  • Twelve -Dozen bet – Pays – 2:1

  • 1-18 (Low) Pays -1:1

  • 19-36 (High) Pays – 1:1

  • Red – Pays – 1:1

  • Black – Pays – 1:1

  • Even – Pays – 1:1

  • Odd numbers – Pays – 1:1

Bet Types Description Guide

European Roulette software uses special terminology for the name of the bet type. Experienced players know what each of those terms indicate. However new players will often get confused at the different names used for the bet types. Here are the most common ones used:

  • Six numbers combination = Line

  • Four numbers combination = Corner

  • Three numbers combination = Street

  • Two numbers combination = Split

  • Any one number – Single number = Straight

Online European Roulette Gameplay Rules

It can be a little different to understand all the rules of this game if you are a new player. Veteran table players will see that this European Roulette strategy and gameplay sticks to the standard classic rules inventory. Give a go to the Martingale system strategy to play games on a double up strategy.

The game features inside and outside bets with a casino roulette wheel that has 37 numbered slots numbered 0-36. The objective is to predict which slot the ball will land in after the wheel is spun. The inside bets are bets on the numbers inside the wheel perimeter. Outside bets are those bets you place on the roulette wheel perimeter itself.

Kick off your bonus online European play roulette game by first selecting the amount you wish to wager, by clicking on the chip of that denomination, which will then be highlighted.

Check out the bet types in the bet table that we mentioned above. You may place as many bets as you would like, within the maximum table limit of 500 coins. Click UNDO to remove your last bet from the table and click CLEAR to remove all bets from the table. You can also click DOUBLE to double up your current table bets for bonus winning potential.

To get going, click the SPIN button and the wheel will spin with your current wagers. The wheel spins in one direction, while the ball is spun in the opposite direction until it lands up in one of the numbered pockets.

The slot the ball landed in is shown in the top left of the screen. After the ball has landed, a marker is placed on the winning number from the last spin in the Betting Table view. If the ball lands in the slot you wagered on, you will win a bonus payout according to your bet and the winnings are added to your balance. Great!

The result history shows previous results. You’ll find this on the right of your wheel, also the last 10 winning numbers are shown in the top right of the screen with most recent outcomes to the left. All that is left is to hit that pocket and come up a bonus winner!

European Roulette Summary

Slots Play Casinos tables testers really did have a ball playing this classic online European Roulette. We found that gameplay was fast, sleek and provided plenty of winning pockets. No mention of – “rien ne va” – “no more bets” 🙂

The game is happily standing at a very respectable 97.3% RTP and we felt the coins clanging into our cash balance during our session. The gameplay screen is nicely organized, so that you can see exactly which pocket has been filled and with spin results that show HOT and COLD pockets, plus player betting histories.

So, even if you are a sworn online slot player, and haven’t tried roulette, you simply must give this French Roulette or European Roulette online game a go, the house is in your favor and the cash payouts could go your way! Take up one of many exclusive bonus deals or deposit bonuses on offer from your online casino website to boost your bankroll with some money on the house. Just remember to play responsibly, there is always a house edge, but that next spin could be yours!

Monte Carlo in the Palm of your Hand

If you are an old timer at Roulette and do like the European gameplay, then give this true bonus classic style a spin. It’s true that it isn’t like a Live Player, Live Games online session, but to play some spins when you are out and about, on the train, or just relaxing and want to enjoy for fun money games, means that this is a winner!

Our classics loving SPC team came to the conclusion that this game really does have everything going for it. It is simple gameplay, yet smart bet play strategy, can gain you winning chips. Try it out and play for fun and then go rock and roll for some real money bets and tie in a super casino exclusive bonus or first deposit bonus too! Watch out for those wagering requirements when you do hit a win with a bonus deal. May the best roulette wheel winnings be with you!

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