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Tian Di Yuan Su means Gods of Nature in Chinese. This awesome slot bursts with color. It shows the effects of the basic elements in Nature: fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. We enter ancient Chinese thought to engage the elements in Nature! In the here and now, Gods of Nature offers free spins and a multiplier that can get as high as 15x!

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Gods of Nature Slot Review

The name Gods of Nature is a rough translation of the slot’s name in Chinese: Tian Di Yuan Su. Whichever name you use, this game comes with slots play that is effervescent with color. It is based on the ancient quest for the true nature of the five basic elements of nature which are earth, metal, wood, fire, and water.

Earth may be considered the most basic element in nature as so much comes from the earth. Metal is a derivative of searching the earth for useful materials. Wood comes from trees which uses carbon dioxide, the gas we expel when we breathe, and release oxygen, the gas we need the most.

Water is the single most impotent element in nature as we can live for only a very short time without water. Finally, fire occurs in nature triggered by lightning, earthquakes and volcanoes. Fire in its most natural state can be highly destructive. Still, the domestication of fire was possibly the singular technological development in all of human history, the invention of the wheel notwithstanding.

Fire is not the only element that can destroy as well as heal in its natural state. Water floods low lying areas and can be enormously destructive.

So much thought behind the storyline of a single slots game!

Gods of Nature Slot Information

The symbolism in Gods of Nature begins with the symbols that represent the five basic elements of nature. In ancient Chinese thought, these elements of nature cannot help us to their fullest extent if they work individually. They have to work in synchronized fashion in order for us to enjoy the full benefit of each one.

RealTime Gaming worked extra hard to draw the symbols for Gods of Nature given the deep philosophical nature of the theme. Every symbol was realized with an eye on precise and minute detail.

The sound track evokes a culture that is both distant and yet remains accessible.

Gods of Nature Features

The Spirit of the Sun symbol is the wild symbol. It acts like any other wild symbol in that it substitutes for all the other symbols except the scatter. But, in this slot, the Spirit of the Sun brings us directly to the deep philosophical side of nature and human involvement with it.

So, at least in this slot, the wild symbol is wild in more ways than one! The Chinese people were not the only ancient culture to worship the sun. We as humans have never actually visited the sun yet we know that the sun gives us heat, causes rain to fall, and nourishes the plants we eat and which we feed our small animals.

So, the Spirit of the Sun is a lot more spirit than it is a mere wild symbol!

The Spirit of the Moon is the scatter symbol. When you receive at least three scatter symbols, you go to the free spins round. Three scatters reward you with at least 8 free spins and a 2x multiplier. With three scatters, you also get two bonus picks. These bonus picks can increase both the number of free spins and the multiplier.

If you get more than three scatters, you get 3 or 4 bonus picks which can raise your number of free spins as high as 33 and the multiplier as high as 15x!


Gods of Nature has a deep philosophical aspect to it. The symbols represent nature in its fullest power and human faces that represent the various gods.

The soundtrack is easily recognized as Chinese with a very different bass sound than the one we are used to in Western music. It is almost as if the bass sound is made by a drum as well as a bass instrument.

Gamers will thrill to the brilliant colors with orange and yellow dominant but many other colors prominently displayed.

All in all, Gods of Nature is a fantastic online slot to play for either a short time or for longer stretches. It goes well with all Chinese-themed slots and also with any slot in which the soundtrack is one of the game’s major draws!