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Travelers to Mexico revel to Mariachi music. Mexico also has a holiday that memorializes their deceased ancestors. Mariachi 5 combines these ideas! Mariachi bands use two unusual instruments: the vihuela is stringed and gives harmony and the guitarron. Mariachi 5 awards free spins and multipliers plus a lesson in Mexican history!

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Mariachi 5 Slot Review

Did you know that Mexico is the next most popular overseas vacation destination for Americans? Americans love the beaches, warm Mediterranean weather, the great volcanic mountains, and the giant plazas of every Mexican city. When you think of great entertainment in Mexico what come to mind? Of course, it’s the mariachi bands that play well into the night in Mexican plazas.

The new game from RealTime Gaming, Mariachi 5, celebrates the music and style of mariachi bands and also the less well known Mexican Feast of the Dead. This is a celebration in which the Mexican people pay homage to their deceased ancestors. It may sound ghoulish but it is a true celebration!

So, by combining the wonderful music of mariachi with the somewhat odd Feast of the Dead, RealTime Gaming has produced a game with slot play that can truly be called one for the ages!

Mariachi 5 Information

This slot takes place at a Mexican Day of the Dead party. There are many traditionally Mexican symbols that happily form the backdrop of the five reels themselves. The main symbols include the five brightly colored members of the mariachi band. Each plays a different instrument and wears a slightly different sombrero. The wild symbol is clearly marked and the piñata is the scatter symbol.

The Day of the Dead celebration comes “to life’ in the skeleton-like faces of the five mariachi musicians. They do look ghoulish but that is RealTime Gaming’s way of reminding us all of the great debt we owe to those who came before us! The Mexican people have long made a celebration of feasting on the day that they formally remember their ancestors.

Mariachi music dares from at least as far back as the 17th century. There is quite a bit of debate as to the origin of the word mariachi.

A traditional mariachi band has several violins, Spanish guitars, trumpets, and two unique musical instruments. The first of these is the vihuela which was invented by the Native Mexicans of the southwestern province of Jalisco. It is a stringed instrument and provides harmony to the music. The other unusual instrument is a bass called the guitarron. Some people say that without the guitarron, the band cannot call itself a mariachi band!

The music this type of band creates is uniquely Mexican and Mariachi 5 captures some of the grandness of mariachi music in the soundtrack.

We are certain that one of the reasons that Mariachi 5 became so popular so quickly was specifically because RTG went all out to replicate authentic mariachi music!

There is an urban legend that the five mariachi musicians in Mariachi 5 are actually dead. We can put this legend to rest! The five are quite alive and well! They were only drawn that way!

Mariachi 5 Features

The main symbols are the five Mariachi musicians, the numbers 9 through ace, the wild symbol, and the scatter.

The wild symbols gather on the second and fourth reels. They always come in groups from a single pair to a full stack covering the entire reel. They add a 2x multiplier to every win they help create. This multiplier grows in the free spins bonus round as we shall soon see.

The piñata is the scatter symbol. If you get two scatters, you’ll immediately receive a special prize. After all, this is a party and we are celebrating!

Mariachi 5 is different than more standard slots in that getting three or more scatters doesn’t just send you to a typical free spins bonus round.

Mariachi 5 is too big a celebration for such a humdrum bonus round! You first choose which mariachi musician to lead you through the free spins bonus round. Along with your choice, you get a multiplier that can reach as high as 8x! The key is to decide wheeler you want more free spins with a lower multiplier or fewer free spins with a higher multiplier.

By the way, this choice is present in many slots and it is still the subject of hot debate. To choose more spins or a higher multiplier, that is the question!

During the free spins, there are even more than the usual number of wild and scatter symbols. You can retrigger the free spins by getting at least three scatter symbols during your free spins.


Mariachi 5 came along only in 2019 and immediately became a classic. The great soundtrack keeps the gaming juices flowing as you accompany the Mariachi 5 musicians as they help us revel in remembering our pasts and celebrating our present!