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Hey, Slotsters! BGaming has released a numbers game – and it is almost too hot to handle. Lucky 8 Merge Up slot features the developer’s one-of-a-kind Merge Up mechanics! Not sure what that means?

In this edgy online casino game, clusters of numerals create winning combos. Replacement sets drop into place. Payouts increase incrementally in value with each positive cascade!

That is the action in the base game. Unlock the Free Spins feature and escalating Multipliers – UP TO 128 x – propel prizes into lower earth orbit!

If you are looking for a real money game that is unique, unconventional and infinitely playable, sign up at a BGaming partner platform featured at Slots Play Casinos. Once you have played Lucky 8 Merge Up slot, the odds are you will be hooked for life!

The Game’s Platform

A slot by name but not by nature. That is basically what Lucky 8 Merge Up is all about. Yep, there is a 6×6 gameboard. It has columns and rows but no reels per se. Symbols drop in unison from the top of the grid but in a cascading motion and not a spin.

That said, your objective remains exactly the same – to create patterns of matching numbers. In this game, payouts are awarded for accumulating 4 or more horizontal and/or vertical clusters of identical tiles. Better still, there is no need to line them up from left to right to win. Clusters pay anywhere on the grid!

As for the actual player rewards? How do they stack up when compared with traditional online slots payouts? First off, the standard game symbols are the numerals 0 through 7. They are dressed in fun and refreshing colors.

Each number pays for clusters of 4 through 12. As can be expected the highest paying symbol is 7. Achieve a 12-of-a-kind or more and you get 50 x the total bet.

Numbers 0 to 5 pay in increasing increments of 5 to deliver a top prize of 5 x through to 30 x. A max cluster of the number 6 offers 40 x the stake.

The good news is you do not have to figure out the winnings in dollars. The pay table is expressed in currency. It also auto-adjusts along with the stake. Bet values range from $0.20 to $50 per drop. What that means is when you bet max, you can win up to $2,500 in the base game!

In the Lucky 8 Merge Up slot, numbers 3 through 7 all pay out four-figure sums. Compare that to most of the other real money games at Slots Play Casinos and it offers ‘rich pickings’ to say the least!

Listen up folks. When you take the Merge Up mechanic into account, a cluster of zeros can easily become a clutch of 5, 6, or even 7 – on only one paid spin!

Get Back-to-Back Wins on a Single Wager

What makes Lucky 8 Merge Up a serious contender for the best-ever BGaming slot? The fact you can win multiple times on just one bet. The reason being the cascading effect that is built into play. Every time you hit a winning cluster, two things happen:

  • Some of the winning tiles stay rooted in place and increase by one numerical level.
  • The rest of the tiles disappear and are replaced by a brand-new symbol set.

If that set happens to be identical and forms a cluster, the action described above recurs and recurs. Only once the grid is bereft of winning combos does the big-paying betting bonanza come to an end!

In the Lucky 8 Merge Up online slot, it is theoretically possible to win up to 9 successive times without having to plunder your bankroll more than once! You can keep track of the back-to-back payouts on a detailed win meter to the left of the gaming grid!

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Level Up the Payouts and WIN 4 Figure Sums

That is not all folks. The cascading win mechanic is juiced up – and big time. Every time you hit a winning cluster, a few of the paying symbols increase by a factor of one. If that batch forms a winning combo, the numerical value increases again and again, ad infinitum.

What that means is you can start with a cluster of 4 zeroes – or any number for that matter – and end with a batch of threes, fours, fives and more. All in all, there are 9 numerical levels you can negotiate in one spin. This is the fabled Merge Up mechanic in action. It can reward you beyond your wildest imagination!

Free Spins with Sticky Escalating Prize Multipliers

To top it all, there is a bonus feature in-play. It is triggered by the number 8. Drop 4, 5 or 6+ special purple numerals on the board and you are awarded 15, 18 and 20 Free Spins – or should we say Free Drops – respectively.

During the Lucky 8 Merge Up Free Spins, winning clusters are marked on the grid for the duration of the round. When the marked cells feature a winning cluster for the second time, they get a 2 x Multiplier. Thereafter, the multiplier value increases by a factor of 2 with each new winning cluster.

If you are lucky, most of the grid will be covered by prize Multiplier values that are assigned to each cluster win. We are not talking piddly little amounts here. No way Jose! It is possible to achieve Multipliers up to 128 x!

The Multiplier enriched Free Spins are the game changers in Lucky 8 Merge Up. It is during the complimentary gameplay that you can scoop up as much as 5,000 x the stake. That is $250,000 in hard cash!

Not too keen on waiting for a chance to WIN MEGA-BUCKS at a Slots Play Casinos recommended casino? If you take one of two super-cool options, there is no waiting involved.

You can trigger the Free Spins bonus round on-demand. The Buy Bonus feature will set you back 100 x the stake. If you are lucky the potential winnings may be infinitely more than that!

Alternatively, you can enhance your chances of activating the Lucky 8 Merge Up bonus by clicking on the mint green Chance x2 tab. All bets increase by 25% but the odds are you will get that back in spades!

To Sum Up

Lucky 8 Merge Up is much more than a conventional online slot machine. It is an action-packed real money game that keeps on spewing out cash. It may not be bonus-heavy or even aesthetically appealing. That said, it does what it is meant to do – offers players like you some of the best entertainment around.

What we liked was the fact you can win umpteen times on one drop. That the actual payouts increase at the same time is nothing short of terrific. Even the sound bites integrated into the game when the symbols drop and clusters form are great fun.

Although there is only one bonus round in the game, the Free Spins feature is more than memorable. The sticky prize Multipliers combined with the cascading wins and merge up mechanic really can change your fortunes around.

Take care when buying the bonus. It can pay off big time or flop. The trick is to use the feature strategically, like when you are ahead in the game. If the stars align, you may find you are the beaming beneficiary of a few thousand dollars!

Do we recommend Lucky 8 Merge Up to players at Slots Play Casinos? Heck yes. It is the kind of game that you are sure to revisit again and again. We do and we don’t regret it! Go on. Register an account at a Slots Play Casinos partner now. There is a top prize of $250k concealed on the grid!

Play for Free

One way to practice your Buy Bonus strategy is to Play Lucky 8 Merge Up in the demo mode. That way you can assess whether it is timing, luck or the value of the stake that counts!

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