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2,000 x the total bet
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Wave your wand and whisper incantations – there is magic in the air. Pay way wins dematerialize in a puff of fairy dust to deliver back-to-back prizes. Multipliers leap in value to sweeten the deal. Free Games are the realms of fantasy where wins of up to 2,000 x abound!

Magic Forest: Spellbound slot is the stuff of sorcery. It is the enchanted domain of green-skinned ogres and flamboyant fairies, fair of face. A wily old wizard is more Womble than Jafar, Merlin or Doctor Strange. He touts spell books and flasks of magic potion around, sprinkling payouts of up to 500 x onto the grid!

The key to everything is more than sheer alchemy. It entails signing up at a Slots Play Casinos partner site. Once you have loaded Magic Forest: Spellbound slot machine in your browser, enchantment awaits.

Spell books unlock a Free Games bonanza that can culminate in 60 gratis game rounds. Phoenixes with glowing eyes and fiery plumage are Wild as Wild can be. Along with imparting a dash of immortality, they ramp up the payout rate in two gratifying ways!

Play Magic Forest: Spellbound at a Slots Play Casinos endorsed casino and here is the deal. There is a top prize of $500 in greenbacks concealed on the reels!

The Game’s Platform

Magic Forest: Spellbound video slot has a 5×3 reel structure with 243 pay ways. That is a heap of ways to win and a critical factor in the short-term payout rate. The reason being only matching symbols on a defined pay way generate a prize.

As with all online slots, your objective is to land 3 or more matching symbols on the grid. Symbols have to appear on adjacent reels from left to right. With so many pay ways on the game board, the odds of hitting multiple wins on one spin are not outside the realm of possibility!

The themed symbols offer the highest prizes. Other than that, it is the number of matching icons on the reels that count. Hit 5 wizards concurrently on the gameboard and you will scoop up 500 x the total bet. That is significantly more than the 30x and 125 x the same icon pays for 3 and 4 identical game tiles, respectively.

In slots, as well as all online casino games featured at Slots Play Casinos gaming partners, the payouts are a reflection of the probability of winning. The higher the prize the less likely it is an event will occur. Likewise, the low paying game tiles – which in this case are the playing card suits – almost always appear more frequently on the game board.

How much do the rest of the regular symbols pay out in Magic Forest: Spellbound slot? The fairy delivers up to 250 x. The ogre maxes out at 125 x. The cottage and bottle of potion offer up to 100 x a pop. The reel fillers – hears, diamonds, clubs and spades – pay out between 50 x and 80 x for a full quota of 5.

Determining the real money value of the payouts involves a bit of mental arithmetic.

  • Firstly, you have to take the betting range into account. In this game you can wager between $0.60 and $7.50 per spin.
  • Then you have to divide the bets by 30. That gives us the theoretical pay way wager. In this case, it is $0.02 through to $0.25.
  • The disbursements posted on the pay table are then multiplied by the current pay way wager to arrive at the cash prize.

When you use the max bet as a benchmark, you can win up to $125 for the wizard, $62.50 for the fairy and $31.25 for the ogre. The rest of the symbol set pays out between $12.50 and $25 for 5-of-a-kind!

That is the action in regular play. To really cash-in, you have to conjure up the Free Games bonus round in Magic Forest: Spellbound slot!

Seize the Spell Book to Unleash Supernatural Free Games

The signature feature in Magic Forest: Spellbound is far and away the Free Games bonus. Your mission is to achieve 3, 4 or 5 spell book Scatter symbols anywhere on the grid. Do that and you are awarded 15, 30 or a whopping 60 Free Games!

Listen up gamers. These particular Free Games are not simply complimentary spins. No way, Jose! They are imbued with mystical powers.

When you activate the Free Games and hit a paying permutation this is what ensues. You are paid out and the winning symbols disappear in a puff of dust – fairy dust to be exact. A new set of random symbols take their place. If they happen to form a winning combo, the same steps occur again and again!

That is not all folks! The first recurring pay way win is assigned a 2 x prize multiplier. You can see it displayed on the indicator on the left side of the grid. For each winning combo thereafter, the Multiplier value escalates by 1 x. Hit 4 or more successive wins and the prizes are boosted by 5 x!

Drop 3 or more Scatters during the Free Games round and you will get an additional tranche of Free Spins. That means you can enjoy up to 120 gratis game rounds or more on the trot!

What is even more pleasing is Free Games are typically activated within the first 50 to 60 spins. The average turnaround time between bonus rounds is in the region of 50 to 75 twirls of the reels! If you are lucky, you can unlock back-to-back features within a lot less than that!

What is the impact of cascading payouts and 5 x Multipliers? A positive cashflow into your Slots Play Casinos account. Better still the proceeds are generated for no outlay at all! How is that for a bit of dollarized divination?

The Wild Phoenix Offers Two-Ways to Win

Magic Forest: Spellbound online slot has one Wild symbol. The anomaly is that in this game, the Wild phoenix can land on the game board in two different ways. The first is that of a regular Wild symbol. It drops onto the reels like any other game tile.

Its second appearance is more intermittent. It occurs immediately after the wooden frame of the grid dazzles with light. When that happens, two random symbols on the gaming interface mutate into the Wild phoenix. That may or may not culminate in a payline win.

What is the role of the Wild symbol in online slots? It stands in for all the symbols – bar the Scatter – to create prize patterns on the grid. When the Wild is around the probability of winning is boosted big time. Land 2 Wild symbols on the reels at the same time and the chances of banking dollar bills are higher than ever!

To Sum Up

Magic Forest: Spellbound online slot is gorgeous to look at and even more fun to play. It typifies the kind of online casino games that have been emerging from the SpinLogic Gaming stable of late. The imagery is simply mesmerizing.

The theme, though a tad tired, is captivating. It is the kind of fantasy theme that will undoubtedly propel players back to their younger days. Now to the serious stuff!

A top base game win of $125 is indicative of pay table with moderate payouts. That said, the potential winnings do fall within the ambit of a medium volatility game. The rewards are basically commensurate with risk, making Magic Forest: Spellbound slot an excellent choice for players with a mid-size gaming budget.

Where the game does dazzle is in the Free Games bonus round. The sheer volume of Free Games is notable.  However, it is the Cascading Win feature with prize Multipliers up to 5 x that is the showstopper. Gain access to the bonus round and there is a good chance you will end the gaming session a few dollars better off.

What we like is the short time-to-trigger of the Free Games feature. That is over and above the fact the comp game rounds can be re-activated while in session. With a fair bit of serendipity, it is possible to get awarded double or even treble the existing number of Free Spins.

When we played Magic Forest: Spellbound slot at a Slots Play Casinos partner site, we got 15 Free Games in the initial 25 spins. The winnings were $73.60 on a $3.00 bet. Thereafter we were awarded another 15 and 30 Free Games within the subsequent 100 spins. The payouts on those two occasions were $51.50 and $242.40, respectively!

Play for Free

Do you want to experience the rapid activation of the Free Games feature in real-time? Of course you do. The trick is to play the Magic Forest: Spellbound demo game first. That way, you can assess all sorts of key data too – like the average payback rate and how often the Bursting Wild feature shows up. If you like what you see, you can play for real. If you don’t, you can walk away with your bankroll intact. It is win-win all round!

Play to WIN!

The only way to scoop up the 2,000 x prize is to level up to the real money game. Magic Forest: Spellbound slot is live at the leading SpinLogic Gaming platforms featured right here at Slots Play Casinos. Play to win now at: