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Lovers of Greek mythology are going to LOVE the new Legend of Helios online slot being featured at our RealTime Gaming partner casinos. You will NOT be disappointed.

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Legend of Helios Review

Legend of Helios may be based on Ancient Greek mythology but it has set a new benchmark for online slots. Along with conventional game play, there are mystery symbol stacks and an extraordinarily rich bonus wheel game to boost the payout rate. Slots Play Casinos only showcases innovative, unique and exciting online casino slots… and Legend of Helios more than fits the bill!

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Legend of Helios Game Theme

Open Legend of Helios on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and you will be transported to a golden age. The Real Time Gaming (RTG) developed casino game is set in a temple flanked by solid gold Doric columns and statues of Athena, the inimitable goddess of war.

Helios, the main protagonist in this dazzling iteration of online casino slots, is the all-powerful god of the Sun. Together with his siblings Selene, goddess of the Moon and Eos, goddess of the dawn are – according to Greek legend – responsible for the seamless transition between night and day. As the god of the Sun, Helios drives his golden chariot across the skies, leaving light and warmth in his wake.

The son of Titans Hyperion and Theia, and the grandson of Gaia (the Earth Mother), and Uranus (Father of the Sky), Helios is recognized as one of the most powerful deities in Ancient Greek mythology. It was only when the Titans were vanquished by the Olympians in the 10-year War of the Gods that Helios had to make way for Zeus as the de facto ‘God of Gods’!

Despite being usurped by a new generation of immortal beings ensconced on Mount Olympus, in the context of online slots, Helios remains omnipotent, paying out the top prize in the base game!

Legend of Helios Gameplay & Betting Information

What defines the best online casino slots? The integration of cutting-edge features into every element of the game. At first glance, Legend of Helios may seem conventional. In reality, that is not at all the case. Besides the 4-3-4-3-4 reel set, the structure of the paylines is ever so flexible.

In the latest release from the Real Time Gaming stable, the payline structure grows from 25 fixed bet lines in standard play to double that in one of four free games features. Here is where it gets interesting. The number of online slots symbols remains static throughout the game.

What that means is players at our recommended Slots Play Casinos have an opportunity to create payout permutations on a game board with a whopping 100% increase in theoretical probability! Despite these unique features, the Legend of Helios online casino slot offers a wide selection of wagers, suitable for all players. Bets range from $0.25 to $125 per spin.

Legend of Helios Payouts

The key to the best online casino slots is the pay table. Ideally, you want to play the real money games that offer attractive cash wins. More importantly, the payouts should occur frequently. Happily, Legend of Helios slot meets both these criteria.

As we have already mentioned, it is the great Sun god himself who delivers the most cash, paying up to 750 x the payline bet for five of a kind. Do the sums and that equates to a neat $3,750 on a maximum bet. Thereafter, the flame-haired Eos and her sister Selene generate wins of up to 250 x and 150 x the payline bet, respectively.

The legendary golden chariot, drawn by the four great steeds – Pyrois ‘the fiery one’, Aeos ‘he who turns the sky’, Aethon ‘Blazing’ and Phlegon ‘Burning’ – has a top pay of 100 x the line bet. The playing card symbols, from Jack through Ace, offer prizes of between 25 x and 50 x the value of the payline wager.

Legend of Helios Game Features

What is most memorable about Legend of Helios is the number of bonus features integrated into play. Besides a conventional wild symbol, there are mystery symbols that can appear stacked on the reels. When that happens, the mystery symbols mutate into a random symbol, which automatically enhances the probability of hitting five of a kind.

When mystery symbol stacks form on reels 1 and 2, the mystery icons are revealed and lock into place for the duration of one respin. Here’s the kicker. If the respin does not deliver a paying combination, the feature is replicated until it does.

The bonus icons unlock what can only be termed the major money generator. When they simultaneously appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, the bonus wheel is in play and the icon on reel 4 reveals one, two or three wheel spins. It is this feature in Legend of Helios which elevates the game play way above that of most online slots. Truth be told, it is not so much the bonus wheel that is sure to turn heads. It is the prizes on the wheel, all of which are lucrative to say the least.

Here’s what you can win when you spin the wheel… and remember, if you are awarded more than one spin, prizes are cumulative:

  • 14 free games with 50 paylines in play
  • 30 x the stake
  • 10 x the stake
  • 10 free games with replicating wilds
  • 400 x the stake
  • 5 x the stake
  • 12 free games with 3 x win multiplier
  • 100 x the stake
  • 25 x the stake
  • 8 free games with extra wilds and elongated symbol stacks
  • 50 x the stake
  • 20 x the stake
What the eye-popping list of prizes tells you, is you really are a winner from the moment you activate the big bonus bonanza in Legend of Helios slot!

Why Play Legend of Helios?

  • High variance
  • Bet multipliers up to 400 x
  • Four free spins features
  • Mystery symbol stacks
  • A guaranteed win respins feature
  • Betting range suitable for high and low rollers


Legend of Helios is one of those rare online slots that really does offer more than you have bargained for. The hit frequency is surprisingly high considering the high variance rating. The payouts are above average and the mystery symbol stacks have the potential to create more than a fair share of five of a kinds. That said, it is the big paying bonus wheel which is easily the most desirable element in the game. You may be surprised at how easy it is to activate one or more free wheel spins!